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  1. Faratia

    Aircrafts bug

    Same thing happened to my Hiryu. A brand new fighter squadron took off after the previous one was killed, then shows taking damage, and starts dying then dead. With no enemy ships, fighters, bombers, torpedo bombers attacking it.
  2. Faratia


    Alphaから日駆逐艦一直線である私から見ると、日本の駆逐ツリーは T1~5(峯風まで):魚雷装填速すぎて撃ち放題、T5峯風はこのスタイルの頂点 T6(睦月):後期型の試金石。 魚雷装填が遅くなり、攻撃は魚雷と共に主砲の運用、防御は回避と戦場の選びも厳しく要求し始めるころ。 敵艦は前の体験で魚雷はとても恐ろしいものを認識しており、発見される次第敵の砲火を浴びるので、生存、実力発揮のチャンスを作り、そしてそのチャンスをうまくつかまえるかどうかはこの船の本題。 個人的の意見:日本駆逐艦の防空は現時期の後期空母に対してほぼ無意味だから、回避運動の上達を目指すべく。そのため主砲減少対空増強の後期船体はお勧めできません。 T7~T9(初春-陽炎):睦月型から段々強くなり、長距離魚雷の魅力は少しづつ体験できるところ、主砲砲塔の回転と運用を乗り越えたら、日本駆逐艦の面白さを感じる。 T10島風:かっこいい、はや~~い、魚雷がやばい。
  3. Faratia

    Atago, comments from owners here please.

    As a proud WG game player, you should know where Germans usually end up. (shrug
  4. Faratia

    Atago, comments from owners here please.

    Well, let's face it. If you want to use a Japanese premium ship, this is what you have: 1. Yubari, T4CL - Great for low tier AA, but not exactly a good premium ship you can use to get good credits and train captains of other ships due to the chaos nature of low tier battle which will most likely sour your experience. Not to mention with 2 not so fast turning guns in a gun infested environment (US Cruisers, Kuma, etc.). 2. Iwaki Alpha, T4CL - Truly awesome, but Alpha tester only. 3. Ishizuchi, T4BB - We all know what BBs have to face in low tier battles. 4. Atago, T8CA - If you can play average on a cruiser, it will do much more than above ships, making it the best premium ship you can acquire in IJN at the moment. The only problem you're facing now is you're most likely to encounter the fastest grinding players as a T8 ship.
  5. Faratia


  6. Faratia

    Blue line cheats

    We all know the world is flat, just have them fall off the edge.