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  1. Keeno

    Important lessons missed

    The Fact that it was an Early Sunday Morning all the people who is involved for sending that Message was still on their desk(sort of) waiting to be send to the Americans.. Yamamoto was the person who think that dealing a fatal blow to the American at Pearl would pursue the negotiations with the americans as early as possible but things always not go according to plan.. and the way they plan the attack is the way of a Samurai Thinking. That is why the Japanese Made the Katana in comparison with the 1st Air Fleet which resembles Yamamoto's Katana to deal with the Americans at pearl. if those things go accordingly their might be chance that the A-Bomb Attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki could be Averted and the formation of Kamikazee will also not go operational.
  2. Keeno

    Important lessons missed

    The fact that if that Japanese declaration of War against the US succeed the Mental effect towards Japan would be different... there are such cases and turn of events will happen and the History in the Pacific will be different if it succeeds..like the 2 points below: Japanese Declaration of War receive by the US Nagumo approves that Strike against the Depot's and other facilities that will hinder the Capability of the US to retaliate and recover. I think the most important part of the Pacific War is the Japanese attack on Pearl.. (Sorry for being a BS siding with the IJN but We all want to know the What If's Scenarios and we want to know the side of them during those time let say for Alternate History Scenario's) that is the most crucial Operation of The Imperial Navy that set the nail in the plank. There are so many decision that might lead to an alternate timeline and progression of the war. There is also Appointing Nagumo as the Commander of the Carrier force of Yamamoto.. IF only Tamon Yamaguchi is the one that chosen not him.. hehe like to discussed much more about this alternate timelines..
  3. Keeno

    Color Japanese BB pics..

    Wow.. These pics.. Most of the time i saw them only in Black and Whites.. but seeing them in Color... that nostalgia of seeing those ships... man its cool.. i get goosebumps by just looking at them... and that moment when you saw the crew of the ship their vivid faces who never come back....it give me chills right up to my spine..
  4. Keeno

    Philippines WoWs Community

    ign: Keeno well from UAE.. still valid right hehehe as long it is a Filipino community I'm In...
  5. Keeno


    OMG.. Tirpirtz the first time i saw the Ship while i was playing with my friend few weeks ago.. i saw two Tirpitz firing torpedoes X_X isn't awesome...
  6. Keeno

    IJN Zuikaku Class Carrier

    The Last carrier Who participate in the opening of WWII which later sunk during Operation Sho-Go.. but still sortieng w/o aircraft its a very hard for a fleet carrier to engage in a battle.. it is like you are charging the enemy with a rifle w/o any bullet in it.
  7. History will do change if that happens. if either of those turning points in the war happen in the way that our History Class and Veterans told us about.
  8. Imagine if things goes the other way around if Admiral Kurita push harder and make correct decisions.. still these kind of battles which matters choices does affect the entire outcome of one operation... and don't forget the initial stages of the Pacific War.. The Attack on Pearl Harbor which would devastate the US Pacific Fleet if Admiral Nagumo Proceeds with the Second or Third Attack.. and the Showdown in Midway which if he chose to launch all of 1st Carrier and 2nd Carrier Group to attack the US Fleet with their Current Load Out..(Contact Bombs)
  9. Keeno

    World of frustration grinding

    At First It will be frustrating due to the shift from CBT to OBT, The devs need to adjust to a more grinding stage of the game to prepare us all players that this OBT grinding will be close to the Live or Final Version of the Game. So it's normal if you played a lot during the CBT well you need to adjust yourself that sooner or later the Grinding will be painful in the next succeeding months specially when it goes Live.
  10. Keeno

    pictures from battle of leyte gulf

    Those Sailors from the Zuikaku gives me chills right through the bone man the last photo of her crew before it totally went down..
  11. "SIMS" indeed... everytime i hear about that DD it reminds me about that game...
  12. Keeno

    Tora Tora Tora!

    I really love that Tora Tora Tora set up.. imagine if its a BB Line Formation or any type of formation.. and that Kind of Squadron attacks.. whew for sure it will sink some ships along the way...
  13. Keeno

    WWII naval movies

    ooof... i just imagined what if JJ Abrams produced Space Battleship Yamato X_X
  14. Keeno

    WWII naval movies

    I Like how they made these movie it really feels like we need always to see the other side of the coin rather than judging it directly without knowing the true story behind it.. Wanna try or have you guys watched these movies.. Something goes with the title : "Last Operation Under Orion" and "Eternal Zero" something Just found that Eternal Zero While browsing the net it has a pretty good backstory regarding about the Special Attack Unit. of the IJN. And for the Last Operation Under Orion its about a Sub Captain and a Des Captain battling like they're playing chess waiting for the next move one after another.. Hope it add to your watchlist.
  15. At least a feature of Night Battle would suffice our eyes.. ^_^