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  1. i can screen shot it from the site i take...
  2. try to look often in mol site....i got wotgenerals beta key free from there.... here some picture for proof....
  3. GeneralNazrin

    I guess I didn't make it?

    Please answer this: do I have still get a chance to get second email within few dayss after first email application submitted?
  4. GeneralNazrin

    how long does it take

    Does cbt have duration? Like beta weekend? Or can play until full release(reset)?
  5. GeneralNazrin

    Problem with portal ? Bug issue

    You have to scroll down the Term and the submit button will be available.....
  6. GeneralNazrin

    Problem with portal ? Bug issue

    well if the problem happen only to me...i would do it but...for this problem , that would not be the solution....i guess ...
  7. GeneralNazrin

    Problem with portal ? Bug issue

    HI first of all..i thinks this might not the right place to post portal bug in this forum i cant find where to post so i decide to post here so i hope someone can place it to the right one.. I got problem this today...i cant figured it how to solve .... i go to worldofwarship.asia portal...i click login button...it repeating "Processing" and return to portal without logged in.... i decide to enter asia.wargaming.net ...my account is logged in....in worldoftanks.asia portal also i can logged in.... i still can login in forum...
  8. GeneralNazrin

    Introduction thread

    Hiii ....