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  1. I agree with you. That would be a good idea. However, I'd be happy just to see fair & balanced (OMG, I just quoted FOX News...) MM.
  2. I know that mate. However, with 6 tier X and all the rest tier 8, MM "should" have split the tier X three to each side.........
  3. Unless you suspect it's something wrong with your bank or CC, submit a ticket to support.
  4. Working as intended..... My Team: Two tier X DD and all the rest tier 8 Enemy Team: Tier X BB, 2 Tier X CA and one Tier X DD. All the rest tier 8. Oh, BTW, just to kick a captain when he's down, two Tirpitz on my team as well. I didn't do it as it would be a [redacted] move, but I was VERY tempted to just quit and go back to port and spend my limited playing time on a more productive game. We lost, BADLY. I survived along with a DD. Actually, I didn't get too bad of a score. That's why this post is so positively written.
  5. I'm not talking verbal/text "chastisement" nudge, nudge, wink, wink. It's the kind of "chastisement" that get's someones attention no matter what language they speak, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  6. Krieg

    BB & CC disappearing

    What to Captain Kirk and toilet paper have in common? .... .... They both chase Klingons around Uranus.......
  7. Krieg

    BB & CC disappearing

    Romulan Cloaking Device.......nuf said.
  8. Krieg

    BB & CC disappearing

    We are obviously not playing with the same server population......
  9. Mate, you may wanna clean up the TK threat before the red pen hit's you. It is frustrating when that happens. It's even more so because WG [redacted] doesn't care to do anything about it. [content removed] Promoting EULA violation. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  10. Krieg

    Permanent Camo

  11. Krieg

    Permanent Camo

    Also, once you fully research any ship with the over-priced camo, what good is all that free XP gonna do you anyway? You're better off buying a straight up premium ship to where you can grind credits AND train captains.
  12. Krieg

    Permanent Camo

    Yeh, if you could move captains it would be worth it. If you cant, meh, keep your over-priced camo.
  13. Krieg

    Permanent Camo

    "Good GOD man!" Dr. Leonard McCoy
  14. Keeping that thought in mind, even a Ferrari F1 car would suck if you put Mr. Bean behind the wheel
  15. Yeah, the Mikasa can suck like a black hole. However, like you say, it can also be a hoot to play at times. I think this may be especially so with the new skills and a high end captain. None of that is true with the (usuk) Yubari