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  1. French Ship missions question

    i wasnt going to all 9 crates from the mission didnt even get a single ship :(
  2. French Ship missions question

    so these ships we get from the missions that you get in the crates do they get removed from our account when the real french ships go live or what?
  3. Chat Filter Question

    well time to plead to the mercy of wargaming ahha its still kinda pointless having a chat filter but being able to be banned my filtered words
  4. Chat Filter Question

    well wargaming support said i was reported by a player in the match and i have gone into a battle with a friend who said the exact words i did and they were covered by the filter so how does that work
  5. Chat Filter Question

    ok just curious i have been chat banned because of words i said to somebody that were covered up by the chat filter now yes i shouldn't have lost my temper but anyway what is the point of putting a chat filter into the game that covers words if you can just be banned for them
  6. Torpedo Beats

    holy sh1t hahahahaha that is amazing
  7. Torpedo Beats

    nah hahaha and drakon233 the kurfurst turns slow as hell i only managed to eat 3 of them
  8. Torpedo Beats

    I Hope yuro sees this because i dare him to torpedo beat this https://imgur.com/a/LUH6o
  9. will we get compensation or both that and the other winter camapign extended for this?
  10. North cape mission 5 - Task 3 not proceed.

    not working for me either
  11. anyone elses mission to earn 75,000 exp not working?
  12. Reason Why I Hate the US CV Changes

    see thats not what i do i use my fighters to take down bombers going for enemy ships or take out the enemy fighters so i can strike freely maybe im just playing wrong but thats how i enjoyed playing
  13. Reason Why I Hate the US CV Changes

    well 70-80k damage is well to me also next time sure
  14. Reason Why I Hate the US CV Changes

    yeah i did hahaha well the play i played was deny enemy strikes and use my dive bombers to my advantage
  15. US CV Changes Suck

    go read my other post i was salty when i made this