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  1. Ahhh Hello Moggy Sorry mate, but recently every change to the game, especially Subs it feels you come on here with "everything is awesome" type attitude, I'm sorry but it does come across like you're around just to sell the party line. But ;leaving that be, in a nutshell, here's my problems DD/CV/CA/CL/BB - DCP used after being hit - Can't stop the enemy ship hitting me, except to try and dodge, or angle right, DCP to deal with fire or flood...............SS I have to use DCP before and if I'm unlucky after its attacks.......... only class to have this problem - Your answer acceptable BB/CA/CL/DD and even CV - To hit a target need to aim well and hope that target doesn't dodge to well..............SS single ping target has hope, double ping, not so much......oh and I can update/relock every 8-12 secs.......... so DCP usage above might save the ship - again your answer acceptable and get Gudz just dodge (pretty lame answer but the keeper can have it) Re-ping/reload. - Most Ships DCP's last 5-15 secs or so (some more than this, some less) - Submarine reload 1 min or so........can ping every 10 secs or there about..........if a ship uses DCP to mitigate he's very likely to wear the next salvo (plus the fires because the Sub in theory is communicating to his team that the XXX just popped his DCP)...your answer thats ok - just get gudz and dodge (pretty much a poor answer, won't add to the fire but I'd expect this answer from a 12 year old). Speed........Submarines are faster on the surface than quite a number of ships - hence the 2kts increase complaint....but I forget, in your eyes that's a nerf.........sorry my bad........Slowing them underwater, that's good, seeing they are now getting into the battle quicker and have guided weapons, then maybe they should slow down a little under water.........but according to you "The changes they're making are an overall nerf to the suitability of competent sub players, and reduce their ability to operate behind enemy lines. This reduces the effect of the better sub players, while having minimal effect on poor sub players".........oh I'm so sorry, its a class with more advantages than most (stealth, guided weapons, heavy hitting, can mostly hide etc.......) but the poor good players are suffering for their game play...........so sorry - my bad. To the "think the best advice to you is the age old WoWs advice - if you're struggling against something, go and play it yourself. Play a hundred sub games and you'll soon work out what their strengths and weaknesses are. You'll know exactly how their concealment works, and tactics to counter their abilities. Of course you could just take the alternate route, which is to complain about them from a position of ignorance, but do you really want to do that to yourself (and the rest of us)? " - Nope can't do that I'm sorry - I have principles - when people lie to me I don't take to kindly to it.........but if you're happy to accept someone lying to you, then that's ok, that's your choice. H
  2. Oh yeah great Just what this game needs, another Submarine, when you haven't even balanced them yet.......along with a 8 sec reload on the ping, not that it'll effect the game in any way at all (sarcasm 101 by the WG......it'll effect the game.- but I know you don't care)........so I'm burning - do I put out the fire to survive or shall I hang on as a Sub pinged me a moment ago.........put the fire out and I wear 20K damage from homing torpedoes,and that's not even a citadel hit.........with no defense....................because homing torps are skillz and its fair and engaging for ships to be on the receiving end..........can I have homing for my DD torps and Shells from my main guns please................because why should one class get guided weapons and not the rest................ So in 0.11.6 they can get to places faster on the surface, just as fast underwater (2kts decrease is nothing), turn better along with fast ping reload, and fast torpedo reload with homing. I'm sure Moggy/Shark or someone will be along shortly and earn their WG money by sprouting the propaganda/party line that these are fair and balanced (or is it they've finally found the level their skills finally work at).............WG if you want to kill the game just pull the server for god sake and stop the slow demises and pain for your players, it'll be easier and cheaper in the long run.......... H
  3. H_87A_2CU

    Here comes a New Challenger!

    No!!!!!!!! Dasha is fine thank you.......challenger is far to young
  4. H_87A_2CU

    Dear WG

    Whilst I'm sure WG really don't give a damn, I thought, I might throw this up, in chance that WG might actually get to read it (if mods, admins or any others want to pass it on, please do) Dear WG Just wondering when you might actually start looking at your game in some sort of depth and fix some of the issues you have with it. Now I might not be a gaming genius, I may not understand coding or logic ideas, however I do understand commonsense and business opportunities. Two examples of what you should be looking to assess in the game, and possibly applying some fixes to (however there are quite a number of these in the game - such as BB's with the old bow plate ratings (25mm) etc): Ships without any form of defense against Submarines - Whilst I'm sure Skarhabek will inform us this is thrilling, good, and there's nothing wrong, I'm afraid to say he is somewhat incorrect. To be the target of the submarines, for 15 mins, pings every 10 secs, dodging guided torps, burning the DCP and at times taking damage, when I finally corner the little bugger, I don't want to have to wait for it to surface to have a crack at it......I've been hunted by this thing all game, and the inability to finally deal with it when it's finally within my range is enough to make you give up - this is not fun, this is not engaging, it is frustrating, it is soul destroying and it's enough to make a person just throw up their hands and walk away......... Ships without any form of defense against CV's - again another area of frustration for players.....to have no form of defense and all you can do is dodge again gets stupid. Spot 21 squadrons, be attacked by 21 squadron's yet to have no way to mitigate it is just taxing. Yeah you get good with dodging torps, rockets and Bombs with your ship, but when the CV's are the tier above your ship and you have no way to fight back the outcome is already self evident, just depends if you can dodge long enough to get the CV's to go elsewhere. Whilst new content is all well and good, its going to be the small things constantly left unfixed which break this game for most people. Maybe as a thought you should do a review of these and actually remember that all ships need to be checked when applying changes, don't forget to fix the small things as well as the big, and check every ships interaction with new content and mechanics, not just a few (lets face it how many play the lower tiers more than a few games in the PTS before they get to the top tiers?) . New content doesn't have to come out every patch, or even every two patches, you could string things alone a little further if you just deal with some of the issues people perceive in the game. Let all ships have the ability to defend against various mechanics of the game...... I'm sure others will have other ideas of the small thigs that need fixing, but these are just examples I see that would be easy to deal with, keep the players happy and get small wins on the boards as well H
  5. H_87A_2CU

    Are Submarines a Healthy For WOWS?

    I really hope Skarhabek's replies are a attempt on sarcasm that's been lost in translation otherwise in a nutshell, according to him, Submarines are fine because he's having fun, and because he's a child of the modern era, the rest of you should just put up with it...................but I'll treat his replies carefully so I don't offend the little petal.......(I can generally offend people just by getting out of bed, let alone when I believe something is wrong). So lets have a look at more Submarine love from Skarhabek I gave up with the rest of the rubbish he wrote, as it'd take to long to address................it boils down to is Skarhabek is happy so the rest of you should be, because he doesn't care what the rest of you think......(pretty standard reply this day and age). H
  6. H_87A_2CU

    WTF Leone

    Pretty standard for WG Submarines in game - WG "Oh lets have ships with no Depth charges or way to defend against Subs" Have CV's in game - WG "lets have ships with no AA because historically they didn't" (and they don't even get that right)... Have massive guns in the game - WG "Lets update only some ships from 25mm nose plating" WG - working as advertised. Sometimes I think the only thing WG are working on is getting their Kidney's pickled H
  7. H_87A_2CU

    Nerfing the fking Submarines

    What balance????, the fact they have homing torps, that can be guided after launch, or the fact they can ping you every 10 secs so mitigate you dropping the homing.....I'll put it into plain English for WG - Its retarding the game, its stupid, just let them ping away to dominate whole side of a map far more than a DD can do, then add torp reload speeds, and their underwater/ surfaced speed and stealth abilities, and you show that WG have no idea about balance, its just keep smacking that square peg. If they actually thought about it before trying to force Submarines onto us, because x$%# *&%!% thinks submarines need to be in the game (p.s its world of warships not World of Boats, which a submarine is) they would have realised it'll be an impossible task to balance in any meaningful way . They are like other Russia leaders, promise one thing then do exactly the opposite (submarines, Wheelies in tanks, no higher tier than 10, invade Ukraine etc). H
  8. To be honest as a Mega Heavy Cruiser or Battleship what you are supposed to do is bend over and kiss your backside goodbye. Now submarine drivers are getting a handle on things, they are more dominate that even CV's and DD's once they get into position (which is very quick because some numbnuts decided to give them the speed of most DD's).. Their spotting is as good, if not better than DD's (after all they can disengage by diving, not by having to run out of view). They can dominate an area by constantly pinging a BB/CA and forcing them to move, torps in the water or not. Submarines can also cause BB to have to pop their DC or eat 4 torps straight through the side which then leaves them vulnerable to fires. Then of course you add to that the porpoising and they can do this without taking damage. To whoever decided all these were a good idea in a single ship class, let me say " Drugs are Bad, Mkay?" I know it's not the Russian way but maybe someone can tell WG the truth........not "Da Dimitri the square peg will fit the round hole". The truth doesn't lie in the spreadsheet numbers, ships can't be properly balanced this way. It's not just pure numbers, its about the feel, and interaction in the game.......yes submarines may not be giving much damage in Box X of your spreadsheets but that's because CA/BB's are having to run because subs are constantly pinging them from 10 plus kms....... or the BB/CA's etc are dodging the Torps coming from random direction because that is their only defence whilst the enemy BB takes the lovely broadside presented and removes that ship from the game. How bad have subs become, See what happens when you get a Div of Subs, that really work together well. I watched a two man Sub Div dominate and close down 3/4 of the map, while we hunted the enemy DD's. Killed both and left the subs to bottle the entire enemy team in 6 grid squares, after that it was a turkey shoot, with the subs just spamming unguided torps and pings into the area while we slaughtered the eenmy ships as they tried to dodge combined DD and Sub torps. - it was actually very embarrassing and didn't feel like an enjoyable game at all. at this rate WG will have the golden goose trussed, cooked and eaten before they realise the golden eggs have stopped. Maybe one day WG will leave the drugs and alcohol alone long enough to pop their heads out of the sand and smell the stench that's in the air, and actually fix most of the issues with the game. Until then, Skarhabek, lube up, bend over and be truly tankful for what you're about to receive and remember to thank WG and RNGesus when it arrives H
  9. H_87A_2CU

    Well done on reintroducing submarines.

    I think all vessels need some form of ASW to protect themselves. Additionally all DD's need Hydro, and Submarine Hydro needs to work the same as DD's if it's inside 2km they (The sub) can see if not they cannot. Additionally the ability to come to the surface and then realise someone is there and immediately dive deep again is dumb, yes you can emergency dive a sub or emergency surface a sub but the mechanics of this are represented wrong...... I'll put this in a manner even WG might understand - at present the Submarines are about as welcome as a Russian Armour Brigade in Ukraine........very few want them there, the majority of the rest don't and want them to leave........ H
  10. H_87A_2CU

    Well done on reintroducing submarines.

    Adapt, react, and re-adapt - just words that say I've got no idea what I'm saying Basically WG are constantly trying to make them fit..............they don't fit, will never fit and will never be good to play against, some players will hate playing them, and will be really difficult to balance..... H
  11. H_87A_2CU

    Probably not in the blog but.

    Can they go again - They're like the MIL or the ex turning up unannounced - never welcome
  12. H_87A_2CU

    Guess what?

    Oh look new and improved Submarines, so nice to see them back .............................not Now we have subs again, more BS trying to track them down when you need to kill them to win the game. Still no fix to mitigate the Pings except with DC, which is really stupid (WG, you listening????), and apart from a few small tweaks to make them easier to play for the average what exactly did WG do to balance them?, drink Vodka and just give them back in hope they'll be good for the game. Push when there's a submarine around and the game turns tits up in a few mins as you try to battle the surface fleet while the sub eats you.....nice. No major change to their spotting (they're still good) and the torps are just luurrvvvly when they chase you across the map.......... Still trying to hammer the square peg into a round hole. H
  13. H_87A_2CU

    Skip Bombing Issues

    I wondering, seeing WG can't seem to balance Subs at the moment, would they be willing to put a little time into fixing some of their gimmicks, to be exact the gimmick of skip bombing. I have no issue with skip bombing, it works and has a different twist to DB's but come on WG a little thought. I'm sure its fun and engaging for the poor DD captains that come up against the Bearn and other Skip bombing CV's, who's captains don't skip bomb, instead they use low release level bombing and rarely miss no matter how much chopping of speed and angles you do (well when you release from about 50ft at 160kts even blind freddy could hit at least once - and as much as we bag out CV Captains most aren't blind). 3 to 4 Attacks from a squadron and most DD's are out of the game even if they've managed to survive. I don't want skip bombing removed, I don't want the Bearn or any of the other Skip bombing CV's removed/nerfed, what I'd like you to consider is making the fuze work properly..........instead of going off on contact make the fuze work after the first skip, if the bombs hit the ship before arming then at least its not costing the ship full damage, make it an over pen. ..........Skip bombing works and can be avoiding if the DD Captain is awake, if not then he's going to get hit, low height level bombing can't be avoided...no matter what you try......... H
  14. H_87A_2CU

    2 New historical ships will be announced today

    In theory (well we know how that goes) should be Re-2001 OR's H
  15. H_87A_2CU

    Firepower containers rigged?

    Don't think its rigged - just wasn't you day. 6 Containers (bought in the Armoury for Dubs) - 1 X F Sherman, 120K Elite Commanders Experience, 25K free XP, 50 flags.........and no complaints H