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  1. Madiba127

    Looking for suitable Clan

    Topic Closed ~Madiba127
  2. Madiba127

    Shiny new forums!

    Downvoted then
  3. Madiba127

    Summaries a ship line with a picture or in 5 words

    Moved to Off-Topic ~Madiba127
  4. Madiba127

    New Damage Challenge question

    Hi All If you have not noticed the Challenge has been updated. Damage will now count up with each battle ~Madiba127
  5. Madiba127

    New Damage Challenge question

    Hi guys, As Syanda has said, checking with staff to check that either this is correct or a mistake, no idea on a update but do hope we can expect one soon Its quite possible that this is simply a Translation error ~Madiba127
  6. Madiba127

    World Of Warships download help?

    locked. Next time just use the report function and ask us to move your post and not create a new one ~Madiba127
  7. Madiba127

    WoWs crashes (computer shuts down)

    the Python log is the file shown in the SS below, as for Shutdown Temperature this depends on the Computer and its Components
  8. Madiba127

    nz gathering un offiacal

    conveniently a block away from where i live
  9. Madiba127

    WoWs crashes (computer shuts down)

    please do try low graphics, what this sounds like is that your PC is shutting down under Heat Protection, (PC shuts down to protect overheating components from damage) the game itself will not cause the issue you are having it is a PC issue if you still have issues what you can do is send support you DxDiag and Python log please also make sure all Drivers are up to date not just windows
  10. Madiba127

    New Team - Players Needed (Team C&C)

    Locked on Request ~Madiba127
  11. Madiba127

    Extreme Lag - PING spikes

    first question, which should help, please trace route to the server login.worldofwarships.jp
  12. Madiba127

    deleting post

    If you want a Post Moved or Closed as we do not delete them then Simply report your post and we as Mods will deal with it
  13. Madiba127

    Compact carousel view bug

    Locked On Request ~Madiba127
  14. Born, Into a pack, There’s no choice, But take orders to attack

  15. Madiba127

    Isn't this water (bug) effect amazing ?

    looks like for some reason the water displacement has become inverted if you could please drop your settings to low for everything then see what happens what i am thinking is that while you can run the game, with you running on a laptop you are unable to run all parts at high, if you are able to run at low with no issues then please set back to medium as you have above but switch Sea Rendering Quality = Low WoWS Specs Cheers Madiba127