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  1. Thanks OP for the heads up. With De Grasse, La Galissonaire, Cleveland and Budyonny in my port this can be farmed quickly. Usually with great results. However, there is the occasional bad sport that pushes you out or blocks you in the first smoke. Also, some people seem to be of the opinion that particular targets are theirs exclusively and will hurl insults at you if you dare shoot at it...
  2. xamdam


    Title and content do not match...
  3. Been like this for the past week or so for me... Highlights of yesterday though... detonated twice in my Alabama. One shotted twice in my Zao whilst spamming WASD by Yamatos on the other side of the map. Constantly hitting the mountain BEHIND a broadside Amagi that was grounded while aiming at its waterline. And then there was that same guy I met several times on my team that reversed to the border from the start of the match and typed "hahaha" when people said to report him. Fun and engaging, to say the least. And yes, so many AFKrs and no-camo dds that don't load in until 2 minutes after the game starts.
  4. xamdam


    Hardly a history lesson, pal... Your statement about the NC being a South Dakota was incorrect.
  5. xamdam


    No. We have Alabama. North Carolina is a separate two ship class with Washington. South Dakota, Massachusetts, Indiana and Alabama made up the four ships of their class. What pisses me off though is that I just bought the Alabama as a proxy for the USS Massachusetts that I visited several times as a kid!
  6. That said, after posting this thread I got a tier 6~8 match. Maybe the rant paid off. :D
  7. I'm doing ok in it. That doesn't make it any more enjoyable being constantly up tiered. From earlier tonight.
  8. I get no satisfaction out of that. And fair, nope. I don't think so.
  9. Hell, with all the free xp'd tier Xs out there, they might as well just sell tier X premiums... Then we'd have nothing to complain about. Err... well... lol
  10. Why tier X almost every single battle? Really... enough already! I'm starting to wonder if it's because I'm using it to train my Montana captain. Just one more point to 19 but... my gawd, the MM.
  11. And... FWIW I really suck in this ship making it that much worse. :( the #facepalm continues. PS, can't seem to get these images to link from Imgur. Any tips? PSS, congrats to the Shchors that suicide ram killed me securing his team's win. Almost had my rear turret ready to delete him too but...
  12. xamdam

    "My" new avatar.

    After seeing this so many times today and realizing it's exactly what I was doing most of my games. /facepalm
  13. xamdam

    Anniversary Tier X Super Containers?

    Yeah, it seems it was just a little late getting going.
  14. xamdam

    Anniversary Tier X Super Containers?

    It looks like they were just late arriving... My first 3 out of 4 (four Tier Xs) were bugged animations that didn't really show me what they were (all flags, it turns out). The last was a De Grasse and 10pt captain. First ever ship in SC for me.
  15. xamdam

    Anniversary Tier X Super Containers?

    Yeah, I just got one now. Animation froze, then disappeared so I have no idea wth it was!!! Investigating now....