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  1. Nugster

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that it doesn't work for.
  2. Nugster

    General WoWS Discussion

    I have awesome sigs :P P.S. I was the 1st one with 2!
  3. Nugster

    premium ships you like to see ingame

    True, but most of the older ships in WW2 didn't need all that much adjusting (in terms of elevation), I was talking about the capital ships built earlier than the QE's, which were the 1st of the 'modern' type BB. Anything older than them had already been scrapped/retired.
  4. Nugster

    premium ships you like to see ingame

    A lot of the the Dreadnaughts and Pre-Dreadnaughts were limited in their shooting distance by the fact that the guns didn't elevate all that high, The Admiralty decided that due to the weather conditions found in the North Sea and at higher Latitudes where the British Navy would be mainly fighting that it was an unnecessary complication for the guns to shoot over a further distance, if you can't see more than 10-12 miles than why do you need guns that can further than that was their way of thinking. I think the Queen Elizabeth Class were the 1st class of Battleship that the British built that had a longer range.
  5. Nugster

    Initial topic

    I love me some spam
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    General WoWS Discussion

    Maybe we could make a -1 but just for Saito?
  7. Nugster

    Introduction thread

    Nugster here. Yes it is true.
  8. Nugster

    Ahoy there

    Hello everyone, glad to see you all here. Looking forward to this!
  9. Nugster

    Threads archiving after 1 day?

    Looks like it. Makes it hard to troll have a good convo about ships though.