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  1. unknownaussie

    Are Submarines a Healthy For WOWS?

    yawn......no matter what people say you will just continue to defend this terrible game mechanic mate 99 percent of the playerbase think its a terrible idea and bad for the future of the game i personally really hope they never get added
  2. unknownaussie

    Are Submarines a Healthy For WOWS?

    right because loosing 20+ k health a time in a battleship to something you cant see and just chases you down is so balanced and fun yeah ok
  3. i want to ask what is other peoples feelings on this after playing both Submarines and against them is this really a good idea for the future of the game Personally i hope wargaming rethinks and decides not to Add Submarines to WOWS and wont be healthy for the game
  4. unknownaussie

    New French cruisers branch

    half your luck just put 10,000 dubs into it and got absolutely nothing
  5. unknownaussie

    HMS Edgar Release Date

    have wargaming given an ETA to when it will be ready for purchase? ive been waiting for this one to buy
  6. unknownaussie

    RB Question

    this is a good point i might do that first
  7. unknownaussie

    RB Question

    so im looking at getting either Vampire II or Ohio but i really cant decide i want both
  8. unknownaussie

    Seattle/Worchester Build help

    Thanks Alot both of you for the help
  9. unknownaussie

    Seattle/Worchester Build help

    Hello Everyone i am curious as i have stopped playing wows and recently cameback and just unlocked the seattle what is the best/some good builds for it and the Worchester since the captain rework im out of touch with the skills ect and is there anywhere i can look for builds?
  10. unknownaussie

    Are the Santa Boxes Rigged?

    so after seeing flamu sea lord mountbattens videos i am curious are the santa boxes rigged i purchased 20 boxes and got i got yaduchi vanguard ochakov Duca then W Virginia 41 Boise and anshan in super containers all in that order from mega containers aswell as flags and some coal now is this just a coincidence that other people are getting the same ships or are they rigged
  11. unknownaussie

    Thunderer is it worth it?

    yeah i missed smolensk so ill buy thunderer now
  12. unknownaussie

    Thunderer is it worth it?

    so is the ship really worth it i already have the Conqueror and unsure what coal ship to get
  13. you will get a message from a moderator soon milkcow maybe a break from the computer will do you some good
  14. people like me hey that actually want to play the game and have fun???? and not get killed by stupid broken mechanics id rather people like me play the game than fanboy nerds like you who defend everything WG does and gets drained like a milkcow