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  1. Flying_Endeavor

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    Okay, I had a good laugh at this. My ship match is the very beautiful Atlanta. 🙂 And it is perfect, considering this ship is my personal favorite in World of Warships. xD
  2. Flying_Endeavor

    what to do with excess ship XP

    Personally, I would have to say just leave those be. Think of it as testament of how much you love playing with that particular ship. My Atlanta is my most played ship and I have like more than 1.9 Million Ship EXP in her xD You could always earn free EXP by playing the game, or using any of the resource flags that you would eventually get for free during events or by simply playing. That is just my opinion on the matter, it saves on real life expenditures and in-game gold. Gold which you could use for other more rewarding items such as Port Slots, Premium Ships, or Premium Time, De-mounting Equipment, etc.
  3. Flying_Endeavor

    CRITICAL ISSUE, No movement, Everyone Freeze

    Having the same issue currently. Interesting as it could also happen in COOP matches. We could fire our guns, but we could not damage anything or anyone.
  4. Flying_Endeavor

    Achievements in coop

    Excellent :D This is a truly welcome addition.
  5. LOL Wow xD I ain't even mad, that is amazing. Something like that takes skill.
  6. Flying_Endeavor

    Things you'd like to see

    I would honestly like to be able to customize the flags that we fly on our ships. (I am really not a fan of the Red Flag of the German Navy Ships, as well as the Red Dragon Flag of the Pan-Asian Destroyer line, as well as the Red Soviet Flag. yeah, I do not really like excessive red-ness. ) Perhaps a wider selection of national flags like in WOT, I would sure love to fly the flag of my homeland on every ship that I have, but that is just me. I am pretty sure a lot of people would dislike the idea ,particularly those who prefer historical accuracy, and loving history myself, I could understand where they are coming from, but I would like to add a more personal flare to my warships. Perhaps like in WOT, you could be able to purchase the flags and mount them on your ships for gold, or even better if you could buy them with Steel. And also, add in a Disable feature so that only those who would like to see personalized national flags would be able to see them.
  7. Flying_Endeavor

    New CoOp Bots?

    Oh good, I thought it was only me xD I was wondering on that for a while now. Now, the AI Battleships are starting to Kite me like actual players in Randoms, the AI DDs smoke up and actually use their smoke once they start taking significant hits, they all actively dodge torps BETTER than most human players I have seen or encountered, and heck, they also preserve their Damage Control for when they take major damage or if there are more than one Fires set on them, unlike before wherein they immediately use their repair when there is only one fire on board. Huge step forward, if you'd ask me. I just hope the lower tier COOP is far more forgiving to the newer players.
  8. Flying_Endeavor

    for those who just want to win and get exp

    Tell me about it.. that has been my experiences in Ranked battles.... Sigh... >.> Play for fun.. why the hell would you do it a Ranked Battle.... why not Randoms, or even BETTER.. COOP. Some people just want to go PEW PEW PEW with their guns.... >.> They should do it in a mode that does not severely affects other people.
  9. Flying_Endeavor


    Sigh... All too true.... I could not advance past Premier League.. I get to premier League, only to get spat back out again..... the teams are just.. horrific. I could not explain it... I literally had two battles side by side, wherein I did not only do 100 Thousand Damage to the enemy team, but I also capped one of the points, defended said point, sunk a number of enemy ships, and I still lost the match.... I do not know what the rest of my "team" were doing.. and they are humans, cause they were chatting excessively to do this or do that and yet they could not even help themselves. And with the Belfast meta, DDs are too scared to cap.. And with the Sims' Insane EXP gains, a Sims user could just cap 1 time and do whatever the hell else for the rest of the match and still come out on top. It is not freakin right anymore. I just want to establish a foothold to get my Flint.... This is the first Ranked Season I took seriously.. Since this is tier 7.. which is my comfort tier, and it is draining my energy and the what little fun I had in the game... To think, there are those who just spam battle after battle... literally, there are those who played 2k games and failed in almost every single one that Ranked out... whereas there are those who do everything they could to win and still could not rank out... That is not right.
  10. I know that feeling all too well... >.> Trying to break through R5... So close to R1... but still so far.. Dx It somewhat burns out the fun.... Also, with the Sims/Belfast meta in Ranks 5-1.. Good luck ever hitting top EXP xD There were battles wherein I came out 2nd EXP to a Sims user who just capped and ran or got sunk... while I prevented enemy DDs from capping with radar while peppering BBs with HE with my Atlanta.. xD But such is life...
  11. Flying_Endeavor

    this game is scary

    I keep getting beaten back to Rank 6! I keep encountering people who could not find their way without their parents holding their hands. :/
  12. Flying_Endeavor

    this game is scary

    Yeah I just hit Rank 5.. again.. after dropping off it... >.> Hoping to test my luck today to see if I could at least get to Rank 4..
  13. Flying_Endeavor

    this game is scary

    Yeah... well.. what ahwai said and also, Divisions are NOT an option if ever you play Ranked Battles. xD
  14. Flying_Endeavor

    I just don't get it

    LOL I laughed harder at this than I should have.. xD