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  1. mnmxxx

    IJN air dropped torpedo nerf.

    japanese carrier planes are soo fragile thats why i didnt even bother grinding it :v and even if there are torp spams there are cruisers on the team :v the team should have teamwork :v if you got killed because of torp spam and no one defended you its the teams fault not WG :v
  2. mnmxxx

    IJN air dropped torpedo nerf.

    i just face palm everyday :v
  3. yeah the thing is before 4.0 my ping in warships is like 50-80 which is very very far from 400 then fluctuating to 1000ms with 20 packetloss :v
  4. This is soo frustrating... which means the headstart they gave us is just a waste if you cant play properly due to the ping spikes and delay :v
  5. (to those who are non singaporean residents) my ping in wot is like 60-80ms my ping in wows is 400-1000ms (fluctuating A LOT) + epic PACKET LOSS my friends from sydney and aus is having probs too :v what happened? o_O
  6. ow i see thanks so they will fix stuff like the iowa's armor description is wrong?
  7. i cant see the armor details of the ship anymore? or is it just me?