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  1. Hello all, Here is the current updated compilation of modifications that WG staff has carefully selected for your enjoyment. Enjoy!!!
  2. Hello everyone, We apologize for the inconvenience about this issue, there was an error in the rewards, please take note though that we have corrected the issue. Please double check your an game items to see the additional flags that were promised. Cheers!!!
  3. Hello everyone, We need your help in getting the next camouflage for a specific ship set-up. A global event has just opened the opportunity to get your artistic side on. Please follow the link provided for more details!!! Cheers!!!
  4. Please place your PADD Yueyang results here:
  5. Please place your PADD Chung Mu results here:
  6. Please place your PADD Hsienyang results here:
  7. Please put your PADD Gadjah Mada results here:
  8. Please put your PADD Jianwei results here:
  9. Please post your PADD Jianwei results here:
  10. Please post your PADD Shenyang results here:
  11. Hello all, Since we have released our new line of ships, the Pan-Asia Destroyer class is now our focus on giving a few boosts that you can earn. As usual we will start off this PADD release with a Race on who can end up with the highest damage in each ship. Race schedule: December 1, 2017 [17:00 UTC+8} - December 15, 2017 [17:00 UTC+8] Contest requirements and prizes: Ship Requirement Rewards 1st place ONLY Shenyang Get at least 60k damage 100 300 Jianwei Get at least 70k damage 100 300 Fushun Get at least 100k damage 100 300 Gadjah Mada Get at least 120k damage 100 300 Hsienyang Get at least 150k damage 100 300 Chung Mu Get at least 175k damage 100 300 Yueyang Get at least 200k damage 100 300 Each PADD Tier will have a corresponding minimal damage you need to obtain in order to win. Submit a screenshot of your battle results in the correct submission threads per ship to qualify. 1 screenshot per category for every player. PVP matches only Rewarding will be done within 2 weeks after event ends. Only results that are within contest duration will be counted. Submission threads: Shenyang Jianwei Fushun GadjahMada Hsienyang Chung Mu Yueyang Reminder: Wrong category per submission will not be counted. Goodluck to all, and have fun!!!
  12. Hello Everyone, Please be informed that our Portal page for WoWS will have a downtime so that we can have it upgraded with the new portal update. will therefore be down during this schedule: November 28, 2017 [05:00 UTC+8] Expected downtime: (1 hour and 30 mins) Thank you for your continued patronage!!! Cheers!!!
  13. Congratulations to all winners!!! Overall winnings: IGN Rewards ShuuyuMk2 400 Restrade 400 Moganite 300 ChinoChiyaCocoaRizeSyaro 300 EMR_YMT 300 rud_1 300 IFHE_SPAM 300 Dinbatu 300 kelvinwen 300 XM4096 300 SardineFish 200 bestza55567 200 airstar 200 Himemiya_Sachiko 100 Lin105 100 devil667 100 didhd 100 3ZZZ 100 __Fubuki__ 100 Kazuto09 100 peevan2544 100 Vio_Strygun 100 5781579 100 LiebeundHasst 100 AkatsukiTeitoku 100 Lollipop_gentleman 100 lilyse 100 ghost_fire_ 100
  14. Commanders, There is currently an ongoing discussion regarding our stance on the political geography of ASIA, specifically concerning Taiwanese sovereignty in regards to a comment made in reply to a customer’s support ticket. That comment does not constitute the official position of, but the personal view of that employee. As a company we do not have a political stance, affiliation or agenda – our mission is to create great games, globally and with passion. We sincerely apologize for this statement and will take steps to make sure our messaging remains apolitical in the future. World of Warships and other games in our portfolio are about vehicles, their technologies and engineering, based in certain historical periods – not about the struggles of the nations who built them. In portraying our ships we draw on information from various sources, from blueprints to news articles and photographs – often from different places and periods. We want to depict them as close to their historical, real-life state as we can, in order to create a better sense of immersion and a stunning visual experience for our players. Whenever possible, this includes the flags and pennants they sailed under during the period the ship represents in the game. Time and again, this brings us into conflict with a part of our audience who raise concerns about these flags or the ships themselves in many different contexts. Our goal has always been to bring warships, naval combat and naval engineering closer to as many enthusiasts around the world as possible. We want to address these current concerns around the national affiliation of Pan-Asian nation branches as best we can for the majority of our audience, just as we have done with similar issues in the past. Therefore, we will replace the flags on all Pan-Asian ships with the neutral Pan-Asian nation flag upon the release of the upcoming destroyer line. We hope this will remove the controversy and allow players to focus on the ships, their characteristics and gameplay. However, to allow our regional communities the ability to customize their World of Warships experience, we will also introduce a feature that will give players the option to replace the default flag on their ship with a different one, chosen from a preset number of different variants. You will be able to change the flag for each ship in your port separately and this choice will be reflected on each instance of that ship you see in the game. Each player will always see only the flags they have chosen for each ship, regardless of whether they are on the players’ own ship, an allied or an enemy ship. We are starting the development of this feature immediately and believe we can deliver it to you early in 2018. We sincerely apologize for any distress or inconvenience this situation has caused to our players. We hope that you will find the solution satisfactory and can continue enjoying our massive naval battles with no other emotion than pure fun. We would also like to thank our community for raising the issue and helping to improve our game. Together we can make World of Warships even more epic! Sincerely, Spotter - Game Master Lead Wargaming ASIA