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  1. Updating my 2014 version of "WOWS_internet_install_asia.exe" to the current one solved this problem.
  2. It's all about destroyers so I'm going back to ignoring this game.
  3. Potoroo

    Nickname Violation

    Unfortunately, blah blah reasons are usually the best you can expect from Support. Rational reasons are rare.
  4. Potoroo

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    When the new physics allowed drowning (in the beginning you couldn't go deep enough into the water to drown) there was no cost because the tank was not deemed destroyed so there was no repair bill. WG fairly quickly fixed that so that drowning cost you a full repair bill. You can argue that's not a penalty per se but it did mean there was no financial benefit from drowning yourself and the loss of potential earnings from that Phrygian shot at the end meant you arguably were denying yourself some credits. But yes, WG have been inexplicably reluctant to act against "douche players" and now they have some competition it's costing them, hence the unbridled greed we're seeing from them.
  5. Potoroo

    take ocean out of the map rotation

    What makes it important and fun is that it's different. It provides a different style of game and God knows this game needs some variety.
  6. Potoroo

    Nickname Violation

    What the hell is the least bit controversial about "Pray_for_MH370"?
  7. Potoroo

    Getting 250+ms delay/ping

  8. Potoroo

    Planning for new maps as well

    A fjords map might win an award.
  9. Potoroo

    Weekend bonus

    You should stop being a smart arse because you clearly need remedial English comprehension. The phrase, "your First Win of the Day bonus will be DOUBLED", can only mean that the default bonus of 1.5 will be doubled to 3. If the intention was to say that the weekend bonus would be double experience and credits then it should have said, "your First Win of the Day bonus will be double experience and credits".
  10. Potoroo

    Planning for new maps as well

    Another vote for Ocean. I don't get it nearly enough.
  11. We wanted the function key commands like WoT. Who asked for the voice spam though?
  12. Unfortunately, save for one Planck time unit per 24 hours, it is always after midnight.
  13. Potoroo

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    WG have known about this problem since Alpha testing. That was many months ago. Now that the game is officially released they have no excuse for having not fixed it.