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  1. i used to spend atleast 100 dollars a month on this game then they made some changes i hate so i have decided to close my wallet to world of warships asia for the time being and glad i did saving up for a holiday is much better
  2. so yes im implying that since you seem to be one of those thanks again keskparane for being one of the few decent ones still here
  3. well every other time ive posted on a wargaming forum or questioned the party line or asked for help ive gotten nothing but rude trolls and smart ass replies and salt soo
  4. thanks for your help keskparane good to see theres atleast one decent person that is helpful still on these forums
  5. so i did missions 1 and 2 earlier was progressing through 3 and the progress bars vanished and Jacques Miel from wargaming asia support is telling me tough luck do it again yet the first 2 missions are not progressing
  6. been playing my lexington alot today dosent make a difference haha
  7. anyone elses winrate go to hell with this event i just dont get with MM how it is so one sided all the time
  8. might start running radar on my neptune/mino
  9. i agree its good that everyone else wont beable to camp in smoke but for example neptune and Minotaur if u get spotted everyone else can see you and whats the first thing everyones going to focus on unless you want minotaurs and neptunes hiding behind islands and never leaving cover how else are you supposed to play an armor-less line that relies on concealment
  10. what is the point of grinding up the RN cruiser line now if you get detected when firing in smoke and deleted as soon as your spotted the whole reason of that line is to sit in your smoke and ruin peoples day
  11. what a stupid comment moron asian players are some of the worst in the world id take even russian teenagers over them........ when was the last tiem you saw an australian or newzealand player sit broadside on in a yamato reversing and spamming boxes in chat
  12. trust me if wargaming let me transfer to na i would in a second
  13. serb must have been flying drunk again
  14. the atlanta is an amazing ship its not the ship its you your obviously doing something wrong the atlanta is awesome at hell at burning everyone to the ground ap paddling broadside cruisers and destroyers
  15. thanks banditSE1977 and Ahwai82 for your advice atleast you2 are decent people