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  1. newnar

    Why Asia server is the best server

    We have no discounts or weekend events on Black Friday. Yay!
  2. newnar

    How to play the Cleveland?

    Generally spam HE at anything you see. Firepower-wise, she belongs to the HE-spam family, where the pros lies in their ability to guarantee a fire on almost any ship in 2 accurate salvos as well as ripping DDs to shreds whereas the cons include the slow shell velocity paired with the relatively short firing range of the guns. She's not a particularly fast ship, so she won't outrun most other cruisers, even those below its tier. Her speed is not horrible though, so getting ahead of slower BBs and chasing down CVs are still within the ability of the ship. Against other cruisers, her sheer number of guns can be used as a powerful citadel shotgun at closer ranges, although good players will angle their ships towards you, making your low-penetration AP rounds bounce away harmlessly (even on cruisers). Only attempt to citadel when the enemy goes broadside. Your fast reload will help you catch the small window of opportunity. In my experience a single accurate AP salvo (12 shells) taken at <8km range on any cruiser's full broadside will net you at least 3 citadel hits, which is usually enough to win the skirmish with the rest of the fight relying only on HE. Don't engage enemy cruisers at ranges above 13km as it is almost impossible to hit any cruiser that is wiggling about at that range. Against DDs, just let them get into <10km range then start showering them with HE salvos. Use one mouse-click to range the shot, then fire the other 9 shells in one salvo. You want to kill the DD as fast as possible to reduce the chance of you or your allies getting torpedoed, considering that most DDs will unleash their smoke at that range. Do keep changing your direction & speed when you are aware of nearby DDs and remember to always keep your speed above half to be able to dodge any torpedoes that may just come out of the blue. Against BBs you are going to need backup, especially when they are at more than half health. Your AP shells merely scratch their paint and your fires, while they do deal loads of damage over time, the damage dealt be repaired by BB's repair ability. This means that your job against enemy BBs is simply to keep them on fire as much as you can, without attracting too much attention/making yourself too easy of a target. This is slightly easier to do at longer ranges due to the massive size of most BBs, but generally at ~15km it becomes relatively difficult to land shots. This is why a Cleveland should always battle enemy BBs while escorting allied BBs. Your fire damage will be exceptionally effective when the enemy BBs are too busy dealing with your team's BBs to waste shots on a relatively difficult-to-hit CL. Also because you lack range (and only have average maneuverability) as compared to other CAs and CLs of your tier, you can't really go far away enough to dodge BB shells effectively. There's nothing much to say against CVs except spam HE at them non-stop and make their life a living hell. Also do keep a lookout for torpedo planes/divebombers making their runs (at either you or your BBs) and when they do, activate your defensive fire ability to severely hamper their offensive capability. It has a gigantic coverage of around 5-6km radius around you, so make sure to keep your area of influence covering your team's most important ships. Or you can just find a nice spot with a ton (>3-4 squads) of enemy planes above you then unleash the hail of AA on them, it usually nets you at least 2 squad kills, unless the enemy CV is of a higher tier (>=7). Personally I use this ship in a non-selfish manner, that is, mainly to escort bigger Battleships. This is something it does exceptionally well, especially in games with 2 or more DDs or 2 CVs. This is due to her strength in unleashing fast-firing lethal HE barrages against lightly-armored targets and her ridiculous AA prowess. Try not to be overtly aggressive and chase/follow DDs all the way into the front lines though, the Cleveland will not be able to take too many hits, although it does have one small advantage in cruiser-on-cruiser combat, that is her difficult-to-hit citadel. However, in any drawn battle against an equal or higher tier cruiser, the Cleveland usually ends up in a equal match (against other clevelands or atlantas/similar HE-spam cruiser) or getting at least 2 of your 4 turrets knocked out (against any other AP cruiser) then slowly AP-ed to death.
  3. So the new update allowed selling of purchased modules on ships that have been sold, but what about those modules that you no longer use on ships that you still own? Can we sell these off as well (like in WoT)? Also, the patch notes says that "Players may enable the "ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-" mode by simply selecting the small "Anchor mark" option in the upper left hand corner of the Port Menu to enable the Yokosuka Port. This will automatically enable this special mode." But when I switched to the Yokosuka port, the port did change but when I queue for a game it's still the regular game. How do I get into the actual Arpeggio mode gameplay???
  4. newnar

    About the Arpeggio mode

    Anyone knows how to play in this new mode? I switched to the Yokosuka port but still queued for a normal game.
  5. newnar

    todays RANT

    Best piece of advice, hands down. +1 from me.
  6. newnar

    HMS Warspite : Is it worth it?

    That's without prem. How much you earn depends on your in-game performance. She's not a good money earner if you're just gonna sit there doing nothing the entire game or suicide into the enemy team.
  7. newnar

    HMS Warspite : Is it worth it?

    You tell me lol, the most accurate BB in the entire game
  8. newnar

    Why do some people bother joining random battle?

    Well unsurprisingly, the in-game metagame of yet another WG title is a gazillion miles away from the intuitive real-life metagame. "Supposed to" irl doesn't equate to "supposed to" in WoWs.
  9. newnar

    Why do some people bother joining random battle?

    Surprisingly that is also the recipe for a shipwreck
  10. newnar

    Why do some people bother joining random battle?

    Discovering regional cultural philosophies through vidya game tactics 101
  11. newnar

    Guesses on what project R ship is

    Dude. It's a Poland ship.
  12. newnar

    What a joke!

    Karlsruhe is almost always Karlsruhe. But on bad days, even other ships can be Karlsruhe. Furrytaco used to be a really prominent visitor in the Karlsruhe department. Slightly better nowadays.
  13. newnar

    Arrogant friend about bismark

    Wonder if Bismarck will actually have any advantage over the Tirpitz to compensate for the fact that the latter has torps and the former doesn't.
  14. I think it is clear from the data that the opposite is true.