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  1. laiyuzeng

    Mission bug 4types: the conqueror

    problem solved! lol WG just send in the prize. maybe i really did forget to play an extra game
  2. laiyuzeng

    Mission bug 4types: the conqueror

    yes i yes i did, just posted the screenshot, thanks
  3. laiyuzeng

    Mission bug 4types: the conqueror

  4. laiyuzeng

    Mission bug 4types: the conqueror

    I've completed all the criteria but still can't get the prize
  5. At medium setting,I got my fps buff from average 30fps to 50-60 fps after DirectX12. Anyone got the same situation?
  6. I was thinking of going pure fighter for my Independence too.
  7. I was on Bogue. And i noticed that Pure fighter Mod gave me consistant amount of exp for each battle. (around 900-1000exp). 20-50planes shot down for most of the time. Plus consistently awarded "clear-sky" And then i switch back to mix torp-fighter mod, it doesnt came out so consistent as pure fighter mod in terms of exp since i cnt 100 percent hit my target with my torp bomber Is it just me? or u guys also feel the same? Has anyone tried out both mods? Which one works the best for u? Why?
  8. Windows 10 gonna release soon. Will WoWs work as usual after installing Windows 10?
  9. laiyuzeng

    Modification 2 for New Mexico

    thx guys
  10. which one is better for New Mexico 1. Propulsion Mod2: -20 percent time for reaching full speed 2. Steering Mod2: -20 percent rudder shift time 3. Damage Control Mod2: 15 percent flood and time of fire extinguish