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  1. lordbals03

    Searching Malaysian Player who active in this forum

    Greetings, Nice to meet you ..
  2. lordbals03

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    Iam interest in this position ..
  3. lordbals03

    I want the Tirpitz

    Tirpitz ....ill take my pocket money to grap it last minute of sale.. You know what ...I had to cut my meal for 2 weeks (change Nasi Campur to Roti Canai )and it worth a cent ...
  4. I think the skill for Captain is enough for time being . Level 1 - Basic Firing Level 4 - Advance Firing No need others such as consumable for secondaries... Also you can put secondary upgrade at your selected ship to boost it .
  5. lordbals03

    A carrier question please

    Definitely 2 Cvs are involved in that battle ..
  6. lordbals03

    100% hate Carrier and torpedo

    Now days high tier Battleship use Pick-A -Boo Tactics that give CV attack Group a great Opportunity to get 12 dildo hit and 3 level fire effect .. My Essex avg dmg per battle 90k++ ...
  7. lordbals03

    100% hate Carrier and torpedo

    Yeah agreed , then you got started at North East which you will first ship to sunk ...
  8. lordbals03

    Who has the better Secondary Arnaments?

    My Vote to my precious Essex ... Many of sneaky DD fall to our secondary ....
  9. lordbals03

    Essex and Midway AA load-out should be 3/1/1

    Greetings, I am currently playing Essex with 1 2 2 load out ...yes some times feel Taiho Air Group is more outnumber and fast reloding time . When my 2 TB approach Taiho without enemy CA and fighter harassment (Tora Tora Tora Success) , 80% chance that Taiho will sunk with 1 wave ... It get more harder when enemy Team did a good tactics , CA covering CV , Fighter covering BB group . But i agree when give option 3 1 1 to Essex , more balance for air superiority and damage dealer . It like more to Lexington Stock Mod but with Essex got extra fighter . With Air Supremacy Skill , 7 plane in Fighter and DB Squadron , IJN CV Player will crying load to nerf USN CV next update ..
  10. lordbals03

    What's the point of Dive Bombers?

    After ill unlock the Air Supremacy Skill (Level 5) .. The DB is get 1 extra plane also the Manual Drop circle getting Smaller.. For Auto Drop - attacking BB and CV - average got 2-3 hits with 1 fire level .. For Manual Drop - attacking BB and CV - average got 3-4 hit with 2-3 fire level . With this effect if enemy already use Dmg Control it can eat enemy HP around 20k if 2-3 fire level Share from from my experience using Essex during battle ..
  11. lordbals03

    Newcomers want to sortie together

    I am from Malaysia. GMT +8, Usually playing time 10pm - 3pm . Ship List : 1. Essex (Tier 9) 2. Atago, Tirpitz (Tier 8) 3. Sims, Atlanta, Hiryu (Tier 7) 4. Warspite, New Mexico, Fuso (Tier 6) 5. Murmanks, Kongo, Zuiho, Nicholas, Minekaze (Tier 5) 6. Arkansas Beta, Phoenix, Kuma, Ishizuchi, Langley (Tier 4) 7. Aurora (Tier 3) 8. Mikasa (Tier 2)
  12. Greetings, IGN : lordbals03 I am from Malaysia . Mostly ill playing Aircraft Carrier but i didnt mind to play other ship .. Nice to meet you ...
  13. lordbals03

    Playing As a Lower Tier Carrier

    Yes I agreed .. But for me if i using IJN CV currently tier VI (Ryujo with offensive flight mod), better try take out one of enemy CV (especially that had fighter superiority - sneak out your main forces (usually TB) , meanwhile the DB will go directly through center map if possible attack enemy CV to get fire damage ..) assuming dmg CV will use Repair Kits) after several minutes then your Main forces TB will finished the CV ( at least 4-6 torpedo hit and let flooding dmg do the job) coz it need more than 120sec to use other repair kit . But it different when using USN CV currently tier 8 (Lexington with stock flight mod) will try use 2 fighter to gain some air superiority but if outnumber ...try to drag enemy Fighter to nearest USN Cruiser than dogfight there (it works when engaging fighter group form IJN CV Taiho and Hakuryu class) then use TB and DB to dmg any ship especially CV and BB then other depend of situation ... Just share my opinion ...
  14. lordbals03

    Odd torpedo drops

    Thats an Auto Drop Torpedo Bomber ...Much easier to evade but when trapped given max damage to enemy Ship..
  15. lordbals03

    The highest latency I've ever seen in my life

    i have same problem to ...