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  1. 所以我在美服那裡也告訴了想買的注意風險。。。這事WG做的太WTF了。
  2. 美國的官網出修改了之前的預售新聞加入了關於買船進CBT的部分(4.14后購買可以獲得key)
  3. not sure about asia WG employee in charge of EN section. maybe you should ask amade as I mainly active in NA
  4. you should contact a WG employee (in my case, WoWS NA CM Gunlion) about it
  5. Note that this video has been approved by WoWS NA Basically an ok game personally for me but that is the best among what little i recorded on NA Beta Weekend 2 first time doing warship video and using OBS. just enjoy it as much as you can hehehe
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  7. Kokura_Asahi

    Navygaming: General Discussion

    Nice job Zam!
  8. Kokura_Asahi

    Super fast archiving may impede forum discussions

    There are multiple Associate Producers actually. Not sure about Producer though. should only have one (or a few) in RU.
  9. Kokura_Asahi

    Ahoy there

    alpha tester from NA under the same ID but no tag here :P
  10. Kokura_Asahi

    Ahoy Captains

    I am a NA alpha tester for WoWS who also played on Asia server for WoT. Congratz on the new forum :) and good luck to all those who apply to the alpha in Asia server!