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  1. unknownaussie

    Are the Santa Boxes Rigged?

    so after seeing flamu sea lord mountbattens videos i am curious are the santa boxes rigged i purchased 20 boxes and got i got yaduchi vanguard ochakov Duca then W Virginia 41 Boise and anshan in super containers all in that order from mega containers aswell as flags and some coal now is this just a coincidence that other people are getting the same ships or are they rigged
  2. unknownaussie

    Thunderer is it worth it?

    yeah i missed smolensk so ill buy thunderer now
  3. unknownaussie

    Thunderer is it worth it?

    so is the ship really worth it i already have the Conqueror and unsure what coal ship to get
  4. you will get a message from a moderator soon milkcow maybe a break from the computer will do you some good
  5. people like me hey that actually want to play the game and have fun???? and not get killed by stupid broken mechanics id rather people like me play the game than fanboy nerds like you who defend everything WG does and gets drained like a milkcow
  6. unknownaussie

    FatnSlow BB line What was WG thinking

    honestly i was kinda hoping for a secondary brawler line kinda like south dakota/Georgia type
  7. actually no i was moving turning slowing down speeding up ect CV's just need to be removed from the game go watch flamus video with the tier 10 german CV just blapping a des moins with a montanna and the AA dd protecting him
  8. so ive had the tier 9 us bb for a few months got it in a crate and latly i have been struggling with it HE Spam german dive bombers its just not fun the last game i played 5 mins of gametime i had 0 percent aa left from 2 thunderers what was wargaming thinking with such a stupid line when there are so many better options out there this line will be Dead on arrival surely a secondary brawler line rather than this garbage
  9. im trying to grind up the uk dd line for example my last battle the tier 6 jap cv just would not leave me alone lost 3 quarters of my health in 2 minutes of the game and theres nothing i could do about it thats not just fun thats just stupid and its a really broken game mechanic and needs to be removed from the game completely its gonna get worse when subs get added
  10. honestly i really dont like the new system as a DD player its so irritating at the start of games carriers can just harass you and take 3 quarters of your health with one rocketplane squadron coming in for 3 or 4 strikes and theres nothing you can do about it its just not fun and DD gameplay as hard enough as it is what are you ment to do camp at the back with the BB's and aa Wargaming Really should just remove carriers from the game completely it will make the game more enjoyable and balanced i mean hey who likes loosing 20+K Health in a tier 10 bb from german dive bombers and you cant do anything about it such fun and engaging mechanics
  11. unknownaussie

    Looking for clans to mercenary with

    thanks for the help mate
  12. unknownaussie

    Looking for clans to mercenary with

    which is where? i cant even find it
  13. unknownaussie

    Thinking of Transfering to NA

    i just looked and oh my it will be fun to troll them