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  1. see thats not what i do i use my fighters to take down bombers going for enemy ships or take out the enemy fighters so i can strike freely maybe im just playing wrong but thats how i enjoyed playing
  2. well 70-80k damage is well to me also next time sure
  3. yeah i did hahaha well the play i played was deny enemy strikes and use my dive bombers to my advantage
  4. go read my other post i was salty when i made this
  5. Airing your Pms on a public thread is just silly as for my thread go read my new one mate and honestly your threats are just meaningless grow up
  6. idk with the ijn cvs maybe leave them the way they are but surely there has to be a better way of doing the US cvs and giving the player variety i enjoyed the as role and really disappointing that the way I chose to play was taken away from me without consultation or a choice but honestly there is no real reason to play us cvs over ijn anymore in ww2 towards the end the us had better aircraft,engines, aa, FCR, RDF, Damage control Teams, yet there is nothing the us carriers in game have over the ijn ones Ill Use the Unryu Class Carrier with the 1994 Set up had a Total Capacity of 53 Aircraft 20 Fighters 27 Strike Craft and 6 Recon Planes Compared to the Essex Class Carrier 90-100 Aircraft in WW2 and The Midway Class Carrier up to 130 in 1940s-1950s now of course if you put them in historically tier 8 9 and 10 us cvs would dominate the hell out of the IJN and you have to have balance but as i have stated there is nothing going for the us cvs now how is a good and balanced way to give US Cv's a purpose and reason to play them
  7. ok so first up i have always played AS in my us CV's and i did quite well in my lexington playing this but since this patch they have removed all variety from US Carrier gameplay and japanese carriers are still much better yet in the real world as the war dragged on the us carriers were 10000 times better than anything the japanese could field eg the midway but you have to balance them i know now the lexington as it stands now is horrible and there is no variety in us carrier gameplay what about those of us that liked to deny the enemy the chance to strike and dont like TB's maybe even giving us AS back with AP dive bombers not a rant just a post on what i dont like about them and how we can fix it /make US Carriers actually good again and have a variety and point to exist in this game
  8. See drakon someone helpful i was wrong to put what i said to you in Pm the way i put it but try being helpful and constructive on the forums and add to it not rant or your wrong because i think so real people say why the dont agree with someones opinion or provide facts the debate as my new post will say .the lexington yes i played 202 and i hate it being ruined if they gave it 202 with ap bombs as a choice that would be so much better
  9. maybe you should try playing the game instead of being a forum troll you have a sad life maybe try doing something as radical as trying to help people for once but i doubt it
  10. having only one fighter squadron sucks and is a stupid change
  11. i used to spend atleast 100 dollars a month on this game then they made some changes i hate so i have decided to close my wallet to world of warships asia for the time being and glad i did saving up for a holiday is much better
  12. so yes im implying that since you seem to be one of those thanks again keskparane for being one of the few decent ones still here
  13. well every other time ive posted on a wargaming forum or questioned the party line or asked for help ive gotten nothing but rude trolls and smart ass replies and salt soo
  14. thanks for your help keskparane good to see theres atleast one decent person that is helpful still on these forums
  15. so i did missions 1 and 2 earlier was progressing through 3 and the progress bars vanished and Jacques Miel from wargaming asia support is telling me tough luck do it again yet the first 2 missions are not progressing