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  1. tienguan

    Malaysian Players

    I am using streamyx my ping is 35ms so its good untill someone play with fb than the lag is real
  2. tienguan

    wtf moment ........

    perfect way to sum it up
  3. tienguan

    [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    Thats awesome. Cannot wait to join the channel but have to wait for a code to enter the cbt orjoin those contest to get one
  4. Hope everyone gets a chance to play the game. Still patiently waiting for it
  5. tienguan

    Beta Codes

    Well i hope they do announce a fresh round of new cbt codes so that i can get a chance to play it. Feels sad not being able to get into the asia one too as my email only mentions the american application is open and the application is still on going.