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  1. Guys, im so sorry it came to this, but as I've mentioned in my announcement, the timeframe itself is not set in stone, we will still try to push for a better arrangement for this.
  2. Hello everyone, We know by now that you are wonder "What is WG thinking?" regarding the announcement for the Clan Battles Primetime that was announced. Also noticed that this is now a Global issue where all 3 servers have affected parties. We've read your concerns and your points were forwarded to our management, and here is what they said: From our DEVS: "It has come to our attention that some of you are quite unhappy with the time slots we have chosen and unfortunately that is expected. We know some of you do work shifts, some of you do live in different time zones, so you are likely going to minimize your participation. However reality of task at hand dictates that we look at cold hard data to understand the peak time for concurrent clan players being online. The fact is we need to launch the mode in the the most efficient way we can, and the numbers suggest that the proposed time intervals will work the best for the bulk of our audience. There are several factors at play here: increased stress on the matchmaker, reducing queue times, preventing abuse, and rewarding the best teamwork and skills alike. The rules for the launch are just that, we will dive deeper as the time goes - in a couple of weeks after the season starts - and see what we can tweak, whether we can add, move or widen the prime time slots. Prime time is not set in stone, and can be changed even during a season. But let us reiterate: the system is based on research first and foremost and any further research will lead to adequate modifications and improvements, but since the mode is new, we need to understand the trends first and make appropriate decisions based on them." So the factors right now are based on current data that was gathered. Data that are based on when is the peak hours we are getting that yields us more players actually playing the game. The data itself can change, and as the DEVS said, "Prime time is not set in stone, and can be changed even during a season." We will see how this goes, and help the management team by giving them the data they need to make necessary changes when needed. We apologize for those who were affected by this decision, but rest assured that we will make the necessary adjustments to cater to every player we have once all the necessary data has been provided. Cheers!!!
  3. guys, I know that the times that was posted for clan wars is tough, I can't promise anything yet, but do know that we are talking with HQ in order to secure a better time that would be beneficial for all. I would appreciate your full understanding with this, and know that we hear you.
  4. I can understand that the times for the clan wars is inconvenient. I am trying to get a better arrangement for the clan wars times, I can't make any promises, but please know we hear you, and we will try to fix this as best as we can.
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