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  1. Xiee

    I don;t like the new gun sounds

    I enjoy the new sounds as well. I suppose someone is gonna come up with a mod to change sounds soon.
  2. Xiee

    beta acc carry forward

    Then quit playing altogether and wait till commercial release starts. There's a reason you're called a "tester". Yes, you're putting time and effort into playing the game to "test" it for the benefit of everyone else when commercial release hits. What was that phrase again? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." - Spock (Leonard Nimoy, from Star Trek).
  3. Nattodisushizagain.... Just use the mods that replace the current flags. No sense in going against what WG has already said.. "NO".
  4. Xiee

    What are you reason's playing WOW'S?

    Always had a fascination with Military History. Being an Anime "Enthusiast" is just an added benefit. Sad though that we get judged because of our sigs and avatars, but what the hell, its part of life.
  5. I play BBs (note my Kirishima sig/avatar) as well. What we're pointing out here are those BB players who don't think ahead on what they're gonna do and just go with whatever. Most often with my frustration, I end up defending one side because the rest decided to camp the other flank thinking that its the only way around... But I digress... It's closed beta.... lets hope things get better when open/commercial release hits... (yeah right dream on.)
  6. Its bad that BBs do this... even worse whan a CL tries doing it. Cap'n permiss'n to torpedo d' hell outta scum!
  7. The main problem here is most of the BB players I've come across play it like its a heavy tank in WoT. They're trying to peekaboo behind islands. I've seen several players do this and you cant help but just facepalm.
  8. That picture puts it quite nicely.
  9. This is becoming WoT 2.0: Rise of the Reds. Though yes, disturbing as it is. The horrible BB campers who think they're playing heavy tank, playing peekaboo behind islands is getting really annoying.
  10. Their game, their rules. It's pretty much set in stone, can't do anything about it.
  11. Xiee

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    This was news way back. Japan offered to pay a good sum of money to have Musashi raised and erect a memorial for her right here in the Philippines. They would turn it into a tourist attraction complete with an Airport, commercial centers, hotels, etc... Japan was also willing to rehabilitate the environment from the wreck but some BS Philippine Politicians (I'm looking at you Loren Lagarda) and misinformed tree huggers cried foul.
  12. Xiee

    New WG Clan system?!

    ^This. I know how you feel.
  13. Xiee

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    I have a ton of Arpeggio animated gifs. Ask Kotono, she saved most of them. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the work I did on my old hard drive. Oh I forgot this.