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  1. Hello everyone, We will be performing a small update in regards to our current issues with the chat filter. Update will take place today June 08, 2017 [1700 UTC+8] No downtime will happen. You will however need to restart the launcher to get the update. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Hello guys, Yes, I'm still at it, still doing sweeping missions for AFK and Botters, and I've added another thing to clean up. TK'ing players, we mean you. May 2017 AFK - 36 BoT - 0 TK - 6
  3. Place Technical Test 0.6.6 Bug reports and problems here:
  4. Place your Technical Test Feedback here:
  5. Start: Monday, May 22, 2017 @ 22 00 UTC+8 End: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 18 00UTC+8 [updated] Commanders!Very soon, in Update 0.6.6, we are going to release one of the largest features in 2017. This will be Scenarios, a battle type that includes a new game mode — Operations. In the Operations mode, you will battle on a team with your friends or other players against AI opponents. Operations will bring you a lot of new features: game mechanics, events, ships, land structures and achievements. After checking the scope of the accomplished work, we realized that this Update should be checked very thoroughly. You know that after Supertest new updates become available for public testing. This time, we will add an additional stage—Technical Test that starts before the Public Test, on the same server. Everyone can participate in this test, contribute to the game development and try Scenarios first. Technical Test has a different goal than Public Test. We need to check the game server settings and make sure that the large number of new features will not affect its efficiency. This means that the test participants might face performance issues and many bugs. After Technical Test, Update 0.6.6 will be available for public testing. With your help, during Public Test we will focus on minor issues and the Operations balance. Now, let's talk about details. For participating in Technical Test, you will need the Public Test client. To download and install it, follow this link. If you already have the Public Test client, it will be updated after starting the Launcher. The Public Test account (login and password) will be used for accessing the Technical Test client. If you don't have the Public Test account, follow this link and create one. The Public Test will take place from Monday, May 22, 2017 @ 22 00 UTC+8 to Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 18 00 UTC+8. Your mission for Technical Test is to play the Scenarios battles on all appropriate ships (Tier V). During Technical Test you might face different bugs and strange game performance: for example, ship 'teleportation', long response time or other troubles. Inform us about all issues and bugs, specifying their exact time and your time zone in a corresponding forum topic: Share your comments on Scenarios in a corresponding forum topic: During Technical Test, Tier V ships, fast researching the high Tier ships, 500,000,000 credits, 30,000 doubloons, signals and other resources will be added to your account, so you will be able to test the Operations. Technical Test will not replace Public Test. If you want to get the Public Test rewards and learn more about Update 0.6.6 before its official release, you will be able to take part in Public Test too. Time and conditions of the test will be announced later. Stay tuned for more news. Thank you for contributing in the game development and see you in Operations!
  6. Hello everyone, This is not a cause for alarm, we just want to inform you of the following details regarding this mission. Please be informed that for completing the final task of the mission #3 in the Hunt for Bismarck campaign players are credited with Secondary Battery Modification 1, which is an incorrect reward and it cannot be mounted to any ship. With patch release next week the reward will be changed to the correct Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1. After that we will remove the incorrect upgrade from the accounts of players who have already received the reward, and credit the correct one instead. To avoid loss in credits, we are asking not to sell the incorrect upgrade, and wait for the patch release to have it changed to the right one. Players who have sold the Secondary Battery Modification 1 will not get it exchanged. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
  7. Hello everyone, Please be informed that anyone that may have had issues about the Hood Bundle with the 12-perk commander not showing on the ship itself. Anyone who purchased the Hood bundle should have their Commander in their reserves slot. Not everyone is affected by this issue though, and we wish to apologize to all who were affected. Thank you once again for your understanding.
  8. The event you want to see is already planned.
  9. 1. Choose a country to start with. 2. Choose a line that you want to complete in the tech tree. 3. Stick to it until you finish the entire line. *On the way, make sure to div up with people so you get the feel for the seas.*
  10. Hello everyone, We apologize for the inconvenience. Please be informed that the servers are now back up. Thank you for your patience.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm sure you're all wondering what happened. And I'm sure the blame game has been used now, so here is an official announcement. Due to the inflow of new players to team water while team fire was closed for registration in the past couple of days there have been lags in processing and displaying status updates for team water progress. While the server was down, the tool was still processing the lagged numbers for team water. After the server was started again after the downtime, the issue has been fixed. we are sorry for the inconvenience. I hope this clears up the debate on this issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
  12. Commanders! There are several issues affecting players after Update 0.6.3 such as the part of the interface becoming unselectable after a battle and/or part of the interface such as the reticle suddenly disappearing. We are aware of these issues and are currently investigating them. However, as a interim solution, please restart the client to temporary fix any issues with the client. Also, these issues may be prevented by performing an integrity check of the client. Please follow the instructions below to perform the client integrity check. Performing the Integrity Check First, close the game client. Open the game launcher. Click "SETTINGS" on the top right, and select the "SUPPORT tab. Click the "CHECK" button and the launcher will automatically re-download any corrupt files. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  13. Hello everyone, Please be aware that we have a known issue in 0.6.3 patch, if a player selects the Schuka-class submarine and tries to form a division, his account will get temporarily locked. We are currently working on fixing this issue. In the meantime, here is a workaround for this problem: Player should close the client and wait for at least 5 minutes so the division is removed. After that he can relaunch the client. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your time.
  14. Hello Everyone!!! In this guide, we will give you examples of how you can modify the sounds of the game client without using special software. However, we would like to notice that currently this guide applies to modification of the sounds of main battery, AA guns, torpedo tubes and anti-torpedo armament only. As more options of modifying sounds are added (for example voice, sounds or music in the port), the guide will be expanded. Important! The given process of modification, will allow you not to convert sounds into WEM format but to use more popular MP3 format. The directory structure and location of the path: Sound modifications work from a designated place in the game client, and are located in the following path: for example: С:\Games\World_of_Warships\res\banks\OfficialMods Or they can work from the directory for mods, where banks folder and its contents should be copied beforehand. for example: С:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\banks\OfficialMods In this directory, you should create a folder with the mod and give it a unique name, for example "CrazyBear" In the folder you've created, you should create SFX folder. Voice Folder is reserved for voice-over of voice commands and commander of the ship. In SFX folder create the desired folder: AAC0 - the sound of long range anti-aircraft aura AAC1 - the sound of middle range anti-aircraft aura AAC2 - the sound of close range anti-aircraft aura MainGun - the sounds of main battery SecondaryGun - the sounds of anti-torpedo armorment TA – Sounds of torpedo tubes In the folder you've created, create folders with indices of the ships, the sounds of which you are going to modify. They look as follows Use double underscore!!! Table of indices of ships: In the folder with the index of the ship, create two more folders: isPlayer__False isPlayer__True Use double underscore!!! isPlayer__True — the sounds used for your ship in particular are added here. isPlayer__False - the sounds for your or enemy’s team are added here. In fact, on this step the whole process of creating armament sound modifications in the game is completed. Now you can run the game and enjoy the results of your work
  15. Hello guys, We would like to inform you that our development team, based on the addition of the new JPDD tech tree and balancing, have decided to not further sell the “Kamikaze” and "Fujin". The "Kamikaze/Fujin" will only be available until January 20, 2017. The “Kamikaze/Fujin” will possibly be available for special events from Wargaming or any of our Sponsors in the coming future. We thank you for your time and attention.