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  1. Let me just fix that for you. WG should spend less time with paper ships and more time with fixing the issues with the game. Ultimate Soviet Bias has to be the Smolensk, any ship that can burn a T10 BB down to nothing from full health in under 2 mins while it camps in its smoke has to be bad.........they had one of those called Payfast, and that didn't last as long as Smolensk has. WG should get used to the fact Russian Ships were bad, outdated and poor in speed, sea keeping and design..........probably shows best by how much the tech tree is propped up by paper designs and 1950-1960's designs rather than real ships (ok a couple of tech trees are filled at the end by paper ships but nowhere near as bad as the Russian lines). Maybe WG could fix things like HE Spam (there's a reason for HE Spam, maybe you should check your spreadsheet for the answer), CV interaction with DD, re-educate their Balance department and talk sternly to their design department. I'll just pack my bags for the Gulag H
  2. H_87A_2CU

    Just a CV rant, don't read if you hate CV

    To be honest what I'd like to see is some tweaking of DB and TB, and the removal or the heavy nerf of the spread for the Rocket planes, also rocket planes should have a limited number - why? because your attack planes are your fighters, so if you launch your Attack planes, then you should not be able to get Fighters until the attack formation returns......and vice versa launch fighters to cover a friendly or yourself, then you get no attack planes...... Give DB's a little more damage, Torps are OK, Rockets need a massive nerf in both spread and numbers being fired. USN CV's (and the Tier 8 IJN Carrier) can and do remove DD's from the game with a single Squadron, you see the DD dodging and trying to not give an easy target but the CV says nope and sends him back to port. CV's need to be rewarded for a good torp or DB attack, that I agree with. H
  3. H_87A_2CU

    Odin HP Debuffed (Bullcrap Alert)

    With some of the changes recently I wonder if the Gulags have been reopened again???. Some of them make no sense at all, and sometimes I'm wondering if WG balance team actually exists, or if the AI has taken over with the spreadsheet. and Yes its Flamu's fault. H
  4. H_87A_2CU

    honestly I hate CVs

    Rub1C0N as stated above if they want you dead, well you're dead.............doesn't matter how many planes you shoot down, how many torps/rockets/bombs you dodge, you're just an Exp Pinata for CV in tiers 4-7 (just playing T5 BB, 36 aircraft shot down, yet in the end the CV got me)................ After that it gets better......AA is actually worth something (sometimes), and tactically things get better (mostly). All you have to remember is CV's are fun, and balanced.....supposedly..........ok maybe for the CV driver.......... They are here to stay, and I really have no idea how WG will ever get the balance right........ GL out there H
  5. H_87A_2CU

    BLUF - Episode 1 - Hawkins (ship review)

    To be honest I enjoy the Hawkins........mainly from the historical point of view.........I do ok with it however there are significant issues with the ship - and as much as I like it, I look at this from the people who won't have fun with it. I will continue to play her, but then again I've been certified mad.........so weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!.......I think WG forgot just when the Hawkins was constructed, and when her design came about......maybe T4 would have been a better choice. Each of the issues with the Hawkins wouldn't be much of a problem in isolation however they compound each other when put together on the same ship. One day WG will learn that when they put ships out to Test, they should keep it in small batches, maybe that way they can actually balance a ship properly (and we, the unclean masses, are to blame almost as much as WG are. I mean seriously how many on the PTS actually play multiple games in the lower tiers???? its all about testing the next shiny T10). Anyhow now rant is over....here's my findings on the Hawkins. Range - Poor - only the FurryTaco has a range similar - everything else has a longer range, even the Stock Omaha has almost the same range, once upgraded everything out performs the Hawkins (apart from the Furrytaco).....Shells are nice and floaty, so whilst a good arc actually hitting the target can be 50/50 - Some tier 4's have more range.........Verdict - mmmm poor RoF - again poor and again only the FurryTaco has less, everything else its almost 2-1 RoF....................Verdict - Poor Shells - HE, HE and more HE.......anything outside of 8km it's HE and hope for fires..........inside that AP becomes viable, otherwise its rare to see a Hawkins firing AP at range............ Armour - some significant holes in the scheme.......especially near the stern step, overall similar to most Tier 5's..........might be more useful if able to fight at ranges similar to the rest of the T5 Cruisers......due to decreased ranges actually not that effective. BB's love you, 3 dev strikes through an angled stern in 10 games.........suggest if you get caught in the open, don't turn to run, try reversing........ Ship overall - Hit points less than her direct Peer (Furry has 3000 more), however on average about 1500 more than the CL's, Turning circle is meh but not as bad as the Furrytaco, but not as good as most of the CL's. Can be seen from 11.1km away, so middle of the road with T5's..........Slow.....slow and did I mention slow??? So Summary - Nothing going for the Hawkins.........Every other ship apart from the FurryTaco can out perform in range and RoF, she cannot maneuver well, she's slow and her direct peer is better and more comfortable to play, She's also a large target, takes damage too easily for a CA (even at Tier 5)................ Overall verdict - if you want to play her, help yourself, however if you want to play a T5 CA .........play the Furrytaco......if you just want to play a T5 Cruiser I would recommend something/anything other than the Hawkins. Final note - The other limitation is a server issue. She gets dragged up far to often - the 10 games I played over the weekend in her I had one game as top tier, 2 games as bottom tier (but tier 5-6), 7 games as the bottom tier on T7 games..........this massively compounds her weaknesses. H
  6. H_87A_2CU

    [REVISED] British Heavy cruiser line proposal

    Paladinum Rather than a repeat of County, Modified County, Slightly Modified County etc, you could pick on some of the Drawings undertaken in the 1930's to help fill the gaps. Say something along the lines of: T4 Hawkins T5 - York T6 - County Class (which ever of the sub types they want to use), would need to be later refits to allow for a half decent AA. T7 - Feb 1938 Heavy Cruiser (Design A 1938). 9 x 8 inch, with 6 twin 4.5 secondaries, 12 Torp tubes, 6 Mulitple Pom Poms. Protection was to be against its own guns at 90 degree's, and 500Lb SAP dropped from 10,000ft. Good torp protection (against a 750lb charge). Spd 33kts - (I think the Type-A of 1929 would be too weak to put in at Tier 7, same goes for the original HMS Surrey design.........) T8 - 1939 Design A would work nicely here - protection against its own guns as before, good protection against SAP/AP bombs T9 - Design A 1940 design - protection as above T10 - 8 inch 3 x 3 turrets from either the 1941 or slightly later designs (Design A through D - iirc Design B was 8 inch, A 9.2 inch.......so go with design B). Super Cruiser, either 9.2 inch or 10 inch guns, either 9 for the smaller size, or 6 for the larger size, design had some pretty good protection as well, around the 22,000ton mark. All ships from T7 onward good AA, very good AA medium and close (4 Multiple Pom Poms, and 2 single mounts for the T7, plus 4.5 HA twin secondaries - adds more from there on the designs) As a premium CL for later for giggles the K25B design with 4 Turrets up forward and 3 after all with twin 5.25 guns.......... H
  7. H_87A_2CU

    [ichase] even he.........

    Having watched the video I think it was a case of targeting the name, however two comments he makes during the video are the ones that stand out the most and are the biggest CV problem at present.......those are: a. The planes are constant - he's being attacked every min............. b. he can't get unspotted - in a BB this is bad as we can see in the video, in a DD this is fatal....... At least he was lucky and there was only 1 CV on the other side............. maybe he should "just dodge" ® H
  8. H_87A_2CU

    Please stop Planes One shotting DD's

    OP Probably not one shot but one formation well maybe, if you're not paying attention a HE Bomber formation or Attack aircraft will end your game quickly. Some advice (if you'll take advice off a Average player) would be AA off, chop or gain speed, maneuver hard and pray to RNGJesus, especially under T9, where two CV's is just one to many if you are the only DD in the game. Even better if you can drag them into the edge of a friend AA Cruiser as well.....makes for giggles. H
  9. H_87A_2CU

    Death of the destroyers role.

    Lots of people on here saying that its the player not the ship and we should learn to get gudz.....I understand that. However from a slightly less than average gusting towards average DD player, CV's are making life extremely difficult for when I play DD's. Play anything less than Tier 10, and the 2 CV's make life extremely hard, and herein lies the biggest problem. We want people to play DD's, we want them (good or bad) to get into the higher tiers, however when they get a game of 3-5 mins before dying horribly where is the incentive to continue up the lines? - against 2 CV's this is fairly common, as in Tiers 4-7 they are still really learning the game. The metric of measuring good in this game is damage along with wins, again where is the incentive to keep them in the DD lines?, there is none at present as they are very rarely able to get into position to do much damage, so why not just go a BB because at least those can survive a little longer. They may not die to the CV's aircraft, but they remain spotted just the same (especially when CV's have three attacks), so they are under fire from smart players far longer than before, so aircraft or shells they are dead just the same due to the CV. A hard limit of 1 CV per game needs to be across the tiers, this will hopefully encourage people from the lower tiers to continue to climb the DD lines. I don't want CV's to be removed, I actually enjoy trying to out play them, however something in the lower tiers needs to be done. My solution to CV play would be hard cap to 1 per game, no limit on aircraft although slightly longer wait between launching squadrons (land the first squadron first then have a 10 sec wait before launching the next - its not much but its enough). And for the DD drivers, we need to accept that the days of massive Damage scores while we stealth torp are gone, and that we really have to work much harder than before. H
  10. H_87A_2CU

    Outer space = waste of space

    I think the game idea is ok, and as mentioned before different game mode, different maps etc is always nice - however implementation is wrong as is the rewards.......small return XP/Credits wise and just a bunch of sniping BB's with even more to hide behind (really just feels like another random game where people are more interested in their stats then actually engaging)........if they really wanted to make it different, fun and fast paced, they should reduce the range of the Cruisers and Battleships significantly, bring it down under 14km for both. (say Cruisers 13km, BB 14km)....get them in close with less to hide behind, then give the DD's 12km Torps and let the mayhem commence. Then you have a face paced fun game mode, that don't effect people's precious........ H
  11. H_87A_2CU

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

    Love to see HE mechanics fixed to something that doesn't light fires quite so often and as much as I hate to say it but CA/CL/DD accuracy needs to be dialed back a fair bit, the RoF and the ability to land so many shells......whilst I know its not a sim, its overall way to good (you could leave this if the HE mechanics was fixed up) H
  12. H_87A_2CU

    Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    Agree totally Ralph hence Randoms are UP and need a Buff in SA, common sense and team play as far to many ships are being lost even before the T9 BB turns up. I'm loving the kill and damage mentality where games such as the last one where an Atlanta and Gneisenau go chasing down the Cargo ships, then claim that they "did well cause we both got 6 kills". Yeah great work, shame the team could have done with your firepower where you could actually hit something useful, would much prefer to let the cargo ships go if I have to to get at least the 4 star victory.. H
  13. H_87A_2CU

    Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    Narai can still give good XP and Credits, however because the bots are OP and most random players need a major buff, without a Div or some good play you're unlikely to farm anywhere near what you used to H
  14. H_87A_2CU

    Just give every ship radar already

    Wish it was one directional, so only the ship using it could actually see the vessels, all other vessels could only see on the minimap, rather than everyone around the map instantly knowing where that sneaky DD that's spotting and hiding smartly is. Radar would be far less of an issue if it was represented this way....... Hydro I can understand a little more as it could be picked up by another ships ASDIC, but still only to a certain range (for replication in this game ships inside hyro range see you, those outside only on the minimap), would make the game play far more dynamic as ships would need to work hard to make Hydro and radar work well. H
  15. H_87A_2CU

    Warships' nickname and fun fact

    A few I know of: Gutless and Decrepid - HMS Fearless and Intrepid (also known as Fearful and Insipid) The Red Plum - HMS Endurance Rusty Duck - HMS Iron Duke Unwanted - HMS Updauted Rusty B - HMS Bulwark (old CV) Bag Shanty - HMS Ashanti Frigid midget - HMS Esimo HMS Beaver had many for which I'm sure I would have a short break from the forums for, should I type them. Lots of others out there. H