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  1. Old_Spud_1965

    Expand Operations

    I'm one of those listeners. Thin walled Japanese home and she who must be obeyed nearby... If I want to continue playing, I have to make concessions.
  2. Old_Spud_1965

    Expand Operations

    Indeed operations are much more fun when you get a large group of players together (randoms in op of the week can be just as frustrating as potato random battle teams though). Having a wider expansion would be most welcome. And of course Tier 10 would be a fantastic option. Perhaps they could allow the clan wars rentals to be used, if only for the "Operation of the week" or something similar. More ops based on historical battles would be ideal.
  3. Old_Spud_1965

    Thanks Taipan17 and Max_Battle

    Old guys need loving too. Had fun in the ops.
  4. Old_Spud_1965

    Operation Dynamo

    I used yesterday to grind my Gnevny (now Minsk). Also finished grinding out my Mahan (now Benson) so it's a matter of continuing to grind the Minsk while switching between my Sims (bought waaaay back in the pre order package) and free-ish Cossack. I don't expect to top the board in Minsk. But I appreciate the xp it earns even if the US DDs grab all the glory.
  5. Old_Spud_1965

    Operation Dynamo

    Cheers! Had fun!
  6. Old_Spud_1965

    Operation Dynamo

    I've just run into that V******p guy in Dynamo. He was in a div of 4 and he and another hit the minefield from the start. We 5 stared, but only because the other 2 were Sims and obviously knew where to position. I've seen him doing this several times. Placing screenshots and replay link in the report thread.
  7. Old_Spud_1965

    Operation Dynamo

    Happens every 2 or 3 battles for me. I'm all out of in game reports because of it. Really pathetic and I see some fairly recognizable players doing it...
  8. Old_Spud_1965

    what has happened to the game?

    I had that "service required" earlier tonight and just now my doubloons and credits are "unavailable" as is my inventory "purchase premium" selection under my account.
  9. Old_Spud_1965

    Match Making hates me.

    But coop matches last like what, 3~5 minutes? Reminds me of my high school days. 🤣
  10. Old_Spud_1965

    NY Camo code

    Wow! 5 whole camos!
  11. Old_Spud_1965

    Fuso getting bow on citadels ?

    Yeah, sounds like my experience. It didn't seem to matter what my angling was, more just up to RNG. Still managed to rank out in it though. More frustrating was those broadside BBs bouncing my 14" shells like they were tennis balls. RPF, as you surely know... the nearest ship gets the "located" notification whenever locked on by radio location.
  12. Old_Spud_1965

    I love the feeling of carry 1 team(and some advice for Ranked)

    Where's the advice? I was surprised to reach rank 1 in 27 battles. Had some really baaaaaaaaaad teams along the way but luckily not in streaks. The icing on the cake was getting that final star with a top of team score, with dreadnought and high caliber. This was due in a big part to a team that semi coordinated and a DD that played smart.
  13. Well, doh. Working now. Guess I got confused with it yesterday messing around with all the snowflake stuff. Could've sworn it was at 35 / 40 for a few days but maybe not. Why in the heck do they pick the middle of the day to refresh them though? Why not whenever the 3 daily xp crates do? Are there any other daily refreshes I need to be aware of?
  14. Alright, cool. That says 15:00 for me which is in about 45 mins. I'll see if anything happens then. If not, I guess a support ticket. Thanks for the link.
  15. Aight. I'll wait and see then, thanks. I swear though, haven't seen those for a while now but maybe I just missed them...