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  1. H_87A_2CU

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    Love to see HE mechanics fixed to something that doesn't light fires quite so often and as much as I hate to say it but CA/CL/DD accuracy needs to be dialed back a fair bit, the RoF and the ability to land so many shells......whilst I know its not a sim, its overall way to good (you could leave this if the HE mechanics was fixed up) H
  2. H_87A_2CU

    Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    Agree totally Ralph hence Randoms are UP and need a Buff in SA, common sense and team play as far to many ships are being lost even before the T9 BB turns up. I'm loving the kill and damage mentality where games such as the last one where an Atlanta and Gneisenau go chasing down the Cargo ships, then claim that they "did well cause we both got 6 kills". Yeah great work, shame the team could have done with your firepower where you could actually hit something useful, would much prefer to let the cargo ships go if I have to to get at least the 4 star victory.. H
  3. H_87A_2CU

    Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    Narai can still give good XP and Credits, however because the bots are OP and most random players need a major buff, without a Div or some good play you're unlikely to farm anywhere near what you used to H
  4. H_87A_2CU

    Just give every ship radar already

    Wish it was one directional, so only the ship using it could actually see the vessels, all other vessels could only see on the minimap, rather than everyone around the map instantly knowing where that sneaky DD that's spotting and hiding smartly is. Radar would be far less of an issue if it was represented this way....... Hydro I can understand a little more as it could be picked up by another ships ASDIC, but still only to a certain range (for replication in this game ships inside hyro range see you, those outside only on the minimap), would make the game play far more dynamic as ships would need to work hard to make Hydro and radar work well. H
  5. H_87A_2CU

    Warships' nickname and fun fact

    A few I know of: Gutless and Decrepid - HMS Fearless and Intrepid (also known as Fearful and Insipid) The Red Plum - HMS Endurance Rusty Duck - HMS Iron Duke Unwanted - HMS Updauted Rusty B - HMS Bulwark (old CV) Bag Shanty - HMS Ashanti Frigid midget - HMS Esimo HMS Beaver had many for which I'm sure I would have a short break from the forums for, should I type them. Lots of others out there. H
  6. H_87A_2CU

    Overabundance of Radar ships ruining games

    I like the later part of this a lot very similar to what I was trying to say, but will agree to disagree about the islands (for radar only - Hydro can stay as it is). H
  7. H_87A_2CU

    Overabundance of Radar ships ruining games

    This would fix many issues (would seem the Dev that came up with how the radar/Hydro work in this game really needs Electronics 101, Hydroacoustics 101 and radar theory 101 lessons - Give him a New Years Pressie WG and send him on some courses). A further fix would be the inability to share the information from radar except on the minimap (Sorry guys the earliest data exchange systems didn't exist til the Mid 1950's) which is much better than being radared by the XXX ship behind the island 8km away and being focused fire by 5+ other ships that can somehow see the radar returns and have an accurate gunplot to engage targets. Hydro would need some tweaking as you can hear someone elses hydro, but maybe only if you are within range, not from the other side of the map. H
  8. H_87A_2CU


    Lots of that going on - Call it the clueless trying to be purple (must get damage who cares about the win) DD's unsupported or those DD's that go all away around the map Cruisers that won't engage inside 14km or keep as far back as they can BB's that are Chai sniping and not helping the team. CV's that won't attack enemy CV's and prefer damage over the win. Teams that refuse to engage the Red DD's, because that doesn't give damage (as I was informed) Teams that won't go anywhere near the caps, as the red team might be in/near the caps. No focus fire when targets called. Its just like Random's only smaller teams H
  9. H_87A_2CU

    Pan Asian DD broken Co-op torpedo AI

    Apart from breaking the AI on Co-OP they are going to drive alot of newer players either away totally or into PAN ASIAN DD's. There is next to no warning of their arrival, so you cannot out maneuver them, alone with the stealth of DD's its just plain stupid to add them to the game at tiers 2-6, and doesn't matter if you are changing speed, course etc, at 5.7km detect vers 12 for a BB they will always get their shots off without being observed. H
  10. I know only low tier but not up to the bigger tiers yet.......sometimes you just can't do enough H
  11. H_87A_2CU

    Australian Premium Ship Idea

    Yup - Tiger Moth, Beaufighter, Beaufort, Mosquito all UK Designs, Harvard and P-51 US Designs, Wirraway broadly a US design. Boomerang the only Aussie design (even that could be debated), maybe we could add CA-15 and Woomera, at least the Woomera would be really different. Mind you I Iike Drakkon's idea, although obviously he got it wrong, every Aussie knows its flying Boomers, and drop bears............maybe they can drop hoop snakes as torps H
  12. H_87A_2CU

    Australian Premium Ship Idea

    TC Jut a correction the RAN has had three carriers overall (you missed HMAS Vengeance - operated for 3 years whilst awaiting HMAS Melbourne) . With WW2 sized aircraft the three carriers would carry approx 52, as to the type that's where things get a little more interesting as there's not much in the way of choices for Aussie aircraft to fit out, they would have to be either UK/US, as Firefly 5's and Sea Fury would be to powerful at T6, Kittyhawk and Beaufighter never had a carrier version (and one was a US aircraft the other UK). I suppose if you really wanted Aussie Flavour to the aircraft maybe Boomerangs and Wirraways (and some serious artistic license). H
  13. H_87A_2CU

    WG have made T6 PVP unplayable

    It can be somewhat frustrating to be bottom tier all the time (still grinding). The best effort so far has been 40 games in a row at the bottom of the pile, and sitting back supporting is great, unless of course you're out of range, then you can't support diddly. Also with the meta on the server if you sit back and support there is no-one up front spotting, which just leads to all sorts of badness when the ninja torps arrive, so you end up learning what is possibly the worse way to play XXXX ship because you need to. Please don't get me wrong it is playable, but man can it be frustrating to constantly be bottom of the pile/first deleted because you're an easy kill for the Tier 7/8 battleship on the other side of the map or you're having to scout because that's what bottom tier cruisers are for according to many higher tier DD's and BB's that I seem to get teamed with. H
  14. H_87A_2CU


    I've noticed that as I'm the bottom tier of the matches far often than I would like. On average 1 in every 8 games I'm top tier, the remainder I'm bottom tier (as I said before mostly Tier 5 ships), with ships that pen me no matter what I'm doing. Before you say angle, kite etc.......I'm mostly playing the Konigsberg, where all the angling seems to do is bounce the shells into my citadel (looking at you New York, Fuso, Nagato etc). H
  15. H_87A_2CU


    To the OP Yes the MM makes life very hard for the tiers 5-7-9 step ups mostly (I get a lot as mostly I only have Tier 5 ships). Its a factor of a number of things, such as low server population, the area's need to play high tier to show how good they are (seriously just because you have a tier 10 at 35% win doesn't actually make you good) etc. Best advice is to keep at it, play a mix of tiers so you can level your Captain whilst not getting into a funk with being bottom tier all the time. I'm not going to say play from the back, we have far to many that think farming damage while sacrificing your team makes them good, but find a happy medium, play ships that interest you and that suit your style. Don't worry about your win rate to much, worry about doing more than your own hit points in damage whilst trying to stay alive, in time your win rate will improve. If you are playing higher tiers and constantly bottom, drop back a couple of tiers and take a couple of games there and enjoy the games. H