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  1. Airborne447

    free ship.........

    Probably because I've been missing for a few days, didn't know such a code was available. Thanks alot for the 'reminder' to get the ship.
  2. Airborne447

    Citadels and You - Your guide to Massive Damage.

    Not copied. Contains the OP's name in top left with 'WOWS ASIA" as the server.
  3. Airborne447

    How many USS Arkansas ?

    Keeping it solely to make retraining the USN commanders easier . It moves bloody slowly (It's a BB after all) and I dread having to take 4-5min to move from one side of "Two Brothers" to the other. Not to mention its.. lack of AA.. Can be frustrating. For credit grinding , that's what my Iwaki is for.
  4. I think you can enable it via a mod. I'm gonna go check if there's a way or not though.
  5. Airborne447

    Help me! I can't play game

    Define serious error message - as Alvin said - what does it say? There's a variety of errors out there regarding the launcher , and we need to identify the specific one before giving you a solution that hopefully works.
  6. Airborne447

    How to get wows common test server

    The internet nowadays. What has it become? Discuss - Seriously, what the heck? Do you expect a free Iowa to test or something? Even those in CBT had to use their time and grind for it(albeit at a faster speed, thanks XP/Cred nerf) . If you want a test server like WoT, then tough luck. Wait until a major patch is coming and hope WG allows a Common Test Server (with 999 million credits/free xp) Even if so, if I remember correctly those who played the last Common Test, they didn't get max credits and free xp to try out all the ships either . Also , stop with the damn caps and grr. This isn't a place where one has to broadcast his emotions with a loudspeaker. It just serves to piss people off/useless filler.
  7. Airborne447

    Invert Mouse

    From what I see on NA/EU forums , it might have been "reported" to the devs already - [quote name= We send suggestions from the players to the developers every week. Not sure if this has been sent in the past but will make sure it makes the next report! Thanks for compiling them all in a single place. But , it's WG, don't know when they are going to do it once and for all.
  8. Airborne447

    Glitch / Bug Torpedoes Deals No Damage!

    Ah, thanks for confirming my suspicions .
  9. Airborne447

    Glitch / Bug Torpedoes Deals No Damage!

    Couldn't see if they were armed (On mobile atm) . But it seems so, so that's interesting. Would definitely be happy if I was in the BB though.
  10. Airborne447

    Glitch / Bug Torpedoes Deals No Damage!

    Torpedoes, both from planes and destroyers have a minimum arming distance (Perhaps 1+km? Unsure of the distance). Usually , it's about 1-1.5s after they are dropped before they are armed . Only after they are armed (the arrow/triangle thingy pops up with a colour) then it does it's damage. Edit : The sound popped up upon torpedo launch - I forgot if that's an indicator that the torpedo is armed . It's hard to identify if it's a bug because that colored torpedo really makes it difficult to see. Could you please send us the replay (upload it somewhere or just re-record without the mod)
  11. Airborne447

    What is this? And how do I reset this "quota" thingy?

    You might as well upload to imgur then insert the picture here. It's something to do with a limit of pictures you can upload with the forum uploader thing - It apparently saves the photos you upload to it.. To clear them , go to "My Settings> Manage Attachments" then see how many old ones you can delete . (Crappy phone-taken photo example attached below)
  12. Airborne447

    Problems with new ship I bought "Aurora" ?

    Yeah - But I don't think OP's going to get a refund . Not sure if anyone here has been in a similar situation (except you - How's your "I converted my gold to something by accident" going? )
  13. Airborne447

    Problems with new ship I bought "Aurora" ?

    In Singapore , we have none of that good stuff. Purchase the wrong thing online? Sucks to be you - See if the company has its own refund policy.
  14. Airborne447

    Looking for Singapore Captains

    Don't need to ask.. Just join! Hahaha Coming from WoT? If someone is willing to provide a server, why not? It's at least better than Skype
  15. Airborne447

    Problems with new ship I bought "Aurora" ?

    Oh yeah.. True. Unfortunately for the OP, it's 'Merica.