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  1. Crazy_Harry

    Evaluation Email

    wow it almost sounds like you have taken what I said as a personal insult.........[content removed] Insults towards Mod/GM/Admin. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. Crazy_Harry

    Evaluation Email

    I apologise for using red but as I have been colour blind since birth your red ( depending on the time of day and lighting ) looks like a dark green to me. Also your warning and changing the colour of the highlighted text has completely changed and killed any possible responses to a thought provoking topic. To build a 'community' you have to allow freedom of expression and colour. If you don't you stop the community from growing, developing and reaching the best of itself and members.
  3. Crazy_Harry

    Evaluation Email

    I received an evaluation email/survey from WG and decided to fill it out 1 of the questions that has stuck in my head is about the usefulness of individual tactics and/or team tactics....I must admit I had a quiet chuckle about how to respond. On this server approx95% of the 1k battles I have played in random there is 'only' individual tactics and any team tactics is 'usually' a lemming train lmao. The biggest issue I have is I have no idea if any of my 'teammates' in a random battle are able to understand english/australian. It is impossible to say just from reading the player names especially when the name is their home phone number. I have given up trying to talk to any players on my side and just do my own thing and hopefully blow some s**t up For my gameplay this has become like WOT already ( which I haven't played in the last month ) and I'll keep my eyes open for a game that not only I like but one I can at least troll/chat with the players on my side of the battle. Just my random/semi-directed thought for today Refrain from using red text colour in post. That colour is reserved for use by moderators and staff, as stated in the rules. User warned, red text color changed in users post. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia
  4. Crazy_Harry

    Commander Skill for St Louis

    I ended up going with the '6th sense' I can change the commander to the USA destroyer line down the track
  5. Crazy_Harry

    Commander Skill for St Louis

    Dang, I am keeping the St Louis ( I trained past it with a new commander ) because it is a fun ship...... Ah well maybe the dev's will create a ship improvement skill at some stage in the future lol Cheers
  6. Crazy_Harry

    Commander Skill for St Louis

    The commander of my St Louis cruiser is ready to activate a level 3 skill. Because it doesn't face carriers in 90% of the battles ( and I don't think it has the AA equipment capability ) I wasn't going to train the Defensive Fire skill, because it is so slow the Situation Awareness skill doesn't apply either.... Would I be able to use the Repair Work skill which is used on Battleships already or the Smoke Screen skill used on Destroyers? Either skill activated by pressing Y Or maybe for the few ships like the St Louis which are extremely fun to play but don't 'fit' into the 4 level 3 skills, should the Dev's create another level 3 skill for Ship Handling which improves ship handling and performance by 5%?
  7. Crazy_Harry

    Finally ,thank you

    I bought the 3 pack of ships and no code for me
  8. Crazy_Harry

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #1

  9. Crazy_Harry

    Have they stopped letting people into the BETA?

    Well I'm glad about them speaking aussie cause I do as well, but not too many are posting to the forums......... Also forgot to mention I was one of the original beta testers for WOT ( Just a few name changes ago ) and would really like to help test warships as well
  10. Crazy_Harry

    Have they stopped letting people into the BETA?

    Would love to get into the closed beta I even went and pre-paid/ordered the prem ships I don't have a life so I do play all the time. From reading the forums it doesn't seem like there are too many english speaking players in closed beta from the Australian region... It does look good from the streams