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  1. unknownaussie

    Thinking of Transfering to NA

    i just looked and oh my it will be fun to troll them
  2. unknownaussie

    Thinking of Transfering to NA

    Hey guys So i am deciding about transfering to the NA server what are the pros and cons to leaving and staying i know alot of aussies and kiwis are going over there
  3. unknownaussie

    Migration server is ON time for you to decide

    not just aussies who do that...............
  4. unknownaussie

    Asia server always misses out.......

    came back to try the russian battleships lol
  5. unknownaussie

    Asia server always misses out.......

    sadly and it wont change
  6. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/great-marinated-turkey-soup/?fbclid=IwAR22ygcbuVE4hkJkxTGLT-PF-akUf6a4kgWcG0wgUQDnw-4hOUjXVzfwHDQ this is only available on the EU and NA server why do we missout on everything
  7. unknownaussie

    Test Server rewards/being Lied to by support

    im not im just more annoyed i was flat out lied to plus ive been wanting to try the vanguard to see if its worth buying and this was a good chance to play it and get a feel for it
  8. so in my rewards from the test server i got a welcome back reward 7 day rental of HMS Vanguard and it never appeared in my garage so i contacted support and the support person Rizzo Scaletta flat out lied to me telling me the offer had expired what dosent make sense is if it had expired why would it have come up on my test server rewards that i had redeemed 5 minutes earlier it dosent magically expire 5 minutes after clicking redeem
  9. unknownaussie

    Goodbye Everyone

    really cancerous people more like sick of an utter bs system that wargaming did not test properly at all you wonder why the playerbase is dropping pull your head out man so being sick to death of an utterly stupid system makes me cancerous alrighty then
  10. unknownaussie

    Goodbye Everyone

    i have been playing this game since closed beta and honestly since the carrier rework i have had enough and uninstalling and not playing anymore thanks wargaming for ruining what was a good game atleast i had mostly god memory's of this game i can only see the game continuing to go down hill from here
  11. unknownaussie

    Alaska on sale on the NA server why not here?

    cuz this server is the runt of the litter
  12. unknownaussie

    Alaska on sale on the NA server why not here?

    well its for sale on the russian server 2
  13. so the alaska is on sale on the NA server https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/10362/ yet here we have to pay a fortune to convert the exp and get it that way 100 dollars to buy it on NA 220 dollars to convert the EXP on the asia server YAY wargaming
  14. unknownaussie

    Performance issues since 0.8.0

    has anyone else been getting freezing and really low fps in the port since the new patch i have a RTX 2060 Amd 2700X Ryzen 7 and 16gbs of DDR4 ram so its not my computer
  15. unknownaussie

    Mushashi battles......

    i dont even have the musashi and fyi i have been using the Fletcher and Missouri for ranked i called it mushashi battles cuz theres so many of them in ranked #factsbeforeassume