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  1. Andychen

    General WoWS Discussion

    I'll start with CV and DD.
  2. Andychen


  3. Andychen

    Tier 10 BB. Yamato vs Montana

    In real life,I'll go for Montana. Although the main gun on Yamato can shoot up to 42km, the maxmimun eyesight is only about 22km on the sea. Since Yamato has poor radar which barely can use, The Montana wins. In game, I think WG will make a way to "balance" them so we'll see.
  4. 鉴于美服那边对测试员严格的人工筛选过程,我估计亚服这边应该也不会是完全随机抽。 不过具体的也只有WG自己知道了
  5. Andychen

    General WoWS Discussion

    Page is deleted, I guess WG has asked for them to do so. Anyway, The CBT is very near considering the announcement said the alpha account will only valid to Mid-Oct so no need to worry too much.
  6. WG应该会做一些筛选工作,比如剔除招募信息发布后才注册的新帐号之类的。 不过估计筛过以后符合条件的账号也是非常多的,祝大家好运吧
  7. 我估计会比较另类,计划是先从美国DD开始玩,然后是美国CA 不过WG可能会指定测试船只,所以不一定有机会能自己选船练
  8. Andychen

    General WoWS Discussion

    Anyone playing WOT now? The garage has just changed to a military base with battleships docking! cool!
  9. Andychen

    General WoWS Discussion

    I wonder how WG balances the Kitagami class. It's tier 10 after Shimakaze class now.
  10. Andychen

    General WoWS Discussion

    DD plays a rather different role compared to LT in WOT. The scout is usually done by planes in naval warfare, and the torpedos on DD are deadly to even strongest warships.
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  13. Andychen

    General WoWS Discussion

    No they won't appear in game.
  14. Andychen

    General WoWS Discussion

    Wow today we have 200 members!
  15. Andychen