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  1. We will definitely be adding the flag changing feature. We can't guarantee the exact time yet, but we are hoping to introduce it in the near future.
  2. Server down

    can anyone confirm if this issue is still happening to anyone?
  3. ummmm, quick question...... WHY?! would you even think about torp-ing yourself?
  4. Thank you for all your feedback guys, I'll make sure this reaches Developer's ears.
  5. Bretagne New Gimmick?

    Hello guys, Please take note that this is a known issue, and our Developers are working on fixing this issue about the Bretagne's firing range. We thank you for your report, and appreciate your continued patience and understanding while this problem is being fixed.
  6. free reset captain skill ????

    Hello all, Just a heads-up guys, between 10 and 16 February, all players will be able to reset Commander skills and mount the required upgrades for free. This was initially to be intended for the start of CVC season 2, but someone was happy in HQ that they decided to just make this available for all players and not just CVC. Enjoy!!!
  7. Bretagne gun firing range

    Hello HobartAWD, Thank you for reporting this matter to us. Please be aware that our Developers are well-aware of the issue and are working diligently to fix the problem. We appreciate your concern, and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
  8. Hello guys, Just a quick question, how do you find the most recent update of WoWS for We want to hear your thoughts on it.
  9. New Face for our Support page

    Dear Players, We are planning to release a new Customer Service portal on Jan 23rd. Maintenance on our website will start at 00:00 SGT and should take 2 hours to update. Please note that previously submitted tickets will be unavailable until the release is finished. This maintenance will not impact your ability to play our games. Thank you for the patience and understanding!
  10. We are sorry for the inconvenience, please be informed that the server is up, and you guys will be able to start updating!!! I need to update too, so i'll be out due to bandwidth restrictions..... i hate my bandwidth.........
  11. Patch 0.7.0 release

    Hello all, Please be informed that our servers will undergo a patch maintenance for update 0.7.0. The update is scheduled during the following time: 01/18/2018 Thursday [05:00 UTC+8] Expected downtime is: 3 hours Thank you for your continued support!!!
  12. Dear captains! We are aware that some of the NA, RU and ASIA server players faced an issue of not being able to complete task 3 in the 5th mission of “Battle of the North Cape” campaign due to a bug. To compensate for that both the “North Cape” and “New Year Raid” campaigns are prolonged by 2 days for all regions. Moreover, those who completed the final task of Mission 4 on NA, RU and ASIA servers before the fix in update, will have 10 ”Type 59” camouflages (standard combat bonuses, +200% to battle XP) credited to their accounts in the near future. Please, accept our apologies for any inconveniences, and here’s hoping for a great 2018 in World of Warships! New Campaign End [Battle of North Cape] January 20, 2018 [0600 UTC+8] Cheers!!!
  13. Hello guys, Just to update on the current situation. The current plan is to provide the fix patch for the 3rd task of the 5th mission of “Battle of North Cape” campaign according to the schedule: ASIA: January 09, 2018 [05:00 UTC+8] Please avoid doing the task in question, [Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3]. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we appreciate all your understanding. Cheers!!!
  14. No confirmation as to what will actually happen, will keep everyone posted.
  15. We have just been informed that this issue is planned to be fixed within the day. Our developers are trying to fix the issue as we speak.