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  1. Why cant we have the Stats for Operations recorded like we do for all the other battle modes, considering that some players mainly play that type of battle mode ?
  2. asbay1

    Super Awesome Giveaway! This Saturday!

    Hmm , will have to try an be there TC.
  3. asbay1

    I have some truble to start game

    Having the same problem ?? I had to reinstall the game ,now I get the same message ,did everything you said Dead_man_walking , still get the same message , game will work though the exe file but not though the updater this is from there Launcher log 9/05/2015 21:18:22 Update complete: target=content29/05/2015 21:18:22 Obtain patch information. target: "hdcontent"...29/05/2015 21:18:22 Create update work folder: path="C:\Games\World_of_Warships_sea\UpdatesData\hdcontent\"29/05/2015 21:18:22 Try access patch work folder: path="C:\Games\World_of_Warships_sea\UpdatesData\hdcontent\"29/05/2015 21:18:22 Get update.xml from update service: path="C:\Games\World_of_Warships_sea\UpdatesData\hdcontent\"29/05/2015 21:18:22 send http request. url: "http://update-v4r4h10x.worldofwarships.asia?target=hdcontent&client_ver=31.97113&launcher_ver=031.000168&protocol_ver=3&install_id=66773732888A6961E1A4E680E1A4E6802ECDE21D&hdcontent_ver=unknown&content_lang=en"29/05/2015 21:18:22 ERROR: http request failed. what: http request error, msg: Unexpected http server response code(400).29/05/2015 21:18:22 ERROR: Incorrect service settings ?????