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  1. MalleusTempus

    Mogami Most OP ship in game

    Yeah I'd still give the OP award to the Cleveland, that thing will wreck T7 cruisers constantly which really shouldn't be the case.
  2. MalleusTempus

    Yamato....don't bother

    Apart from the Alpha version of the Chester, this is by far and away the worst ship I've played in game. It's lucky if it hits the ocean when you fire, the De Moine rips it to shreds, it will miss 80% of it shots from 7km out. In terms of time to acquire, i seriously urge you to avoid. It does the rare massive salvo hit, but overall I find this thing awful.
  3. MalleusTempus

    I don;t like the new gun sounds

    Depends on the gun, 303 has a more 'boom' sound to it compared to a 308 which 'cracks', supersonic and all that.
  4. MalleusTempus

    get rid of manual dropping of torps on planes

    Or the CV player is crap, and this is the problem, a good half competent CV player will hit it's merely a case of how much damage the BB player can mitigate, the only real effective defense is a Cruiser nearby forcing the wider spread or a fighter squad doing the same. Manually dropped torps are simply too effective, i know, i use them and they're utter BS, the main defense vs them relies on other players.....yeah there's a good plan
  5. MalleusTempus

    WoWS gold rounds

    Sadly all too true, I'm also firmly in the camp of No Thanks to premium rounds. I think they've made a mess of WoT and would prefer they were avoided here.
  6. MalleusTempus

    Hit 'Submit' nothing happens

    Yup that worked, changed browser whilst yelling at the previous one! Cheers
  7. MalleusTempus

    Hit 'Submit' nothing happens

    Basically as the title states. Recieved my, invite, used the link, filled out all the blanks and added a .jpeg of my license but when i hit Submit nothing happens.