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  1. Deicide

    Old players are leaving the game.

    No way this game can retain much player other than casuals and niche-lovers. Gameplay is as [content removed] as the [content removed]. Glad to quit this game 3-4 months ago and enjoying other online game Derogatory insults to mod/GM/admin. Red text. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. AA is a lottery in this game; hell, this game is a lottery World of RNG. Glad to see it's still shit. welldone devs Red ink. Post edited. User already sanctioned. ~dead_man_walking
  3. Deicide

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    It doesn't work on CVs and BBs are unlikely to get it due to their needed skills being expensive. Big winners are cruisers, russian DDs who are fast and can chase slower IJN DDs, and players who knows how to use it to their advantage. Against BBs and some cruiser, this skill is useless, but it utterly denies the battlefield for DDs specially IJN DDs.
  4. Deicide

    Countering RPF

    LoL. Tried this patch last night and RDF, and there was never an enemy chance to flank me on my cruisers. The poor yugumo tried to sneak past but i trapped him in the map edge and killed him. This skill completely eliminated, you can say, a facet of this game, the stealth style tactics. Yes, it's expensive in points but you have no chance of knowing whos the enemy with this skill. Yes, CVs and BBs are unlikely to get this skill because mostly the BB skills are all worthlessly stacked on tier 3 and are expensive. People think this skill is weak and useless because they don't know how to take advantage of it. It doesn't add any tangible effect such as damage or HP, but it is a skill that aides decision making. So, unlike other skills, if the player is stupid in the first place, this skill won't do anything. Overall, imma uninstall this game for a while and read any changes to these skill, I just can't like this game at this stage.
  5. Deicide

    Countering RPF

    yeah, like 5% chance of getting a team like that.
  6. Deicide

    Zao is OP

    Yup. overall worthless tier 4 skill IMO. What? I have hindenburg and my Myoko gets more fire/match than hinden. The graph shows that the more the players, the more the noobs, the worse the record, unless every other cruiser sucks, which they aren't. It doesn't have any weakness only when played on a certain way. It's popular because weaboos and it's noob friendly.
  7. You don't play IJN DDs specially the higher tier ones, so you don't know their plight. They are the ones who are greatly affected by this change.
  8. Deicide

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    How do you attract players? Then, how do you make them stay and play, get addicted? Yes, make the core gameplay quite competitive and have a lot of room for skill improvement, at that each game end players will want to come back as they feel like they can improve even more. There are tonnes of fun and solid game than can attract a lot, but they don't last and aren't e-sport material. Why? Because they aren't competitive. E-sport is a sport, and sport is competitive, a competition where teams vs teams fight to see who has the better skill. And in this duel of skill we find entertainment and fun. Yes they didn't catered to competitive environment, but that's because they don't need to. They were competitive to the core, almost right from the start. Yes, I've been playing dota and other warcraft mods for almost a decade now, and mmorpg even longer, when they were e-sport material (ragnarok was big in my country before and had guild tournaments). I watch and find entertainment in those tournaments because the players were good, not because it has fancy graphics, fun commentary or cool looking characters, i could hardly care about those. But that's just me and most of those players who you could call "addict" (although not anymore), that's our perspective. It's us (I used to) who play these games for almost the entire day and miss classes and pay money and play bet tournaments. I can't speak for the casual and not so casual(middle) type of players.
  9. Deicide

    suggestion for comm new skills and strategy

    You have some nice imagination WG devs can only dream of. Sadly, they will never ever read anything from the forums or any jewel feedbacks the community is giving them so save your effort for another game where devs will value your voice. They have always been bland and 1 dimensional. It's like playing a mage class in an MMORPG game with only fire element type of spells, no variation and boring. Now, this next skill patch, they tried to add variation but it'll become catastrophic because, again, they lack imagination and insight. Very disappointing for a big and rich company like WG
  10. Deicide

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    Actually, you have a point. Afterall, this market is a niche and I don't know about the public's interest in a game like this. But if WoT can do it, why can't WoWS? The MOBA genre started from nothing too, just a custom map on a RTS game. Players saw the depth in gameplay and wanted to go deeper and improve and prove to their friends they are superior, and so are their friends. This depth of gameplay and competitiveness is what made MOBAs so popular. FPS is a little bit different as it is less in tactic/strategy but more on individual player skill, but that's how it started too--players getting addicted to becoming better than others. There is a room for that because their gameplay and competitiveness is deep and their individual skill can grow and can be showed off. In WoWS, can you say you are getting better in skill? I mean, yeah you mastered sniping from 15 km, but then you still miss because RNGesus. You mastered the CV class then there is this inconsistency of how the planes die, and how frequent your floods from your torps will be, so are the fires from the bomb. Your newbie friend comes, then he saw you get killed by 1 hit because detonation. What's the fun and competitive thing about that? That's the opposite. Who's to say tournament maps are the same with large, normal maps? They could reduce the size to hasten the play. DOTA games sometimes even last more than an hour so time isn't the case. If they lessen the RNG factor and this game actually starts to focus more on player skill then it will be much more interesting to watch. Like maybe, for example, removing some sniping assistance and make sniping very hard then you see a pro player do it, wouldn't that be exciting to watch? Pro players doing things we can't do is why we watch them; Pro teams doing complicated tactics we could only dream of in a pub match is why we watch them. It's not for colorful explosions, but for "impossible" things being done in a game you wanted to improve on. What do you mean casual? I don't think casual WoWS player will be bored by tournys of this game more so than any other casual in any other game. If you mean casual as a non WoWS player, then it's the same on any game again. Some of my friends don't find anything interesting CSGO and can't understand what's going on DOTA or LOL but they like watching war games and I invited them to play this game but left citing the same problem's I've been bringing out. There's always an untapped market in e-sport for a game like WoWS. The problem is WG took the opposite direction in developing this game and started to cater the uncompetitive, casual market.
  11. Deicide

    Zao is OP

    No Zao watched those individual tests and I must say this is one of those "test" you should avoid getting ur info at. His 2 tests weren't even equally made and he was hitting different parts of the ship. Also, I see HEAP's use for 203mm for much more protected ship at tier 9 and 10 (yes you still use 203 at Ibuki and mogami), even colorado here is already known to be very soft for 203s. so, only the smaller guns will show results in softer targets, for 203mm, I suggest testing it against yamato , des moines at 1km-2km hitting same area for at least a set of 5 games then compare. But at the end of the day, is this really worth 4 captain skill points in any ship? For me, no, as I could get better skills for 4 points.
  12. Deicide

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    It has. All games have RNG, yes, but the amount of RNG on WoWS' gameplay is simply too much. Sometimes BB can kill CA with 1 salvo, sometimes even 10 salvoes can all miss even in the same range--this kind of RNG doesn't work on competitive scene. There is NO consistency upon which tactics and strategies can be built and relied upon. There simply is too much luck involved in this game even in DDs and CVs. DDs's torp spread sometimes are weird and leaves a wide gap in the middle and ship can go through it, sometimes your torp doesn't flood and your guns cause no fire. In CVs, sometimes your fighter gets annihilated by exact same spec'ed fighter and the enemy doesn't even get damaged, sometimes your bombers get deleted upon contact with AA sometimes they don't even get damage from very same AA even after a 10 second bomb run. TOO MUCH LUCK. The map, effects and everything your saying makes no sense on why it won't make a good e-sport. Dota 1 on warcraft 3 engine have very bad graphics but propelled and trailblazed for the whole industry. What makes an E-sport a hit is it's level of competitiveness--players all on same level and trying to beat the opponent by sheer tactics/strategy and refined player skill--and this game doesn't have this. In wows, you can have the most perfect tactic, the best players, but when RNG says no and gives you crap accuracy, you can't do anything about it. Pure luck
  13. Deicide

    Zao is OP

    can you link the video of zao with heap/ifhe? I saw the video of cleveland and gneisenau secondary with heap and a friend from NA tested it on PTS with Akizuki and what I can say about it is quite different from other players. Sure you get more consistent HE damage with small guns with IFHE but my friend said he never caused fire in akizuki with it and after 50% hp the damage goes down and that he'll do more damage with fire, if he wanted pens, he would rather AP those superstructure, but hey I never tried it myself. With 203mm of IJNs I still find a lot of bounces and non-pens that's why I wondered if I get this skill for 203 and zao guns, will it reduce the numbers of those bounces significantly? And IJN guns have a naturally high fire chance so they don't get affected that much with the -fire chance so they still have that fire potency on par with any other CA or even more. You can do all calculations you want, but calculations only work on a perfect world otherwise we would have no need for this testing.
  14. Deicide

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    And it looks like WG is goind to push through and implement the new skills and sadly it'll be the time for me to uninstall this game. WG has done a lot of bad things and wrong decisions, but this new patch will change the meta on a completely different direction of how I envisioned this game back when I started playing in CBT. Wows is continuously transofrming itself from a tactical naval warfare game into a web browser casual game for noobs with dollars to throw out of the window instead of making it more competitive, less RNG and make it as an esport game.
  15. Deicide

    Zao is OP

    Players misunderstood what's OP about zao; actually it's not those 2. It's the Zao's troll armor, good rudder shift/accel and excellent shell performance at long range with very high raw HE damage. Stealth firing is a plus but isn't necessary actually. You could take away stealth firing from Zao and it will still be devastating. I wonder what will be Zao's HE performance with the HEAP skill or whatever you call it now, so we get like constant 12k HE salvoes or something? What can a BB do when a Zao from 15 km starts focusing on him? When BB shoots Zao turns away so most shot misses others bounce, then turns back broadside and burns you. Before your next shot it starts to stop so you totally miss everything, meanwhile he already ate your 50% HP with HE and fire and you barely even scratched him.