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  1. Gezei

    Returning player gifts?

    I don't think it was from any boxes. Those items were added directly to my account right when i login the day after. I did get 2 special crates from mission tab later but they are minor and completely unrelated to what i get above. I didn't buy or receive any santa creates ever.
  2. It's been a while since inlast played this game, i logged in 2 days earlier to play a few operations (which I didn't get to since i stopped sometime before the first patch). I was really surprised yesterday when i was given the T5 Italian prem BB and T6 French prem CL along with 10pt capt for each. Not only that there's also 12m credits and about 120k free exp and 100 of each economic flags. I assume this was WG's gift to returning players, though I couldn't find any info on that (yet) so i wanted to know if anyone else experienced this before. (Also why there is 1 day delay cuz I'm sure there wasn't any when I first logged in, was it manual or automatic?) Also, thankyou WG for the generous gift o7.
  3. Anything with caliber below 203mm that's not American are fine at accomplishing this task.
  4. Gezei


    It's just visuals, we have that on Island of Ice. And beside, WG can't go far with graphics else it gonna roast all the toasters the Russian are playing this game on.
  5. Gezei

    How about multi player operate a Ship!

    That sounds interesting but very impractical for an arcade MMO game.
  6. Gezei

    Could anyone give the radio message lists?

    Hold Tab, I think. If u mean the list of what they say actually means, then dunno.
  7. I don't think there are any real "nerf" except the Minekaze and Isokaze. Kagero was bad, now it's still bad. Fubuki was good, now it's OP (cuz 9x 10km torps at tier6 is fine, WG thinks). I think WG buffed the wrong ship.
  8. Gezei

    Save up Free exp for New IJN Gunboat Line or Missouri?

    Neither, go spend your money on something else.
  9. Gezei

    Compensation for IJN Destroyers

    Yes, you'll get the ship that will take Fubuki's place which is the Kagero.
  10. Gezei

    Bring back Tier 7 for Rank

    It's unfortunate that you didn't have the required ship to participate in the test. That doesn't mean the game should change in your favor opposing everyone else, since quite a number of players complained about tier7 ship ranked because of the balance. Tier8 is a better environment for rank. Atleast that's what I've heard.
  11. Gezei

    Why do the new mission require CV games?

    Nobody forced you to go PvP to finish the mission, just do it in Coop where nobody cares about your skill or result. And it's just 100 ribbons anyway, 3000 base exp doesn't take that long either.
  12. Gezei

    Lo Yang and Anshan back in the shop

    The only thing that makes Anshan worthy is her special camo that earns 100% more free EXP IMO, which will come in handy for the Missouri quest. Other than that, no. The upcoming Shinonome IJN DD basically wins her out in most cases except economy and gun range. As of Lo Yang, I'm not sure. The ship seems quite decent but her Hydro seem to be losing its value with so many new things coming around recently.
  13. So after that, we're going to delete the ships with next worst win rate? Good job with that idea.
  14. Gezei

    Balance ideas for USN CV

    It's not like there are any lack of balancing idea for USN, it's more about what WG wants them to be and for them the state right now is fine. Which is kinda stupid, for the way they designed Air Superiority role is so flawed. I'd say IJN CV make better AS CV than USN ones, and they can out strike USN CV.