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  1. Hi there Sir, Can I ask for a little donation? please?  I just bought the Tier 8 battleship Bismarck and I sold my two tier 7 ships just to buy it and I still need 5 million worth of credits to purchase the rest of the ships modules. But every time I play I only earned 80k credits or less and I couldn't able to save up because the ships consumables resupply is worth 90k credits, so If your A kind hearted person Im knocking on your chest to ask for a little help for 5 million worth of credits. It would really be such an Honor if you'll grant my small request.

    I'm hoping for your kind consideration ☺️

    I only have 1 ship now :(


  2. Wrong section. Sorry.

  3. Spotter

    Des Moines how to

    Keep it moving, nothing to see in general discussions..... On a serious note, liking the post, this should help me as well.
  4. Spotter

    AFK problem

    A 2 year old post is still an active post as long as people are still using it though....
  5. Spotter


    Although this is actually an illegal action. remember that if you are caught or reported doing such actions, you will be sanctioned accordingly. I will not tolerate this action when i see it.
  6. Spotter


    Hello all, We at Wargaming are well-aware of the issue that has been happening for the longest time within our server and across other servers. Time and time again, we've been receiving complaints and try to act according to the rules that we've been constantly observing. In light of these actions we've been doing, we still have a few individuals that are persistent enough to try to violate our rules using illegal means to earn XP and credits. These actions maybe beneficial for those select individuals, but to everyone else, it's a blight. We are approaching our 3rd year in World of Warships, and this issue is still plaguing all servers until now. This we will not nor ever tolerate. Something is in the works which we will be implementing in the near future to counter this threat. In the meantime, please direct all your AFK/BoT concerns thru our customer support portal at https://asia.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/, our customer support team is always there to assist you to the best that they can. Now, if you want to vent out all your frustrations while reporting, I suggest you PM your concern to me here in the forums. I say vent and report, not just vent. I will hear your concerns and make sure that those that are in direct violation be punished. While waiting for a permanent solution, this is the best offer I myself can offer in the meantime. It has been a long road, and I'm hoping that I will still meet you guys in the battlefield for more years to come. I personally thank you for all your patience and support. They will not go unnoticed. And on behalf of WG, thank you for all of your support and dedication to World of Warships.
  7. the term you cannot please everyone comes to mind.........................
  8. Spotter


    I'm not even safe from becoming pink, I've been pink for a few times now........ "Pink status" Avoidance guide: Before launching torps: look left, right, front, back to make sure no allies are near immediate vicinity. do not blind fire torps. Avoid using torps for long-range engagement. I know it's unavoidable at times, but minimize it. Use your better judgement in using torpedoes. Your ship has guns for a reason. After launching torps: if you follow the above steps, and still manage to hit an ally. Do what I would do............................................................................... walk away slowly from the PC when the coast is clear and do it again................................................................. make sure you come back to finish the match........... and then..................................................................
  9. read it, corrected the statements, and kept the message intact, should still be understandable.
  10. Spotter

    Signal Flag Contest # 2

    Unfortunately due to team schedules and workload, the announcement will not be posted today, we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause anyone. We are working double-time to ensure that this announcement get posted accurately. We apologize for this delay.
  11. Spotter

    Signal Flag Contest # 2

    We apologize for the delay of the announcement of winners, rest assured that oir team is already collating and preparing the announcement of winners.
  12. Spotter

    Signal Flag Contest # 2

    oh that one, totally slipped my mind.
  13. Spotter

    Signal Flag Contest # 2

    Can you enlighten me of what this contest is?
  14. Well matchmaking was never intended to sort out clans or player allegiance to begin with. simply put, ship stats including tier level are numbers that can be sorted. A player's skill, or even a player's allegiance with others is currently not quantifiable in any aspects of any game I've seen. Just a passing thru red guy, don't panic........... Panicking is my job......
  15. Spotter

    Update patch WoWS

    Hello everyone, Please take note that we will be performing an update for our client on the following schedules: March 20, 2018 [05:00 UTC+8] Downtime: is about 1.5 hours. 1 hour and 30 minutes. Patch size – 85Mb Patchnote: A fix was added to the game client with the aim to resolve an issue where after a long series of battles players would experience short-term FPS drops. We thank you for your patience and understanding.