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  1. Players, Asia Pacific is a diverse region filled with many people from various cultures, backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses. In an attempt to better service players across this complex landscape we will conduct a series of pricing tests in Malaysia and Thailand. These tests will allow us to better tailor our prices and rewards for players across all of the APAC markets in the future. Testing will occur between July 26th 2017 until August 23rd 2017 for World of tanks and World of Warships only. Do note that there may be extensions to the test period.
  2. Hi Spotter!

    I'm concerning about WG’s videos continuously, including game videos & short documentaries.


    However, I find a serious problem: there are plenty of translating bugs in these videos,especially English to Chinese, which have an obviously negative effect on video understanding and knowledge's delivering. So I tranlated these videos by myself and took people's credit who are using Chinese as mother tongue, and now I have a fansub group, we can do like translating, historical documents' checking, grammer converting and so on.


    We are looking forward to use our skills for WG's videos and transfer correct information for Chinese-speaking players.And we have contacted with one WG staff before I submit this message , but there were no more news after his dismission because of illness....


    Thus,we have to start from scratch again. I want to know that what should I do if I'd love to be an English-Chinese player translater for WG's videos? I cannot find anything which can help me contact with WG staffs on the page of support...


    I do hope that some staff can glance my idea and reply to me.... thx XD



    AdenWesker, crazy fan of WOWS

    1. AdenWesker


      My email is Please contact with me by it ------ if u can help me and my subtitle group, thank you ! XD


  3. Thank you for all your responses. I'll get all your questions for our DEVS, and hoping to get some details on them.
  4. Hello Captains, Just want to let you know of a little something we talked about with the DEVS. We are planning doing a little "Live Stream" with our DEVS, talking about some things they had planned for our game. Also during these talks our DEVS will be willing to answer your questions regarding where we are headed and what we will be expecting. And with that, we need your assistance. We would like to ask you what questions you may have for our DEVS regarding what you want to know or what you wanted to see for the next patches to come. Ask your questions below and we will have our DEVS answer your questions during the livestream. Not all questions can be answered but we will try to get the answers. So come on, and join us in asking these important questions.
  5. Hello everyone, Our Developers have answered some of our concerns regarding previous issues and questions we are pondering about: From our very own: "Sub_Octavian" Hi everyone. Let me help with your community section a bit. "Testing the Enterprise with AP bomb capabilities. Some players noticed this and has compared it to the old Enterprise setup, has potential. Mixed emotions on this." - Well, here's the information for reference. AP bombs are in testing, everything is subject to change (including the following info). Designed as anti-BB weapon especially anti-camping-not-turning-BB weapon - will overpen DDs and most cruisers with regular AP shell rules (tiny damage). Will arm at BB decks (and Moskva, oops), can hit citadel or hit casemate, if it does not penetrate main deck. Counterplay: maneuver and AA spec. And teaming with cruisers:) Planned to be a choice (through modules), not forcing this. Planned to be a thing for regular mid/high tier USN CVs - not planned to be Enterprise gimmick. Enterprise right now is a test machince for production - she allows us to check this weapon in real meta, with no harm. If the experiment is successful, it may be applied to other USN CVs soon. Fine tuning - to be done. "Making CVs better for average players" - partially planned, this is a part of CV problem. CV skilled players perform well as they are. Will probably be balanced between a no-brainer (not desirable) and very hard to use. "Players are wondering if the Karma System actually affects the game. Some call it just a placebo effect, but others believe it increases their chances of having a good game." - it is a social aspect of the game. It does not affect gameplay and combat mechanics. "Players getting a little frustrated on how the detonation system works. Have noticed an increase rate of detonation after last patch." - detonation is usually frustrating for the one who's being detonated, but quite fun for the one who shoots:) it is needed in the game to create intensive combat situatuions sometimes. Detonation chance can be reduced with Magazine mod.1 or Juliet Charlie. There were no changes in det.mechanics lately, and there should be no increased rate. "One thread brings forth the suspicion that the win rates are intentionally being raised or lowered by the system. It follows in the wake of other feedback on matchmaking, seemingly caused by the fact that matches don’t happen based on win rates, and are resented as unbalanced"- we do not mess with MM and players WR. It is pointless, bad, and no use for either the game or for business. MM rules are avaliable on Wiki, I believe. "One thread addressed imbalances in the tasks for the « Science of Victory” campaign (mostly stage 2 task 3, stage 3 tasks 4 and 5, and stage 4 task 2), which were deemed too difficult. A readjustment has been requested." s2t3 - hit citadel 1 time - easy s3t4 - destroy 1 ship with torps - easy s3t5 - hit citadel 3 times - easy, not in 1 battle s4t2 - shoot down 1 plane - easy What the hell are they talking about? "One thread addresses the lack of realism in having radars and sonars allow enemies to be detected on the other side of islands, and requests that they be made incapable of detection from the other side, however most comments seem to contradict the opinion of the original poster" - Well, WoWs in not a hardcore sim, it is action, and gameplay/fun factor is most important. We are collating your concerns, and would like your help in improving the game, so feel free to post-up your concerns on our forums, let's be civil and talk it out. Thank you for all your support!!!
  6. Hello everyone, We will be performing a small update in regards to our current issues with the chat filter. Update will take place today June 08, 2017 [1700 UTC+8] No downtime will happen. You will however need to restart the launcher to get the update. Thank you for understanding.
  7. Hello guys, Yes, I'm still at it, still doing sweeping missions for AFK and Botters, and I've added another thing to clean up. TK'ing players, we mean you. May 2017 AFK - 36 BoT - 0 TK - 6
  8. Place Technical Test 0.6.6 Bug reports and problems here:
  9. Place your Technical Test Feedback here:
  10. Start: Monday, May 22, 2017 @ 22 00 UTC+8 End: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 18 00UTC+8 [updated] Commanders!Very soon, in Update 0.6.6, we are going to release one of the largest features in 2017. This will be Scenarios, a battle type that includes a new game mode — Operations. In the Operations mode, you will battle on a team with your friends or other players against AI opponents. Operations will bring you a lot of new features: game mechanics, events, ships, land structures and achievements. After checking the scope of the accomplished work, we realized that this Update should be checked very thoroughly. You know that after Supertest new updates become available for public testing. This time, we will add an additional stage—Technical Test that starts before the Public Test, on the same server. Everyone can participate in this test, contribute to the game development and try Scenarios first. Technical Test has a different goal than Public Test. We need to check the game server settings and make sure that the large number of new features will not affect its efficiency. This means that the test participants might face performance issues and many bugs. After Technical Test, Update 0.6.6 will be available for public testing. With your help, during Public Test we will focus on minor issues and the Operations balance. Now, let's talk about details. For participating in Technical Test, you will need the Public Test client. To download and install it, follow this link. If you already have the Public Test client, it will be updated after starting the Launcher. The Public Test account (login and password) will be used for accessing the Technical Test client. If you don't have the Public Test account, follow this link and create one. The Public Test will take place from Monday, May 22, 2017 @ 22 00 UTC+8 to Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 18 00 UTC+8. Your mission for Technical Test is to play the Scenarios battles on all appropriate ships (Tier V). During Technical Test you might face different bugs and strange game performance: for example, ship 'teleportation', long response time or other troubles. Inform us about all issues and bugs, specifying their exact time and your time zone in a corresponding forum topic: Share your comments on Scenarios in a corresponding forum topic: During Technical Test, Tier V ships, fast researching the high Tier ships, 500,000,000 credits, 30,000 doubloons, signals and other resources will be added to your account, so you will be able to test the Operations. Technical Test will not replace Public Test. If you want to get the Public Test rewards and learn more about Update 0.6.6 before its official release, you will be able to take part in Public Test too. Time and conditions of the test will be announced later. Stay tuned for more news. Thank you for contributing in the game development and see you in Operations!
  11. Hello everyone, This is not a cause for alarm, we just want to inform you of the following details regarding this mission. Please be informed that for completing the final task of the mission #3 in the Hunt for Bismarck campaign players are credited with Secondary Battery Modification 1, which is an incorrect reward and it cannot be mounted to any ship. With patch release next week the reward will be changed to the correct Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1. After that we will remove the incorrect upgrade from the accounts of players who have already received the reward, and credit the correct one instead. To avoid loss in credits, we are asking not to sell the incorrect upgrade, and wait for the patch release to have it changed to the right one. Players who have sold the Secondary Battery Modification 1 will not get it exchanged. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
  12. Hello everyone, Please be informed that anyone that may have had issues about the Hood Bundle with the 12-perk commander not showing on the ship itself. Anyone who purchased the Hood bundle should have their Commander in their reserves slot. Not everyone is affected by this issue though, and we wish to apologize to all who were affected. Thank you once again for your understanding.
  13. The event you want to see is already planned.
  14. 1. Choose a country to start with. 2. Choose a line that you want to complete in the tech tree. 3. Stick to it until you finish the entire line. *On the way, make sure to div up with people so you get the feel for the seas.*
  15. Hello everyone, We apologize for the inconvenience. Please be informed that the servers are now back up. Thank you for your patience.