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  1. Kenn_Ethic

    AniManga Chat :E

    He's jealous because someone else got crayoned instead of him.
  2. Kenn_Ethic

    Self-Illuminating Textures

    As far as I know, the illumination or glow effects is made possible by a "glow map/texture" which is most likely a .dds file. I don't know how WoWs handle its lighting engine though.
  3. Kenn_Ethic

    AniManga Chat :E

    Happy New Year! I think I'll give a shot on that fan-art contest, if I'm motivated enough.
  4. Kenn_Ethic

    [Severe] Client Desynchronization in Battle

    It doesn't happen a lot when I play. I usually play 5-15 battles in a gaming session with rarely any problems. this bug would occur rarely and more likely at night.
  5. Kenn_Ethic

    New In Game Complaint Choice

    I agree, it should be called "Inactive" for appropriateness.
  6. Kenn_Ethic

    Show me your Shipfu ( Waifu ) ingame

    Well, this is awkward.
  7. Kenn_Ethic

    AniManga Chat :E

    This reminds me of playing this song in Stepmania. Just epic beat. Oh yeah, I also created a massive build of her in Minecraft Classic, which was never finished.