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  1. Dawbacca

    UI Things to do Check List

    Something we've discussed on TS while playing as a Division with our Clan buddies is the spawn location for Divisions. since MMOs are meant to "promote" online team play, is there any 'game mechanic' reason why ships in divisions cant spawn in the general same area? I personally prefer WoWS as a team game and not solo play, but it's difficult to work together and complement your ships types and abilities when you spawn too far away. Unlike in WoT and WoWP, this was never really an issue due to the distances and travel speeds involved. I'm sure this has been raised before during alpha testing, so I'm unsure if this is something that Devs can still look at, or if it's not even on the agenda?!
  2. Dawbacca

    premium ships you like to see ingame

    There is also a big difference between the 11in guns on Deuschland and pre WW1 13.5in guns on the Lion Class BC. The more modern 11in guns had a higher muzzle velocity, greater accuracy and a range of 36,000m compare to 22,000m for the 13.5 inch. so it's not always the "girth"!! lol. Of course, the 13,5 in shell weight was a lot more!
  3. Dawbacca

    premium ships you like to see ingame

    Thanks for the Info on the Deustchland Class ships BigWave. Even if it's a bit disappointing they will be classed as BB rather than CAs Will be interesting to see where they end up then in the Tech Tree. Against Tier 4 BB i thought they'd be a little OP given their speed and how modern they are relative to other tier 4 BBs (eg. they have the Kongo slotted in at Tier 5 and that was pre-WW1 BC) I'd probably prefer it as a slight underpowered high tier Cruiser. eg. a preferential MM tier 8 that can earn you a bucket load of credits!!
  4. Dawbacca

    premium ships you like to see ingame

    The Admiral Scheer. A Deutschland class heavy Cruiser "pocket battleship". It was the most successful capital ship surface raider of the war, but not as well know as her sister the Admiral Graf Spee. Would like to see it as a Tier 8 "credit making" premo