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  1. plzd0nthurtme

    In-game chat bans

    The best bit about all of this? the OP is a lowly 46%er like me, Something I have noticed the good players who have every reason to rage at dumb moments rarely do so they just get on with the job and get it done it's the low win rate armchair admirals who tend to be the ones that rage. Being a low win rate person in this game I know what it is like to have someone rage at you for stupid mistakes and being someone who was paid damn good money IRL to improve on training standards in companies, Abuse gets you nowhere fast just shows you either don't know what you are talking about or just aren't worth hearing out. Ever since I had my health issues I have felt a level of rage creep into my life and I have noticed the more I rage the less I achieve but the more I am considerate and polite the better results I achieve overall so perhaps you should try to lead by example and be someone worthy of following and be patient instead of raging, using low brow insults to bully your way around.
  2. plzd0nthurtme

    When to fire AP and HE

    A good channel with fair better explanations of mechanics and what to do and what not to do is iChaseGaming he has a series on tips and teaching you what to do called Captains Academy it might good to go through and watch it.
  3. plzd0nthurtme

    I wanna know that how to save ARP ships from removing

    Because the rights to use it cost's money and that time is up plus Haifuri has the same for a port I believe.
  4. plzd0nthurtme

    A New Low - Co-Op Horror

    Those Bots seem to have streaks of Genius at times lol
  5. plzd0nthurtme

    Bb snipers

    I think you misunderstood, I am never leading the charge nor alone without a CA or DD at least in front of me but you will never see me sitting at Max range.
  6. plzd0nthurtme

    Mighty Mo Poi poi poi

    Now here is something that I have just realised, The Missouri is being classed as a Premium ship right? We can get Premium Ships in Super Crates so is the Might Mo going to appear in someones Super Crate at one point? ( Doubt it but damn that would be a prize. )
  7. plzd0nthurtme

    Bb snipers

    So many people just don't get the fact that BB's are just huge arsed shotguns in this game unlike reality where you could put a barrage in with pretty good certainty of where it would hit that isn't the case in this game, so in the end what happens more often than not one team has a competent BB he leads the push up smashing a side and the other teams BB's will snipe hard because hur dur I have 20km range so I can sit here and blam away who cares if I get 1 hit out of 12 rounds every 25secs. I am not the best player at all and I do tend to over extend too much at times but damn you will never find me at the back of a map in a BB I rather be in close getting 100k dmg games with ease and supporting the Cruisers and Destroyers than sitting at the back waiting.
  8. plzd0nthurtme

    What's worse than being a noob? A sour losing noob.

    You know me Ralph I'm a angry little ant with major rage issues that's why they won't let me play with the real guns
  9. plzd0nthurtme

    What's worse than being a noob? A sour losing noob.

    You got reported? Deal with it I am banned for 24hrs because of it lol you just deal with it and move on. ( I deserve my one though lol )
  10. plzd0nthurtme

    Mighty Mo Poi poi poi

    lol you clearly don't either play any high tier or not enough to know that there is still noobs in high tiers as people still play bad all the way through just like WoT how many numpties do we see in Tier X tanks? All too many right? I think the way they have it is fine, If you really want the ship you will get the required free exp either with grinding it out in pure free exp (crazy way) or you play your prems and save some pennies and convert. There is nothing making you have to get it and there is a Tier 8 BB on the way that should be a better buy.
  11. plzd0nthurtme

    Mighty Mo Poi poi poi

    750k isnt that hard I am just over Half way and I have only just started saving my Exp on the Prems, Now the main question will be is do you need to have that all as Free Exp or will it be able to be taken from your prem/elite ships without converting with Doubloons as you will be looking needing 30,000 Doubloons to convert 750k exp lol
  12. plzd0nthurtme

    ARP Haguro requirement

    The tier locked requirements are annoying as I have to buy so many ships back if I want to do them all but that's how it is I guess.
  13. plzd0nthurtme

    Night Action

    When are we getting Submarines????....... I'm so sorry couldn't resist please don't slap me around....
  14. plzd0nthurtme

    Why Asia server is the best server

    Just going to report this post for major ass kissing lol I don't mind this server and all its quirks yeah the other servers get better events at times and so forth but its the quirks that matter right?????
  15. plzd0nthurtme

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Was looking for you ingame to tell you I forgive you for all the previous good returns you got with your Supers lmfao.