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  1. Hi Spotter!

    I'm concerning about WG’s videos continuously, including game videos & short documentaries.


    However, I find a serious problem: there are plenty of translating bugs in these videos,especially English to Chinese, which have an obviously negative effect on video understanding and knowledge's delivering. So I tranlated these videos by myself and took people's credit who are using Chinese as mother tongue, and now I have a fansub group, we can do like translating, historical documents' checking, grammer converting and so on.


    We are looking forward to use our skills for WG's videos and transfer correct information for Chinese-speaking players.And we have contacted with one WG staff before I submit this message , but there were no more news after his dismission because of illness....


    Thus,we have to start from scratch again. I want to know that what should I do if I'd love to be an English-Chinese player translater for WG's videos? I cannot find anything which can help me contact with WG staffs on the page of support...


    I do hope that some staff can glance my idea and reply to me.... thx XD



    AdenWesker, crazy fan of WOWS

    1. AdenWesker


      My email is assassinwesker@gmail.com. Please contact with me by it ------ if u can help me and my subtitle group, thank you ! XD