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  1. IJN_Yura

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Y'all wake up S2 confirmed with the better MC
  2. IJN_Yura

    NA Salt Thread

    Does anyone even remember Alabama
  3. IJN_Yura

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Well this is what remained of the anime thread that got nuked long time ago. and no one attempted to make another thread for the same topic
  4. IJN_Yura

    Paint job for aircraft

    With the carrier rework coming up where the aircraft is gonna get more focus than the vessel itself so wont it be nice to have the carrier aircraft their own paint job as well? I mean yea mods exist but wont it be nice to have something from WG as well? Doesn't need to have stat bonuses or something. Aesthetic is fine just dont make it pay to pain
  5. IJN_Yura

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    oh wow this thread still alive and kicking after three years...
  6. IJN_Yura

    Matchmaker still broken

    "play stupid games. win stupid prizes."
  7. IJN_Yura

    Next forum title change when?

    As the title says. No, it's not like I don't like my current one nor I'm getting sick of it. It's just that its been ages since the last time we had one, and since Conana has moved to WG labs I don't know if we're gonna have any more in the future. thoughts?
  8. IJN_Yura

    cv rant

    (gosh since when did Tier IV carriers with AS became a thing)
  9. IJN_Yura

    cv rant

    489 battles in Hosho and Langley combined and I've only met a tier IV carrier with AS once (and it was a Hosho), and I'm yet to see a Langley with AS. This kinda sounds like NA.
  10. IJN_Yura

    another cv topic

    I (Hosho) was launching planes near New York AA. Some of em already died off even before the launching sequence ended. I kinda wanna test that again.
  11. IJN_Yura

    another cv topic

    As far as my memory goes planes launching are immune to strafes but not to fighter locking and/or ship AA, though you can still strafe landing planes and kill.
  12. IJN_Yura


    ...how do we get .5 doubloons?
  13. Once Queue'd in as a carrier I thought I was using Essex Turns out I was using Taiho