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  1. Just an update from a PSA perspective, it appears to be from 7:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to 9:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) that the dailies run each day. I will see if my observation is correct tomorrow and update accordingly.
  2. As the title suggests, the missions only seem to appear for me at about 3PM my time and end about 5AM the next day, and I have not been able to find the exact timings for it on the internet in my searches thus far. Is anyone able to shine more light on the timings?
  3. I respect your opinion that the shop is fine as it is, but I do find it audacious that your primary advice has steadily been to learn an entire language or to shift servers, a rather convenient stance that is pretentiously criticizing the OP. Regardless, you seem very much the type whom would feign nihilism that you don't care, and I do not have the patience to deal with your high horse shenanigans. Point is, as seen from several major feedback threads on the NA, it really does seem that WG is evaluating their releases of bundles, so although this thread would have not aided in that, I think its a step in the right direction in making the Oceanic/Asia server more involved. Its a fact of the day that it'd be the vocal minority, but I'd pick a vocal forum over one that encourages packing bags any day. We are members of the community as much as you are.
  4. Crines

    Dunkirk Jack

    I feel that even asian players would want the flag, though I do not believe that the Dunkirk evacuation is as prominent. Still, it baffles me slightly that WG asia had made the decision to omit the flag from the server when they clearly knew about it distinctively enough to make a forum thread commemorating it. It may be a whine, but oh well, it is always nice to have more things.
  5. Well done! Thank you for the guide, it was a rather lovely read!
  6. That is a legitimately good point, but albeit not helped by the sorepoint of the bundle missing the commerative flag as well. I support Fathom's condemnation, it is already not helping the overall health of the server by our distinct lack of communal content compared to EU and NA.
  7. Crines

    Blue mermaid flag code

    Just a PSA on where you can redeem the code! https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/
  8. I advocate that WG should lower the price of the Kamikaze R, based on the daily requirements alone, it seems to be just too much to be invest upwards to six hours for the ship in a single day, Instead, I would reckon that its more fair, whilst limiting the number of players of attaining the ship to make the daily requirements to be 3 hours at best. It's still rather sizable for the average casual player to attain.
  9. Crines

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    Calm down, it'd come to us sooner or later. One irate thread ain't going to speed up their own schedule.
  10. If anybody is up to finding a Division mate, I'm really up for it. It's rather lonely to grind on World of Warship alone, ha! Ign: Crines
  11. Well...yeah, was playing WOWS as late as yesterday only to find out this morning that I'm unable to boot up the game at all. Here are the logs, WargamingGameUpdater Wargaming Game Updater_Host WOWS_Launcher Check Updates
  12. Crines

    Santa confusion

    Did you manage to access these drop-down options?
  13. Crines

    Contest advertisement! End of year contest.

    Any word/update on this?
  14. Crines

    Perth - Singapore cable cut again

    What's your source for this?
  15. I think the relative and already apparent fall in the number of players bothering with the IJN line will eventually lead to some sort of buffing to be made. However we wouldn't know for certain until raw data is available