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  1. Sharpy


    You're welcome!!! I do have few WOW youtubers for inspiration and Flamu is one of them. NA gamers are more aggressive and tends to push forwards tactics whereas SEA players are more to passive and "wait and see" types. Frankly i do apply some of my WOT experience to WOW tho. Some works and some didn't.
  2. Sharpy

    players using illegal mods

    I'll dare to go in and spot DD under smoke covers not before i pop my hydro on. " Ahhh, there you are DD.
  3. Sharpy

    ranting in chat = =

    They even rant about your salty english grammars. WTF!!
  4. Sharpy


    What you had mentioned is happened to my mighty Fuso on "two Brothers" map. 1 BB (thats me in Fuso), 2 cruisers (Cheatland and Aoba) and 1 DD (Mutsuki??) heading to west side, the rest move to East side. Our DD as usual be our frontal spotter and we come to face a fleet of enemy ships (2 BB (Kongo), 4 cruisers (Omaha, 2-Aoba, Furutaka)). Our cruisers turn tail and leave my Fuso and poor DD upfront and that's fine. At time you have to carry on become meat shield and soon enough a barrage of shells landing on my BB and few shells just fly over above my ship pagoda tower. . My fuso manage to kill 3 cruisers (one full salvos kill-Omaha, Furutaka-first hit by our DD trops and i finished him with 3 citatel hit and one Aoba- partly left 40% HP due to our plane trops hit and bombings and i get to finished her off with 2 salvos). However, not before they sinked and they took away 60% of my BB HP and our 2 (gladly Cruisers) comeback and rush for the 2 kongo and an injured Aoba. . I was like "ok, now i see you guys pushing in" At times BB's have to carry up the weight so that cruisers can push forwards. (not before your BB manage to kill one or 2 ships and kinda give morale boost for allies cruiser to push on) .
  5. Sharpy


    I agree on this but not 15km . The best and effective range for BB to counter cruisers is around 17~18km.
  6. Sharpy

    Beware of this player

    Hydro Man, Vigilante Women and Radar boy will come to hunt you!!
  7. Sharpy

    Not a fan of RU cruisers so far

    Till now i don't get any of those engine or rudder been hit cause i always angle my ships well, thanks to good rudder response. A youtuber Flamu does a very well commentary about Budyonny play reviews (i do agreed when he says about Nurnberg and cleveland vs Budyonny.) This ship really needs to play smart with plenty of angling here and there but warn though like all RU cousins, one wrong move will eventually sink you or take 2/3 of your ship health bar.
  8. Sharpy

    Not a fan of RU cruisers so far

    Guys!! Start liking Kirov? Wait till you get Tier 6 Budyonny, you will fall in love with her. More armor 35mm-140mm!!! , the only and only RU cruiser had decent armors. Even tier 10 Moskva lose to her in terms of armory (only 35mm-100mm) and the rest of the tier above Budyonny. Her 152mm guns is excellent (called Budyoony Railguns), fast traverse with low shell despersion (15km below), decent rudder response, etc.
  9. With your current free xp amount, i bet you can only research till tier 6 or tier 7 stock ship.
  10. I'm afraid of sudden quick explosion sound "KABOOM!!" from my ship and awarded "Detonation"
  11. Sharpy

    rant on Land of Fire map

    It could be cause by mods, please delete it or update the latest patch. Some mods does causing certain map or game to crash.
  12. Sharpy

    Sharing the Experience

    Actually in-game or at port, you can press F2 to view the full range of controls and action keys.
  13. Sharpy

    Sharing the Experience

    Try look up on YouTube. There are many guides you can learn and understand regarding WoW ships.
  14. If you make a dent on my ship, i will make a hole on your ship.