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  1. madgiecool

    Disconnecting Issues

    When I came back on. Team was reduced to the 2 CVs (who were at the back), I suspect my team had been 'farmed' by the one red player who had 6 kills. Kindof suck balls that WG would let the game continue with so many DC'd and let one guy continue on.
  2. madgiecool

    Disconnecting Issues

    Just had both the forums and the game become 'unfindable' on the internet. Other internet worked fine, so not the ISP....
  3. madgiecool

    free prem time

    Well this was a damp squid squib.
  4. madgiecool

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    I haven't reached tier 7 yet. Will a 4 do?
  5. madgiecool

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    You mean like that Victory at Sea story contest, and the winning story was a Wife in a HOUSE who got a visitor and went to the CAR to see her Husband. Classic WG, you make contest rules and choose how (and when) to enforce them. Try having consistancy.
  6. madgiecool

    APAC All-Stars: English speaking community vote

    This is way better than the story/essay contest, at least there is some form of judging for this contest
  7. madgiecool

    Winners — Victory at Sea Essay Contest

    The top three winners will be chosen from all participating regions, based on the best use of the theme "victory at sea" in their story. So, make sure to think creatively, organize your thoughts, and proofread your stories before submitting. This contest is available to NA, EU, and APAC. The 3rd place winner.... IMHO; The story wasn't 'at sea'. the story was written about a wife in a house, who goes out to a car to see her husband. As for the Victory part, what victory? Normally with a victory there is also a defeat. No defeat here ether. No offense intended to the winner, just after clarification from the judges.
  8. madgiecool

    APAC All-Stars: English speaking community vote

    I've never hear of any of them. I suppose I need to do ether watch 10 you tube videos or pick one at random do nothing Well, when given a choice. Why not take the easy answer?
  9. madgiecool

    What's your favorite!? Pt. 2