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  1. dire

    Pause/Cancel download of patch 0.5.1

    Thank you. This is a much better idea than starting a thread to abuse WG for the terrible launcher. Also WG, the launcher is bad. Just bad.
  2. dire


    If you have a run of bad games just keep betting until you win it all back and MORE!
  3. dire

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Wow, such a simple, elegant, effective and BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS fix.... Maybe they'll give that a go after trying several other useless solutions. While they aren't implementing this idea maybe they should also not implement losing ANY momentum while riding the blue rail.
  4. What is everyone's opinion of the new bundles that include flags? Are the benefits from flags worth $ or will it be better to wait until they can be purchased with credits....
  5. dire

    Do people enjoy feeling irrelevant?

    I'm confused. This thread took a terrible turn to the informative just as it was about to get interesting. Was the first page just click bait to get people to read about statistics?
  6. dire

    The Curse of Arkansas

    You might want to read the description on that module a little more carefully.