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  1. IJN_Yura

    Patch "CV Rework" Poll

    meanwhile in the other side of the server planet...
  2. IJN_Yura

    Carrier rework compensation: A rant

    im just worried about half of them not being able to come back
  3. IJN_Yura

    Carrier rework compensation: A rant

    grinding the thing all over again
  4. Okay so.... I get it why the rework has to happen and i honestly can say much about it for now but why delete half of the carrier line only to re-release it in the far future? Wont it be frustrating to old carrier players who have grinded all the way to the top, only to get half of those grind taken away then bring it back in a possible future? "okay okay m8 but you're compensated for all those grind" Yea ok but that's not the point. Thing is these people have grinded for those ships already. Take it away from them then bring it back only for them to grind it over again, wont that be annoying as hell for them? Sure we can keep the free exp that we get from the compensation so we can buy back the alternate tree that we already grinded for already. Thing is we're not even sure if its gonna go back at all! Not with how undiverse the carrier gameplay is post-rework only reinforces my uncertainty. On that point, that free exp that we get from the compensation is better used for something that is tangible like Alaska or something rather than a tree that may or may not even exist. And even if it does go back we're still gonna grind the hell out of it again! I think WG has to think this through when they finally re-release the alt tree. yea thats it. i let off my steam, 16 hours till 0.8 goes up. good luck everyone.
  5. IJN_Yura

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Y'all wake up S2 confirmed with the better MC
  6. IJN_Yura

    NA Salt Thread

    Does anyone even remember Alabama
  7. IJN_Yura

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Well this is what remained of the anime thread that got nuked long time ago. and no one attempted to make another thread for the same topic
  8. IJN_Yura

    Paint job for aircraft

    With the carrier rework coming up where the aircraft is gonna get more focus than the vessel itself so wont it be nice to have the carrier aircraft their own paint job as well? I mean yea mods exist but wont it be nice to have something from WG as well? Doesn't need to have stat bonuses or something. Aesthetic is fine just dont make it pay to pain
  9. IJN_Yura

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    oh wow this thread still alive and kicking after three years...
  10. IJN_Yura

    Matchmaker still broken

    "play stupid games. win stupid prizes."
  11. IJN_Yura

    Next forum title change when?

    As the title says. No, it's not like I don't like my current one nor I'm getting sick of it. It's just that its been ages since the last time we had one, and since Conana has moved to WG labs I don't know if we're gonna have any more in the future. thoughts?
  12. IJN_Yura

    cv rant

    (gosh since when did Tier IV carriers with AS became a thing)
  13. IJN_Yura

    cv rant

    489 battles in Hosho and Langley combined and I've only met a tier IV carrier with AS once (and it was a Hosho), and I'm yet to see a Langley with AS. This kinda sounds like NA.
  14. IJN_Yura

    another cv topic

    I (Hosho) was launching planes near New York AA. Some of em already died off even before the launching sequence ended. I kinda wanna test that again.