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  1. Stormkeeper

    Tone-class Cruiser

    Yeah, but the Mogami is already in game, and they're clearly not going with her CAV variant. I was thinking about the Ise actually, and was thinking perhaps she's be like a regular BB, except when selecting her dive bombers, then perhaps she'll switch into the carrier view?
  2. Stormkeeper

    Tone-class Cruiser

    The Ise would be another interesting one to sail. I mean, over half of her deck space is devoted to a flight deck. But she was listed as a hybrid carrier, and she carried a comparatively substantial number of planes, 22 vs the Tone's 6. And the Ise's air group included dive bombers, while I'm pretty certain the Tone only ever carried float planes. She also retained 4 out of her 6 dual gun turrets, so there was still some substantial firepower there for surface combat.
  3. Stormkeeper

    Tone-class Cruiser

    So I play a certain browser based game. And that game got me interested in the Pacific War more than anything else, and got me interested in playing WoWS too. There's a certain ship in that browser game, that's depicted as a CA(V), an aviation cruiser. I never thought much of it, and just rolled with it. Until I read Tameichi Hara's Japanese Destroyer Captain, (which by the way is an excellent book depicting the Pacific War from the IJN's PoV, in the words of someone who was involved in those actions) in which he notes that the Tone was a weird looking ship, with all turrets on the front. So I got curious, and went and looked her up on Wikipedia. And apparently she did have "all five turrets in the new design were concentrated on the forecastle", after being redesigned from 3 fore, 2 aft in the wake of the Tomozaru Incident. Here's what she looks like. Odd looking ship, isn't she? So, what do you think it'll be like sailing her, keeping in mind most of her armament is concentrated on the front, and she has no way of responding to being tail chased. You can just see her torpedo launchers there in the side view, slightly to the rear Her armament is listed as 8 x 20.3cm cannons, which you can see there in four double turrets, and 12 x 61cm torpedo tubes, in four banks of triple launchers. She also carried 6 floatplanes, so perhaps would have two catapult fighters as opposed to the regular CAs having one? Also where in the tech tree would she be? She was the last heavy cruiser built by Japan and originally designed as the fifth and sixth ships of the Mogami class, so maybe another tier VIII? What do you lot think?
  4. Stormkeeper

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    I would like to join!
  5. Stormkeeper

    Planes stuck on nothing

    Issue: My fighter squadron was stuck on an enemy squadron. It wasn't taking damage from the enemy squadron, nor was it inflicting damage on it. It was taking damage from ships below, however. Screenshots: Attached belowShip: LangleyMap: Big RaceOccurrences: It has occured once, maybe twice, so far.Tested: No.Severity: As the bug appears to be sporadic, it doesn't stop me from playing. But as a Langley captain, having my sole fighter squadron stuck and unresponsive can have a major effect on my game.Details: On Big Race, while captaining the Langley, I ran into an issue where an enemy fighter squadron had mine tied up, and even though it was down to two fighters, it would not die. My fighters too took next to no damage from the enemy fighter squadron, but continued to take damage from the ships beneath them. I realized that despite the enemy squadron having only two fighters left, there were still six enemy fighter models in the air. Later on in the game, my teammate's own fighter squadron came and downed the remaining two fighters, but my squadron remained stuck. My ally's own fighter squadron was fine though. The minimap still registers that the enemy fighter squadron is still present, and that my fighters were engaged in combat with it, and on closer inspection there were still six enemy fighter models in the sky. I also encountered a similar bug, though I wasn't in the Langley. I was in my Gremayschy, and I came across a Zuiho at close range on New Dawn. His own bombers were stuck in their landing animation. I attached a screenshot of his bombers stuck just above water level as well.
  6. Stormkeeper

    HE Shells and Belt Armor. What can be changed?

    I don't play battleships. I don't like their style of gameplay. But OP has a point. It is odd that shells I fire that hit the armor belt causes the deck to catch fire. It's like in World of Tanks, where back in the day shooting a German transmission would somehow cause the engine to catch fire. I don't see a problem if they change it such that HE shells don't cause fires when they hit the armor belt. I'd just have to aim either at the superstructure, or keep my distance and make it rain.
  7. Stormkeeper

    Can torpedo fire system be more realistic?

    I feel like torpedo gameplay now fits the game. Gameplay trumps realism, after all. And let's face it - if you really wanted realism, you're playing the wrong game. Fair warning though - I've only really played destroyers, cruisers and carriers, so I can't speak for battleship captains - I only got up to the Kongou in CBT, and I only have the Myogi and Wyoming at this point. I've never really felt upset or irritated or angry when I get hit by ship launched torpedoes - I mean, DDs tend to give their positions away. Either your team's DDs spot them, they fire on passing aircraft, or they pop a smoke for no reason whatsoever. If you see signs of a destroyer, and continue on your course without making any form of evasion whatsoever, then well. You really don't have anyone else to blame do you? As for long range torpedo strikes, well. There's a reason I let someone else take the lead. But in all seriousness, the ships in the lead are most likely to be either destroyers, in which case the torpedo strike is unlikely to be targetting him, or cruisers, which have enough agility to dodge the strike once they see the warning. I do think there is something to be said for buffing close range AA though. I have lost count of the number of times enemy carriers have flown their torpedo planes right up to me and dropped their torpedoes at point blank range - making successful evasion of the entire spread close to impossible, and getting away scott-free because either my team had no carrier of our own, or our team's carriers were engaged else where. Though buffing close range AA would prove problematic for dive bombers, because they HAVE to get close to bust one out, so that presents another problem.