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  1. ChaosGhost

    The things a returning player should take note of

    Now there's a top tip I haven't even thought was a thing. I reckon I'll do that to grind muh stock ships from now on.
  2. ChaosGhost

    The things a returning player should take note of

    That reminds me, I have no clue what a ranked match is. What am I missing out on by NOT playing that mode? I'm still not sure if I want to spend realbux on ships since I'm dirt-poor, so what I'm getting at is "if you see a prem ship on the enemy team, make sure to kill it and not be fired at by it" :v
  3. ChaosGhost

    The things a returning player should take note of

    So long I'm pretty sure you've had like a couple name changes because your name doesn't ring a bell at all :v
  4. ChaosGhost

    The things a returning player should take note of

    I'm sure it's a coincidence, but the very first supercontainer I've received since the start of containers being a thing appeared right after I put in a premium account for the first time It's like a 5% chance of appearing, right?
  5. ChaosGhost

    The things a returning player should take note of

    Whoops. Managed to completely screw over a teammate by ramming him directly into a torpedo spread. Sorry about that if you ever get here to vent. D: Still hard to shake off the rust, keeping track of everything in a battle is tough Aww, poor Isokaze. I remember loving the hell out of it back in the old days.
  6. ChaosGhost

    The things a returning player should take note of

    Damn. I enjoy being at close range the most! Yeah I pretty much missed all the Arpeggio ships, but I have a self-imposed challenge to avoid everything IJN anyway. So my only IJN ship is the Iwaki Alpha.
  7. Hello. I've been away for some time, only playing on and off ever since closed alpha. I figure it would be wise to ask the community the things that have changed ever since the days of just-after-release that I should really take note of. What's OP? What isn't anymore? What's the meta? What's the community? How reliable is the wiki at being a guide for commander skills choices and strats? What should IGAF about? How safe am I having an Arpeggio anime avatar in these forums? Edit: Also apparently clans are a thing now? How do they work? Edit: Also I know I could also just go google and wiki and such, but I'm also interested in how the community is like in the forums so I'd rather have your subjective opinions on things. Cheers. I'm grinding Russian/American DD, American CA, British CL, American BB. I'm at tier 6 highest, so what should I expect moving forward? Looking forward to your replies, thank you. Also mods: I'm not sure if this should be a newbie forum thing or not, so kick my thread to wherever it fits if necessary. Cheers.
  8. You just answered your own question. "Royal Navy were busy on their European War Theatre." The ETO is still part of world war 2
  9. ChaosGhost

    Idea for submarine implementation

    As a thought experiment, I'd say the only way to make subs useful is if they made larger maps. As it is, ships are choked into points where they must go through. If we'll make subs spawn further forward as you suggested, then this means they'll be easily hunted down by the other side's DDs because there's not much where they could hide and lurk. Also, a potential problem is that subhunters are inherently vulnerable to other ships and one side's DDs and CAs will inevitably die out in a lot of games (due to attrition, combat, and such) leaving entire sides open to submarines. There may be a lot of games where one side have no ships left that can deal with submarines, while all submarines need to do is lurk near their own cap and deny the other side a win for a dragged out draw. That's an inherent problem that I can't just figure out how to make into a fun experience for everyone involved. If you nerf the submarines into being visible in the surface and limited diving, that would just mean they're quite pointless in the late-game. I think the balance needs to be to figure out a way where every class of ship can have a fair chance of beating down each other class of ship given a last-man-standing situation or otherwise uncomfortable random battle shenanigans.
  10. ChaosGhost

    Idea for submarine implementation

    Essentially my opinion, too. I just don't see how they can add much excitement for everyone playing WoWS. They're practically the negative connotations of the IJN DDs but to an absurd extreme. slower. more sneaky. doesn't do much except wait for somebody to get into their ambush zone. All the while everyone else is having fun gunning each other down, dropping bombs, fighting the good fight. It's really too much of a departure from the WoWS meta to incorporate in a way that'll blend well with all the rest.
  11. ChaosGhost

    You still retain Arkan ?

    I still have it in my garage but only took it out once and then I realized I have no idea how to play battleships so I didn't try it again. I keep it so I could say I have a battleship in my port haha! (Would love to have pointers about it, on the off chance I want to try playing it for credit grinding or lulz)
  12. ChaosGhost

    Idea for submarine implementation

    This is pretty good and I could see this in WoWS, but it doesn't quite answer my main problem with subs in WoWS which is that playing a ww1/ww2 submarine is incredibly slow. I just could not see an exciting gameplay ever happening in a game with a strict time limit when submarines move half as slow as battleships and even worse speed when submerged, and where they can only point their torpedoes forward and are horribly vulnerable to everything when detected. Submarines do their best work when the enemy does not know there are submarines in the area, after all.
  13. ChaosGhost

    Division and Forum Warriors Channel

    Completely random, but I just found out about warshipstats. So begins my downward spiral into stats-induced despair /o/
  14. ChaosGhost

    We Need Newsletter Writers

    Someone could probably go and be an investigative journalist and harass players. If there's groping involved I can volunteer for that job :v First article for that segment: Custom ranks. What possessed you into asking Conana into changing your forum rank into what you have now. (Also: A speculative article as to WHEN WILL CONANA DO HIS PROMISED CROSSDRESSING COSPLAY)
  15. ChaosGhost

    We Need Newsletter Writers

    A Poi-son in the Chat CG World of Warships allows historical aficionados with a chance to re-live the great battles of the past, and communicate with fellow naval fans in discussing about their favorite ships, battles, and navies during World War 2. This article is not about them, rather it is for a different collection of fans. These people also love ships, but they differ in that they are lovers of the anthropomorphic personification of said ships as fictionalized in a most anime-sque form. Memes allow for the simplest way of expressing ideas, and they express their fanaticism with the utterance ad nauseum of the phrase "Poi" among the chat. For those who are unfamiliar with the term but are nonetheless nonplussed about why so many players spam these three letters, "poi" is the catchphrase of a popular girl in this anime and she is the personification of the IJN Yudachi (A Shiratsuyu-class destroyer, essentially an upgraded Hatsuharu). What it exactly means is, colloquially at least, the Japanese equivalent of a stereotypical California girl abusing the word "Like". A word that a person uses when she is unsure but, like, she has to say it anyway. I hope this clears up the confusion of those who googled "what is poi" and was directed to the Hawaiian dish. Usage of this term shows an appreciation for a Japanese phenomenon, and if you like cute things then you might well try to see what it's all about for yourself. For the rest of us, it is just another example of spam. Much like abuse of the new voice commands, it can discourage team play. If you care for the game and you insist on using this term, please keep it to a minimum as a courtesy to those who wish to concentrate on the battle. Love for the ships comes in many forms, and the World of Warships community is open to all who loves warships! Set sail and float out, poi! (oh wow pressing tab doesn't indent and space afterwards changes the page. Whoops. There goes my clever attempt at making a newsletter thing)