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  1. xamdam

    Signal flag competition

    Err, say the letters over and over... Grouped as I did above... (like this) M-a-s-s-a c-h-u s-e t-t s Not that anyone really cares. Worcester always trips people up too. I live just outside Worcester Massachusetts in the late seventies~early eighties so it's all second hand for me.
  2. You shot the one transporting helium! Shame on you, that stuff is getting hard to come by!
  3. xamdam

    Signal flag competition

    Ma ssa chu se tt s Say it over and over again in those groups of letters, you'll never forget. That's how I did it 41 years ago after moving there.
  4. xamdam

    plane bug back?

    That sounds more like a feature! (Sorry, I had to...)
  5. xamdam

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    So now it's name calling... I get it Peter, you're challenged. Time to move on.
  6. xamdam

    plane bug back?

    No sympathy here. I wish they just exploded on take off...
  7. xamdam

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    Thanks for proving my point "Buddy"... Posting up pictures of 5 star games doesn't negate the fact that this op is simply too risky to play with unorganized random teams. I never said it should be easy. And I certainly never said they should all be five stars... It's the number of outright fails or "Defeat" matches that ruins this for me. It's a week I don't bother with any more.
  8. xamdam

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    And therein lies the issue. Since the vast majority do not read this forum, or even research how to play the ops for that matter they should be tweaked accordingly. I'm sure WG has the data on them. I'd be willing to bet this one ranks very low on both popularity and success rate. Most of the other ops can succeed by switching focus on completion when it becomes obvious your team isn't going to be strong enough to get all the secondary objectives. This one is becomes an overwhelming rout when teams get themselves killed early on. IMO it happens too often to be worth the risk. If I play it at all, it's just for the challenge. I'll avoid mounting any flags or camo I don't want to waste.
  9. xamdam

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    Right... Never did I say they should be easy and guaranteed 5 star victories but go ahead, keep on distorting my words.
  10. xamdam

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    Not quite that simple there Peter san... and you make me sound like a lazy moaner when in fact I'm probably one of the most active (when I'm playing) people in the Social Wolves channel. I do quite well in Ops and try like hell to get some sort of teamwork going. Be it map pings, asking for volunteers to handle certain jobs, etc. The sheer frustration though that this Op brings in the number of fails puts it out of my list of "fun". As I usually mount economy flags and XP flags / camo on grind ships (nothing left to grind at those tiers anymore though except my Sinop in the next Narai), it's often a gamble that I end up regretting when I watch my team either yolo to their deaths in the first few waves or cower in repair waiting to be overwhelmed and torped. Most people I play with (clan mates and Social Wolves) take the week off from scenarios when Newport is on, for the same reasons. Challenging, is one thing. Near impossible for random potatoes that can't communicate is another. Sure, they can leave the op available for groups that want to play it but I think it should be pulled from the "Operation of the Week" rotation.
  11. xamdam

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    Good job. Yes, I and I'm sure many here have had battles as nice and easy as that one. Mostly depends on if your team knows what they are doing or not which obviously, most of yours did. The problem is the average potato doesn't. And most of them don't come here or elsewhere to figure it out.
  12. I suggest you go back to the Izmail and suffer a bit longer. You didn't spend enough time there to feel the pain.
  13. xamdam

    What a Great Matchmaking

    Yeah, this is my MM today. It's obviously punishment... err, balancing to make up for the good run I had yesterday. Pretty obvious WG. 38%rs and AFKs abound in my sea lanes today.