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  1. TE_Moemiji_

    Which Tier 10 would you pick

    I'd pick the GK solely based on the fact that there is a huge abundance of terrible Yamato players.
  2. TE_Moemiji_

    Yamato guns .

  3. TE_Moemiji_

    Use correct name for ARP ships in team list

    dead_man_walking got the main gist of it. Arpeggio is and should stay optional, there's really no need as far as I can see to enable the proper ship names for everyone. It doesn't really matter whether you're shooting at Haguro or Nachi,its just a Myokou with no camo,you want to see/tell the difference? Enable it yourself. Wanna call targets? use the player name + the generic ship name instead.
  4. TE_Moemiji_

    As a generic, average normal rock...

    I got lazy and didn't want to write them unless he really wants it.It'd also be a good thing if he's less worried about stats and has fun getting better normally.
  5. TE_Moemiji_

    As a generic, average normal rock...

    Meanwhile in Soviet Russia... Jokes aside though,your stats are honestly fine and you need not worry about it,you'll plateau but as long as you're not in decline you should have nothing to worry about,stats will follow naturally as you get better. My own stats are very heavily skewed because I very rarely play solo (70 battles so far) and have no interest nor need to play solo. However if you're really still worried that you won't get better,I have some...advice for chasing high stats (though its from my world of tanks days so it may or may not work).
  6. TE_Moemiji_


    That was kind of a pain but I got the file I wanted,thanks.
  7. TE_Moemiji_


    Any idea where the repacked vanilla camouflages.xml is kept? I need the values for the Molotov after installing some skins.
  8. TE_Moemiji_

    I am struggling - advice needed

    Spend money,buy premium time/premium ships. Its a big part of their business model, if you really don't want to spend money, you can reliably earn credits at tier 5/6,this helps prevent the game from becoming stale in the sense that everyone who reaches tier 10 can just keep playing their tier 10's without credit concerns. Alternatively, you can play better (like you implied) and mount the -10% repair cost flag to help break even. This is about as constructive as it gets so please don't take offense.
  9. http://puu.sh/pn2qv/6da5c3002a.png The Ranked battle curse continues! Time to drop another season or something. :/
  10. TE_Moemiji_

    Admiral Hipper Turrent 3

    Woah guys,calm down,we don't need 4 posts telling him he mispelled turret when his english obviously isn't the best. As for the turret 3 angles on the Hipper do you have pictures? try to take one with the the #2 and #3 turrets at maximum rotation. There has been similar cases of turrets being blocked by stuff lying around the ship (lifeboats,AA mounts etc),just this patch the North Carolina is apparently finally able to fire over the AA mounts on its rear. Lots of ships got new AA mounts as well so this might be something that slipped past testing?
  11. Game has 99 problems,fix major game problem,game now has 114 problems. Game has 99 problems,fix minor problem that some people appreciate,game now has 98 problems.
  12. TE_Moemiji_

    U ask, we Talk

    Greetings tovarisch commander, Are you able to share the names of cool premium ships planned to be added to the game,if so what are they?
  13. TE_Moemiji_

    Imperator Nikolai I

    As a fellow Imperator Nikolai captain,even I would have to admit it is OP. You've mentioned its weakness of sloppy rudder and almost negligent AA, which is a trait shared by the Wyoming and Arkansaw,with the former having no AA on the first hull and the latter having no AA at all,not to mention pretty much every other tier 4 including cruisers lacks AA. Now lets look at the main things that set it apart, the guns and armor. You get triple gun turret mounts at tier 4 with excellent dispersion and decent angles,this lets you punish any cruiser who dares to show her side to your with terrifying efficiency,lets you spray down destroyers for over half their health if you lead correctly and you can reliably do 13,000~ damage to a battleship with every 35 second reload. 3 out of 4 turrets are front facing and you can present a very steep angle while still being able to fire 9 guns,this will make the life of even an experienced battleship opponent difficult because he won't get much to shoot at, similarly your ship is resistant to HE damage due to the lack of a proper superstructure this makes you a smaller target and means you have to essentially be burned to death by ships who are unable to penetrate or launch torpedoes at you. In summary,at tier 4 you have a riot shield,can point forwards and charge whilst returning fire effectively.