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  1. Aquawolf

    Target specific player

    Anyway i complimented you on that match, it was really nice to see a DD actively using smoke to guard teammates from plane strikes. So yea, i will listen to your advice you gave at the end of the match and kill you first everytime haha.
  2. Aquawolf

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    Lol ok, just wanna mention that the nerf to the fighters might be to balance up the introduction of RDL.
  3. Aquawolf

    How survivability expert works ?

    SE is more useful in USN DDs that knife fight. Other than that, i find the skills dont really have a use anywhere else due to the higher percent burn and flood. And as you know, BBs usually have at least a camp fire burning everytime they get focused on even when angled.
  4. Aquawolf

    can we get a new arcade playlist please

    This type of game play exist in other titles, but not WG. The main issue is everyone is afraid to take damage and die in deathmatch. You cant change people's mindset, but you can influence them in 2 ways: 1) type in chat eg "cap b now" or "moving to a now" 2) if your a BB or DD, move more aggresively in the front to take damage and hopefully inspire others to follow like a lemming train. It wont work all the time, but i find that i have a higher chance in my games that people actually playing more aggresively.
  5. Aquawolf

    CV doesn't need an interference rework

    Time to slow down your clicks till the UI reworks are in? Hehe
  6. Aquawolf

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    Off Topic Post, User Warned, Content Modified ~tc1259
  7. Aquawolf

    Sick MM, bruh

    Yup, div is the way to up your winrate.
  8. Aquawolf

    CV doesn't need an interference rework

    There are UI problems for sure, most of it is just plain irritating and can be avoided after u had a number of games when you see your CV has autopilot to the front lines and died. CV ia very skill dependent, so thats where most complain comes from. A skilled USN 013 player can usually outdamage a IJN even if they have 3 fighters.
  9. Aquawolf

    THinking about selling up!

    There are other websites which list prices for accounts. From my knowledge, WG game accounts are not that valuable as compared to other MMO. But do note that WG can serve a permanent ban for this. But you should never have posted here in the first place. Now WG will be closely monitoring your account and have the finger on the ban button if anything seems fishy. Haha.
  10. Aquawolf

    Things In The Game That Needs To Be Changed

    +-2 MM is fine to mix up the gameplay, I can get good exp hitting the high tier ships. But I think the biggest problem is if you get matched contantly as bottom tier. It would be good if the system in place can ensure you get equal games being top and bottom tier.
  11. If you spend more, you will have a higher chance to get back more than what you paid.
  12. Aquawolf

    Target specific player

    Lesson learnt today, always kill TE_Spawnster_ first even if he is the lowest tier. Letting him live is just too dangerous.
  13. Aquawolf

    Balancing CV's

    Geesh... seriously? Putting the RNG aside, torpedo plane drops all depend on the skill of both the CV player and the BB player. Know that if you manage to only get hit by 1 torpedo from each squadron, you are already proving yourself to be the more skilled player than the CV. Your guns reload in 30 secs, but a plane's next strike is about 2 minutes away. Now being in a BB, u have the advantage of knowing 2 things. 1) a good torpedo drop requires the planes to be on your broadsides 2) you have awareness of knowing the direction of the incoming plane. So if you predict the planes are coming for you, you next course of action is to let the planes fly longer to get that optimal drop angle. This will give you time to shoot down planes. And now, the next question comes, where do you turn? It depends on the angle of approach. There are many guides teaching BBs how to turn. Now next, after turning, you suspect the player is going for a manual torp by seeing the flight angle change, is there anything else you can do or is it all doom? Yes there is, and that is to drop speed to tighten your turn radius so you take lesser torp hits. Improve your skill by using WASD and if you only take 1 hit max from each torp squad, you are already a winner as you have wasted 2 minutes of the enemy cv's time to deal only a small amount of damage to you.
  14. Aquawolf

    Z-52 - Unrecommendable by flamu

    The whole line might be a "hardcore" mode for dd players so they can have some challenge grinding.
  15. Aquawolf

    When the matchmaker screw you up bad

    I have had a 1 v 1 taiho vs taiho once in random match making. We ended up deciding to cap, kill each other's planes and ram each other for a draw to get more exp.