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  1. Insomnium

    [Update 0.6.1] Release Feedback

    Apparently there is a hotfix for the chat issue. Just to let the mods know it didn't fix shit
  2. Insomnium

    U.K. Inconstant Smokes

    I had great difficulty with UKCL smoke at first too. After some research (there is a great discussion about this topic over at reddit - Flamu rant video) I found out that between 15-21knots (when slowing down) is the sweet spot to pop your smoke. Guaranteed to give you two puffs every single time.
  3. Insomnium

    Love Secret Santa

    For 5 x 5$ boxes these are what I got 1 x 1500 doubloon 2 x 35 camo (Halloween & Ocean Soul) These two Thanks WG!
  4. Insomnium

    Brace yourself, new IJN premium is coming!

    Look at those non existence AA gun ;_; luckily the CVs population is at an all time low right now haha
  5. Looking forward to the new PVE mode, Halloween even is surprisingly enjoyable and I think it's a great example of PVE done right.
  6. Insomnium

    ban without knowing which mod is illegal

    Yeah, and those mods are definitely illegal and shouldn't even be called mods, they are cheat. They are also not part of the mainstream mod packs like Aslain and WG Unofficial mod pack so what's the issue here?
  7. Insomnium

    ban without knowing which mod is illegal

    Let me give you a tip, use the mod first before saying anything since whatever you say regarding the running time mod is not true. It doesn't show you the exact speed of the ship nor the change in speed in real time. What it does it a "color-code" (if you will), of the smoke column generated by the ship, making it easier to see what is the speed gear level the enemy ship is running. However, there is a delay as well when the ship change gear for the color to change, just like the smoke level. I can, but I still want to use the mod. Problem?
  8. Insomnium

    ban without knowing which mod is illegal

    No, since it's freely available for everyone to use. If you don't want to use it, that's your problem, not mine.
  9. Insomnium

    ban without knowing which mod is illegal

    You can already know the speed of a ship based on their smoke column actually, running light just make it a bit easier. I have been using Aslain mod pack, including some of the mods OP used since I first started playing WoWs and I *touch wood* have not been banned yet ._.
  10. Insomnium

    ban without knowing which mod is illegal

    The Direction Indicator mod only shows the angle that the shell will hit the ship, it's even featured in WG Unofficial Mod pack so I highly doubt it is the reason for your ban.
  11. Insomnium

    What kind of FPS should I be getting?

    Monitor your temperature as well. I didn't notice my CPU fan was loose the last time I transported it and the game was running at 20 fps for a match ... Almost freaked me out when I saw the temperature was 90+ then Does your fps fluctuate often? I used to have >60fps all the time but recently it fluctuates quite often to as low as 50fps for a few sec then jump up to 71. ​
  12. Insomnium

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    Any chance you copy/paste that meme from NeoGaf lol P/s: posted just in time Syanda merged thread ...
  13. Insomnium

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    It's already confirmed though. TBH I don't really care which ships we receive since I don't feel any emotional attached to these ships like NA players. However, with the amount of shitstorm they are raising over there I think WG will changes their decisions and make Alabama available for all while ST will receive it for free.
  14. I almost pulled the "git gud" card untill I saw his stats, not unicum but still above (much) average for sure.
  15. Insomnium

    Help with Mahan

    Range of course.