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  1. mttspiii


    Didn't realise subs are used against subs. But then I'm stuck in a WWII mindset, where only one submerged sub vs submerged sub kill happened. Submerged submarines had the same killcount as malfunctioning submarine toilets.
  2. mttspiii

    player base is going bad really quick

    Good game ruined by ASIA server mentality? Well nuts.
  3. mttspiii


    Subs will be in the game. They will be the premium food consumable of American ships.
  4. mttspiii

    Anyone experiencing Long-range hitting lag?

    I'm guessing it's a similar problem to the old WoT teleporting-MT thing.
  5. Maybe they're looking for holes in the invisible wall at the edges of the map.
  6. mttspiii

    The Iwaki Alpha

    Well RIP, I just noticed that I'm Alpha the day after it rolled over.
  7. mttspiii

    Not can login games.

    Just apply and it'd be automatic
  8. mttspiii


    I didn't get it. Though I'm not sure if I'm an Alpha or a Beta tester; my account wasn't rerolled. Means I probably played too late. Awww! So is the Iwaki fun?
  9. mttspiii

    Are we seeing bots already?

    The lack of situational awareness you see in WoT, will also be seen in WoWS. It will be worse in WoWS though since you have to anticipate your actions more than in WoT.
  10. mttspiii

    Internet Connection

    I had 11000 to 13000 ping once. Yep, client displays ping up to 5 digits (surprised me too)
  11. mttspiii


    Nutters for those who got to Alpha test 3 days before CBT then
  12. mttspiii

    A point about Smoke Screens

    Would be funny if a ship on fire be able to "pop smokes" too. That's actually a decent suggestion, but bug-hunting first.
  13. mttspiii

    Night Battle Modes ?

    Storm weather: carriers lose aircraft a lot. Balance restored.
  14. mttspiii

    Alpha is OVER? (RU Portal News)

    Not sure if I'm beta or alpha. Pretty sure I got an invite to Alpha since I'm downloading another client again, but forum says I'm beta. Hope we get a WoWS version of the Pz.V/IV Alpha