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  1. RenaricFox

    Please be careful when borrowing smoke

    lol. happens all the time.
  2. RenaricFox

    Super Containers

  3. RenaricFox

    About the name of the Clan

  4. RenaricFox

    Some amaing experience

    was there a hydro in use? how far away was the budy? any other nearby ships that could have used radar?
  5. RenaricFox

    Is North Carolina worth getting ?

    NC goes down easily the moment you show your broadside, free citadels for everyone~
  6. RenaricFox

    When to fire AP and HE

    IS the Kawachi presenting a broadside, or is he sailing towards you at an angle.... if it is the latter, then the shells probably bounced. You can also turn on the detailed ribbons to see whether your rounds penetrate, over-pent or bounced
  7. RenaricFox

    Scharnhorst is here!

    you can play it like a over-sized cruiser.. which can still pen BB with AP from a distance away.
  8. RenaricFox

    Lexington 2x Double Strike

    you get double strike as long as you get 2 kills within 10 seconds of each other... distance wont matter to the reward, but certainly helps in aiming if they are close to each other....
  9. RenaricFox

    Need friends!

    lol. sure
  10. RenaricFox

    Premium ships

    I think that's the Dunkerque/Dunkirk prem T6 BB that is slated for release
  11. RenaricFox

    Battleships............why bother

    I agree, you just need to shoot in sequence instead of broadside salvo a cruiser, whom you know will be waiting for you to shoot and dodge.. aim where you think the cruisers will be at when dodging. Playing BB is all about patience, good positioning and predicting movement of the opponents, and require a lot of games practising the same principles and you will enjoy playing BB.
  12. Damage Control Module is better, you will want to reduce the time period you are on fire and able to time the usage of Damage Control Party consumable. Also, you will want to consider your BB captain skills and get vigilance and you will have extra time to steer your way our of the torp waves, or be more aware of the possible torp wall areas and avoid giving broadside at those areas. I do not find the steering module useful, as a BB, if you are pushing you are committed to it and there is not point trying to make a U-turn and run. Close Quarter combats amongst the islands is not for BB, you will never steer your way out from a close range (2-3km) broadside torps... even if you are turning in anticipation of the torps.
  13. RenaricFox

    Battleships............why bother

    Well it is hard to play, but the satisfaction from the instant deletion cannot be found in DD and CA play.
  14. RenaricFox

    AFK from WOWS

    good luck, maybe in 1 year time.. there will be a lot of ship lines for you to grind.