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  1. GeneralPaps

    Save up Free exp for New IJN Gunboat Line or Missouri?

    I haven't got Steven Seagal yet..........but I'll go definitely on the Missouri
  2. GeneralPaps

    This Genius Match Maker system

    even with a div, if it is a weekend, it is a weekend..............nothing you can do, except pray to the shitty RNG and MM that it won't put you to a team 3/4th's in it are incompetent.........
  3. GeneralPaps

    This Genius Match Maker system

    ASIA the WORST server.jpg plus, it is the "incompetents" weekend..........got 7 games, 5 defeats 2 wins......
  4. GeneralPaps

    smokescreen mod

    just take note that when the cooldown timer of the smoke reaches 1:35, that means time to bug out
  5. GeneralPaps

    MM is pairing me with incompetents

    oh that explains.... waiting for a fix for this, so for now I'll just go play semi-realistic "planes and tonks"....if you know what I mean, at least there I can do things with skill even if the tiers are unbalanced....
  6. GeneralPaps

    MM is pairing me with incompetents

    Hi there.... as the topic implies, I already had 6 consecutive losses yesterday, and another 6 for today....... MM is not really balanced in tiers despite with decent players logged in (I'm a tier 6 ended up in a tier 8 battle most of the time, or a tier 4 in a tier 6 battle).... plus, since I already have 12 defeats and not a single win happened, it seems WG just ruined the MM, placing players with enough wins the last few days, now in a shitty carousel ride heading for defeats, so basically, the hard-earned carrying wins last time were just wasted by these 12 shitty matches....... [content removed] did WG did to 5.9.0? Profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  7. GeneralPaps

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    I want to...but......still 20+ battles T_T (worst.....I have a bit of a small smear on my forum record T_T)
  8. GeneralPaps

    Pre-order Yuubari with the current Yuubari

    and I went back here seeing 5 replies, and I thought, the answer arrives! I think I can buy Yuubari tomorrow.... but nope....T_T
  9. GeneralPaps

    Pre-order Yuubari with the current Yuubari

    danke any other answers? because I don't want to waste real life resources on something that will fail kek
  10. Hallo..... So I already have the in-game Yuubari (which I bought from the tech tree before it disappeared with in-game piasters), and I plan to buy the pre-order Yuubari later on so that she stays on my account forever...... what happens to the current Yuubari I have if I already bought the pre-order one? (also, is there any chance that the Yuubari alone on the premium shop can be sold without the 30-day prem? so that I can acquire her cheaper? I don't need the extra prem days kek])
  11. GeneralPaps

    people play the one ship all the time

    IJN DD's ftw........(also CL/CA's) kek.... I dont play others
  12. Hi all!!! Since some of us players are collectors of prem ships (like tonks on WoT)........I would like to suggest something.... What if the premium shop offers pre-order packages........that only contain the ship themselves, whether the bundled or solo ones, without the extra premium account.....that way others who don't have the enough resources can afford it.....or those who doesn't want to pay extra fees because of the 30-day/90-day prem (like me )
  13. GeneralPaps

    World Of Warships CBT Ships to OBT

    CBT > OBT = everything wipe..... but WG says as compensation to alpha/beta testers who participated in the CBT, there is no wipe when OBT ends and the official release comes...