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  1. simplejuan

    Thanks for the opportunity...

    Yeah right. Flying a planes makes me dizzy too, so waiting for WOWs.
  2. simplejuan

    WoWS Theme song

    Here is mine.
  3. simplejuan

    Custom WoWS Trailer

    Yes this sounds much better. Wonder how long is our waiting time?
  4. simplejuan

    Custom WoWS Trailer

    I see that you really are bored. Maybe you can redo that with a more dramatic music! By the way, thanks for posting.
  5. simplejuan

    Forum sections with read topics still coming up unread

    Working on mine here too!
  6. simplejuan

    WOT style horizontal

    I was hoping someone had already posted here. Since I have not yet since the tech tree of WOWS, I am in a blind right now. SO we will see once I see it.
  7. simplejuan

    Introduction thread

    Wishing you the best.
  8. simplejuan

    Introduction thread

    Hi to all! I'm here to learn from the game. Let's see how good it is compared to other games. Have fun everyone.
  9. Looking forward to playing this game.

  10. simplejuan

    Alpha tester need verification?

    I used my drivers license as passport number.