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  1. HeavyResistance

    Taking Out Noob Traps

    This is really, really entertaining to read *grabs popcorn*
  2. HeavyResistance

    torpedo bomber bug?

    It might be a leading shot.
  3. HeavyResistance

    Travel Mode Gun Lock

    One word: Yes. And it's because of a number of reasons. Firstly, guns should be always on the ready to shoot anyone at the most minimal time possible. Secondly, obsessive-compulsive players would be disappointed to see their turrets in a degree not divisible by 10. And thirdly, because why not? It looks cool, dashing, and was realistically done by any ship.
  4. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    Not to mention that if you're lucky, you could penetrate Wyoming/New York's citadel, if you're indeed lucky enough.
  5. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    Amen. Praise Haku and RNGeesus.
  6. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    Ah yes, the range of Omaha is fantastic, but once Furutaka hides around the big islands, that range is rendered useless. IMO range is dependent on map. Sometimes you have more range but your shots just keep hitting the islands.
  7. HeavyResistance

    Anschluss! A guide on how to Tirptiz

    So, where do we annex territories? It said Anschuluss! ANSCHULUSS!!!
  8. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    The words "Cleveland with AA ability on" and "can't kill a single plane" are incompatible with each other.
  9. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    This my friend, is why you need to stay in your calm. You need to aim at those yummy citadels. Furutaka X Omaha action coming soon.
  10. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    Control your guns, always keep one or two turrets ready for close quarters. AP won't overpen the DD... Maybe. If you think there's a DD in your vicinity, load HE :v That's a general rule. But yeah, I do agree Furutaka isn't exactly the most accurate cruiser out there.
  11. HeavyResistance

    Iowa overpening cruisers at close range

    Nah, it won't. They have thin armor. Trust me. I tried it.
  12. HeavyResistance

    Iowa overpening cruisers at close range

    You see Ivan, if you shoot big caliber guns, on soft targets, you can over penetrate. It's like saying I fired a pistol at a thick mattress and it overpenned. And Atago and Myoko are floadting citadels soft targets. Even a Nicholas with AP can citadel them.
  13. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    If you came here for lewd stuff, I'm sad to say this isn't one of those posts *topkek* This is basically a basic comparison of basics between the basics, the Furutaka (a Tier V IJN Heavy Cruiser), and the Omaha (a Tier V USN Scout Cruiser). Take note that we assume that the players are of equal skill. So, we first read their stats on paper. In my pastime, I usually fondle with stats and numbers. I will use top configs. According to the stats, Furutaka is better than Omaha. Why is that? Furutaka has better artillery (57>39), better aircraft (2>1), better torpedoes (19>14), and better survivability (39>34). The Omaha only has an edge over its IJN counterpart in terms of AA (24>13), and maneuverability (75>73), albeit there's only little difference. According to these stats, the Furutaka actually dominates the Omaha in terms of Combat Capability. But, where is Concealment? I didn't put in the Concealment stats. Why? Because, it doesn't matter. Well, Pre-nerf Ninjakaze exploited that, but if I remember well, Syanda said that concealment doesn't matter because when you're seen, it boils down to how tough and girly (since ships are girls) your ships are. As I said, this is just a basic comparison. The Omaha can out maneuver the Furutaka and provide more air cover, but the Furutaka, when loaded with AP and fired straight at Omaha's citadel, will cause painful damage. Whereas the Omaha, with her low alpha citadel damage on AP, will mostly do its job, albeit not as good as the Furutaka. However, Omaha shines with her Rate of Fire. Quick firing guns tend to spread fire all over your juicy superstructure. But then, if you get hit in the citadel by a Furutaka, well, she got the upper hand. So, what did we learn? Nothing! Nah, we actually learned that Furutaka is much combat-oriented than the Omaha, and that the Omaha relies on adrenaline rushes. Furutaka is good when used well. On the other hand, Omaha can also turn the tide of battle when used well. The ships have their own personalities. One is slightly more armored and hard-hitting albeit slow, one is fast-hitting but slightly fragile. With that said, always take note, that it is the player that controls the ship, and as forumers said, it really boils down to whoever's driving the ship behind the monitor. One may not see the beauty of Omaha, and one might not see the beauty of Furutaka. But always remember this, that if you really want to get to know your ship, you'll try to make her strengths shine to the fullest, and her weaknesses gone. Even if her beauty is not yet there as you play her as stock, get to know your ship. Battle with her. Have patience and time and understanding. From there, improve, and improve, until you don't see her weaknesses anymore. Now, that is love.