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  1. Wolvenworks

    A little help - cant seem to win games anymore

    ...must be one of those guys that paid their way up but left their skills at tier 3
  2. Wolvenworks


    i NE'd
  3. Wolvenworks

    New forum scheme?????????????????????????

  4. Wolvenworks

    Can't seem to land hits with Fuso

    already thinking of stopping at Kongou. have been considering if going to Fuso would be worth it since: 1) i'm still stuck in Myogi 2) thinking to switching to CAs since they fire faster, but not as flaky as DDs
  5. Wolvenworks

    Can't seem to land hits with Fuso

    meanwhile i'm still stuck with myogi...i swear its gun layout is killing Myogi.
  6. Wolvenworks

    add a ship to wows

    maybe. they'd have to decide whether they wanna put it in the game first, and then at what tier, followed by model-making, testing, more testing, maybe Supertest if they think it's a go. long process, but better than pissing people off again by not testing changes (Remember Rubicon)
  7. Wolvenworks

    The Final Rant about Pan-Asia flag drama (Super Salty topic alert)

    "forget". and if you give me a pint of ale i'd spit it right back at yer face at best they're unused material for now. does indo captains even use white uniforms?
  8. Wolvenworks

    People just blame everyone else for everything

    you'd be amused at how easy it is to blame stuff. it's not so easy to actually propose a way to fix things. that's why if you're complaining about an issue, but propose no way to fix it (in a more or less reasonable and fair way), you're a whiner. and a whole lotta bucketful of whining won't resolve anything that said, by the time i come here the post's already crayoned lol so i'm just posting based on the thread title
  9. Wolvenworks

    The Final Rant about Pan-Asia flag drama (Super Salty topic alert)

    That has got to be one of the fanciest complaining i've ever seen. as indo here, yeah i think it'll be a nice touch if Gajah Mada can get the indo naval jack up. the only politics that should be in a game is the politics in the game itself, but i doubt the dragon is politics-related since WOT has a china tree with china flag (country flags are only censored in chinese KZ servers due to their ever befuddling laws). IMHO the dragon flag is WG's attempt to put the Pan Asian ships under a banner, but i do agree that even thought a dragon banner seems awesome, the red-gold color scheme is an obvious lead...
  10. Wolvenworks

    I just get permaban in chat and I think I'm done with it and I gonna quit

    wait is this the same Abe from WOT? speaking of battle numbers lol look at mine. it's so low because i rarely play warships. apparently i'm preety terrible at being a seadog
  11. Wolvenworks

    Questions regarding XML

    basically junk data?
  12. Wolvenworks

    Questions regarding XML

    You tell me. i don't know jack about XML. last time i tried programming i can't remember how to code C++ or C#...
  13. Wolvenworks

    Why we can't stop talking about politics in Off-topic chat?

    Maybe because the depth of how bad our politicians can get are very relatable across all countries. You have to admit, most stink of corruption and backdoor dealings. onn a completely unrelated sidenote, lol apparently "relatable" isn't considered a correct word by my comp/browser. it got redlined lol
  14. Wolvenworks

    World of Warships Blitz Introductions

    seriously. i'm not an active wows player so i'm generally thoroughly out of the loop for warships stuff
  15. Wolvenworks

    World of Warships Blitz Introductions

    i thought you were joking/trolling, but it checks out. whoa. no hub yet tho