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  1. MARVinis

    Map/Range Imbalance

    American battleships do fine in Open Ocean. Want more range? Mount the Fire Control System upgrade in the modifications (tier 5 and onwards). You still won't have the range of Japanese ships but you get pretty close. Also at long range those Japanese battleships need to get lucky to hit anything much more something that's maneuvering so they have to get close to be effective. Open Ocean is also a map in which every ship is on a level playing field so I don't see the need to remove it. Hotspot, communication is the least of my concerns of this map, even if everybody spoke the same language since when did teamwork happen in random battles? Unless you can find an actual problem on this map then it is fine. What are you doing getting shot at by higher tier ships in the first place? It is balanced because either way torpedoes are going to be detected long before they reach their target, or their target has changed course already at long range, to ensure a hit you need to get close anyway. Not likely to happen because people might just simply move to another server temporarily to take advantage in price differences in premium products hurting WGs pocket. Also before even firing you should look around to ensure your allies are not there, otherwise its their fault. This is still beta, there are few people playing, this will get fixed once more people populate the server, by most of what you said "Balanced and fun to play" seems to be defined as "tailor everything to my play style so I can dominate and not have to adapt myself to another playstyle" which is something that would just throw the game out of balance.
  2. MARVinis

    stupid teams ,over and over

    It was only a matter of time before somebody would eventually make a "Noob Team" thread. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the WIP World of Tanks Warships forum V2.0. Please note that this is still a work in progress and we are working hard to get people to rant about stuff to let of steam and in no way help them in anyway whatsoever.
  3. MARVinis

    Then there is this person..

    Did you "defend yourself" ?
  4. MARVinis

    Yamato....don't bother

    HE is not the problem. It's the fixing of the HE mechanic to make HE more useful that makes other mechanics broken, in this case the repair mechanic. The repair system is too simple and too situational to use in a protracted engagement, which most fights are. You can be set on fire once and put it out at the press of a button but get set on fire again and then you can kiss your day goodbye. http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/5037-the-repair-system/
  5. MARVinis

    Farragut, to stock or not?

    Torpedo range is largely irrelevant, because it just get's easier to doge torpedoes the further you fire them. So I use the upgraded torps for more damage. The hull...well. Personally I don't see the loss of one gun as a major hindrance. Also more health and better rudder shift time and the semi-reliable AA can't go a miss. That extra 1km could also mean the difference between hitting and missing.
  6. MARVinis

    information about gift ship for CBT

    Tier 4? USN? BB Probably a Florida class BB something to train my American BB captains at least. Don't really like those 12 inch guns on a tier 4 tho...she's got a lot of them but 12 inchers are still 12 inchers. Your not gonna be doing a lot of damage to New Yorks, or Fusos or New Mexicos and in some cases even Kongos
  7. MARVinis

    Destroyers accidently nerfed?

    1. If no one is spotting for you while you are in the smoke screen then you can't see outside of it either. Its just logical. 2. You will get spotted inside the more you fire. Your AA included, if planes are right above you and you didn't turn off your AA good luck hiding. 3. They are still working on the reward system be patient. 4. Still having a hard time? You must be doing something wrong. 5. This has all been there since way before I got into CBT. IT just became more apparent with more planes flying everywhere and more people not turning of their AA in a smokescreen.
  8. MARVinis

    The Roles of USN Carriers

    1. For now at least this is not a very rewarding way to play CVs. 2. You can gain air superiority but unless your team has another CV with some attack planes other than just 1 squadron of DBs then you might as well be playing a live action version of minesweeper, because all you are doing is spotting enemy ships, which is again for the moment not very rewarding apart from hopefully allowing your team to win. 3. What happens if both teams have one guy left alive and the guy on the enemy team is a battleship? You can force a draw but let's face it nobody likes a draw.
  9. So I got back my Independence after playing a couple of games on the Bogue and playing everything else in port to get the credits to buy the Independence back. After a few games I have gotten the "new" feel for the Independence. I also took a quick look at the aircraft load outs of the higher tier American Carriers and as well as adding a few games on the "new" Independence I have pretty good round about idea on the possible roles of USN Aircraft Carriers.
  10. MARVinis

    Dodging Cv torpedo tips for BB players.

    If your cruisers can't/ wont go to you then you go to the cruisers. If they won't help you it doesn't mean you can't take advantage of them. With some BBs such as the Kongou, the Miyogi and the Amagi, they are fast enough to keep up with cruisers. The next best thing is you group with other battleships, while your combined AA is nowhere near the equivalent of a cruiser's it is better than no AA help. If you are caught alone the best you can do is react way before it happens and hope you eat as few torps as possible.
  11. MARVinis

    How I use Dive Bombers

    15k per bomb does seem like too much. Imagine the rage of DD players when they get hit by one bomb and just die. IMHO one bomb shouldn't kill a DD instead maybe 2 or 3 bombs worth would do it. Even one bomb might make the DD have 2nd thoughts anyway.