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  1. Same for me. I did the account password reset on NA and I'm up and running there. Still no emails from anybody though, lol. Oh well, a few days progress lost. Maybe they'll shoot me some dosh by way of premium time or... whatever. Who knows. Good luck to those of you still in limbo. As far as this account goes, I'm gone. Cyas! 😄
  2. Go read the post on the NA server. A user figured out the problem and by resetting your password you can get into the server. Not sure if this is a final solution or not, but it works. I was able to log into my account (minus a few days progress here). Had to change my user name, but it works and I'm in. Saw BEX was there as well. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/204774-your-server-transfer-invitation-limited-time-offer/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-4814940 You need to reset your password (and possibly username).
  3. And... just minutes after posting, Ticket reply arrives! Same copy paste as above...
  4. LOL... Sent my ticket 13 hours ago, still no reply to that either.
  5. I just sent in a support ticket asking for information, since we get none here... Not holding my breath though...
  6. This quiet from the WG side is unnerving... I'm starting to wonder if it will take place at all!
  7. xamdam

    Server Transfer Delay

    From the NA Forum Heyo! Transfers began this morning. We intend to have them all completed by the 10th. When your account has been transferred, you will receive an email with all information on accessing your account on the new server. We are doing them in batches, so please be patient with us. I'll definitely update you all with further information if anymore becomes available. Fem, https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/204774-your-server-transfer-invitation-limited-time-offer/?page=5
  8. xamdam

    shitty compensation for shitty servers

    I can understand the outrage, and might be saying the same thing if I was losing ranked stars or having my CW battles ruined. But since I was just doing a Narai and got bumped from my div, I'll take the prem and container and be happy. 😄
  9. Even a ballpark figure??? Kinda sucks not having any idea... I have a clan there waiting for me. I'm already a couple days late.
  10. xamdam

    My German fleet just got... darker...

    You're still here? Oh wait, so am I! WTH is going on with this migration? Thought I'd be spawning back home in the U S of A today!
  11. The fine print... "If you change your mind about the transfer, you can reach out to your region’s Customer Service within 30 days of the transfer and explain your situation in order to have the transfer reverted. Keep in mind that purchases and progress made on the new server will be lost when the account reverts back." Sounds like they just keep a copy of your account here for 30 days and reactivate it if you want to return. R.I.P. any things you added to your port during your overseas tour.
  12. xamdam

    Social Wolves

    I'll have an alt here mainly for catching up with the SWs from time to time in ops.
  13. If they announce unified WOT / WOWP / WOWS currency within the next few hours, I'm going to bend over and kiss my arse goodbye. Nice knowing you all!
  14. First Server Migration offer, now this? It's official, the world ends tomorrow!