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  1. I have only managed to claim the Thanksgiving Flag so far. The Signal Flags, Royal Navy containers and 3 days Premium Account is NOT available. Please look into this. Thank you.
  2. Let's explore further. Introduce wind factor and watch the smoke screen move. No more sitting in smoke and invisi-firing.
  3. Saw a ship named Kidd on the enemy team. Cannot remember but I think it was a mid-tier DD. Is this the new premium Pan-Asian ship that a recent WG video alluded to?
  4. Qas

    Clash of the Elements (Rewards)

    Apparently so. I have not received them yet too.
  5. Qas

    ASIA Server crashing ?

    My oh my!
  6. Qas

    Server down? 3/5/17

    Same here. Server is kaput.
  7. In the Battle Results screen, the Kongo is shown as ARP Haruna when mouse over in the Detailed Reports tab. Attached screenshots for your reference. Thank you.
  8. Under survey category GPU, there is no option for Nvidia Geforce 900 series. Therefore, those with such cards should be filing it under Others.
  9. Qas

    I just can't go on without ranting

    Did someone mentioned it was "3x First Win" weekend?
  10. Maybe it was what WG mentioned in their video about new stuff in 2017. Could be a new feature, something like the Philadelphia Experiment. Seeing (no pun intended) that it was a German BB, could be a Nazi secret weapon.
  11. Qas

    Shocking Revelation about the Game

    There is no need to rant when: 1. DD sail behind BB 2. more than sufficient ships go chasing after a lone enemy ship at the far corner of the map 3. your team is more interested in an easy-kill AFK enemy ship than resetting base capture
  12. Qas

    Here is a weird game crash situation....

    Are you saying that your current router is connected to the USB port on your PC? Could be the USB sleep mode. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/usb-power-in-sleep-mode/c8ab8475-03a1-41f4-868f-e59b3ec7b2c8
  13. Congratulations on the final achievement! However, it may be a damning testimony of the many campers infesting these waters.
  14. MrPlow, you can re-do any ONE of the TWO completed tasks to earn the THIRD pin to unlock the final task. Same applies for all Campaign tasks.
  15. Qas

    Asking teammates to finish off enemies

    Including some high-tier cruisers too.