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  1. xamdam

    Bulletproof bot.

    Geebus Krista Max, I was right. You doo live in a cave! That audio! :D
  2. Really? Catch its broadside and watch it go BOOM. I haven't found anything about the Sovietski BB line to be OP except maybe for a very limited time in 12km range with bow on ONLY enemies. There, it is God.
  3. xamdam

    Error Connecting to Server

    The question is, can anyone reading this log in? Or is it down for everyone?
  4. xamdam

    Error Connecting to Server

    Same here, from Japan. Just bought prem last night as well, nice.
  5. xamdam

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    Which is extremely worrying for me. Most of the guys I play with are in Oz... They better make this available to anyone that wants to move.
  6. xamdam

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    Yeah, gameplay isn't that much different. But depending on time of day, you'll probably have more fun in chat, if you're chatty. Either that or you'll want to shoot yourself in the roof of your mouth. It's the boredom of trying to read box and / or silence (well, quick message spam) that's got me yearning for the greener pastures. WG decides how the gameplay is going to be no matter where you are. My massive shift from Gawdmode yesterday to ToTAl nooB today is all the evidence I need. And those teams I've gotten....
  7. xamdam

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    I sure hope they don’t make this conditional on where you reside. I’m in Japan but would go back to NA in a heartbeat. Always regretted migrating here back in WOT.
  8. xamdam

    Do you play on NA?

    My best advice is economize, grind a tree you know and like and maybe another that you haven't yet (for variety). Use the campaigns to help boost your prem time, etc. Focus, and feel things out. If you want to jump ahead, buy a premium you like and use it for training or to play with peeps you know in higher tiers. I would never try to grind out my entire fleet all over again. For that, I'm stuck here in SEA. But for something different, I sometimes bugger off to NA.
  9. xamdam

    Do you play on NA?

    Don't let that early on 80% W/R go to your head. Mine's dropped all the way down to 60~65% by tier 8!
  10. xamdam

    Do you play on NA?

    Who's that? I have two NA accounts, "xamdam" and "xamdam_sg"
  11. And I don't even have a Huange so... suffice it to say, Max doesn't know what he's talking about! lol
  12. xamdam

    Server Migration

    I migrated from NA to SEA way back in WOT thinking it would improve my enjoyment of the game (ping). Boy, was I wrong... Regretted it ever since.
  13. xamdam

    Can you still get ships in supercontainers?

    Opened 14 yesterday, got flags, camo, coal, 1,500 steel and seven days prem. No ship. I've only won the De Grasse in my 4 years.
  14. xamdam

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER

    Thank you, but this one says "Invalid Wargaming Code Format"... GETSHIPT4WOWSBIRTHDAY