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  1. I can't here sfx sound of my AA guns and some alert of torpedo after patch. My sound card is on mainboard Gygabyte Z77X-D3H OS Windows 7 Profesional. Edit 2 : My ship is Myoukou ( again ).
  2. I wait more than 5 weeks but for now I am still a weekend tester. I send PM to both Kazanova and Ironguard but until now the status of messege I PM to them was still "Read: Not yet read." What should I do next ?
  3. Yesterday I try to login to Alpha server ( I got the cliant from my friend ). I am still weekend tester . My Alpha tester friend tell me it maybe wait until next Thursday for change . I got this mail on Thursday so it maybe wait 1 week for this process. I can draw my Kantai Collection Doujinshi for waiting . lol
  4. I got an e-mail from WoWS thai notified me "Congratulations, you are now part of the World of Warships Closed Alpha! Now" since 1/15/2015 3:12pm Tokyo time. But now I am still weekend tester I try to asked someone on World of Warship Thailand Facebook group .They tell me it maybe a bug of who is a weekend tester it can't change to be Alpha tester even if they got a notification e-mail like me. I send PM to some mod of this webboard since 1/15/2015 6:41pm this server time but on status of messege still "Read: Not yet read". So I decice to post a new topic. I don't want to rush everyone they are working hard for this game . I just want to notify it maybe a bug and I think there are more people may struck this bug like me. and this is the mail i got. Thank you
  5. rinnorth

    Someone Help!

    Thank you dead_man_walking
  6. rinnorth

    Someone Help!

    Thank you Twisted0ne
  7. rinnorth

    Someone Help!

    I got this problem too. Today I just got an e-mail from WoWS. But all links except Non-Disclosure Agreement are dead and I am still Beta Weekend Tester.